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How much does it Cost to Bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke?

How much does it Cost to Bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke?

Several people bulletproof their Ford 6.0 Powerstroke to achieve the anti-bullet trait in hostile conditions. It is a costly procedure and can take a week to complete.

How much does it Cost to Bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke? According to our research, the average cost to bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke is $3500 to $22000, which can lead to $7500 to $12500, and labor charges are $90 to $100 per hour. Bulletproofing of oil cooler cost you $3200 to $3700, upgrade EGR cooler in $3400 to $3650, protect windows in $16000 to $22000, secure walls $3200 to $21000, all four tires in $850 to $3700, FICM in $4500 to $4800, and fuel tanks in $500 to $1100.

Upgradation of its suspension system increases the engine strength and torque. 

What does it mean to bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke?

Installation of different parts, insulation, and addition of seizing material on the Ford walls, windows, tires, and the engine are called bulletproofing. 

Protection against beating, security from internal damages, and reformation of failed components are significant parts of this procedure. In addition, it results in a twisted addition of horsepower in the engine and improves its lifespan. 

For this purpose, the mechanic modifies its five significant patterns. Updating the fuel injection control module, water pump, head studs, and oil and EGR cooler are primary modifications. 

What is the average cost and method to bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke?

The 2003 to 2007 Ford models have a poor reputation due to several engine failures. Blown head gaskets, broken valves, malfunctioning pistons, and high temperatures lead to bulletproofing. 

Since the early 2000s, armored trucks have become famous across the USA. Bulletproofing turns a standard light-duty pickup truck into a rebellious armored truck. 

The average cost to bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke is around $3500 to $5600. Several shops charge about $4500 to $5000 to upgrade the Ford with a coolant system and EGR equipment. 

A few expert mechanics can complete the entire pickup truck for $7500 to $12500. Each service center has a different price range according to available equipment and results.

For one hour, the labor charges are around $90 to $100. Variable price ranges indicate the complexity of the procedure and the number of problems.


The oil cooler is vulnerable to several external and internal damages, wearing, and sudden failure due to clogging of flowing passages. 

Protecting its oil cooler is expensive because it is a temperature regulator and connects with EGR. A starved exhaust gas reticulation system fails the cooling material, restricts the pressure, and results in an uplifted head.

To prevent premature EGR failure, bulletproof the oil cooler for around $3200 to $3700. 

The upgrade facilitates a mileage of nearly 60000 to 90000 miles. Moreover, the improvement of mileage happens without a premature failure or restricted fluid flow.

A maintenance regime is necessary with the protection technique that keeps the system intact. Ford oil cooling equipment comes on around $340 to $370.

With an 11-hour labor activity, the procedure cost becomes $825 to $930. Therefore, replacement is better than bulletproofing for long-term use. 

Protect the EGR cooler of F250, F350, and F450 6.0 Powerstroke for around $3400 to $3650. For a water pump, the upgrade costs you $335 to $355. 

Between the block and gasket, head studs require additional clamping force. For booster up gradation, bulletproof the head studs for nearly $3670 to $3780. 

In 2022, the non-cab pulling activities are feasible to install this material around the engine components. Being a preferred method, the technicians use this technique. 

With ample working space, upgrade the gaskets and do not lift or pull the cab. 


Entire truck protection is a good idea to resist the bullet effects and revolt against the external damages. 

A professionally adjusted bulletproof window is a source of minimum protection and costs you around $3400 to $5200. 

For higher security levels, sandwich the windows with polycarbonate polymers and leaded glass. It is one of the most expensive procedures, with an average cost of $16000 to $22000.

Bullet-resistant glass is available for the raptor 4×4 trucks. 24 to 120 mm glass sheets are thick, cover the window panels, and revolt the specific threats. These protective sheets can withstand a shot of a 7.62mm rifle round. 

Exceptional design, excellency, and high performance are significant factors of this protective glass. Adjustable quality glass fit on XLT, Platinum, Limited, King, and FX4 Ford raptors. 


Heavy-duty trucks with a 6.0 diesel engine require bulletproofing their walls with high-performance, resilient vertical panels. 

Protection with certified bulletproof glass, roof panels, and blasted floor sheets repels the invasion of external attacks. However, $3200 to $21000 is the average cost to adjust the vertical panels on the truck walls. 

Metallic bullets cannot penetrate these high-quality panels and break at their contact.

Adhesive adjustment, bolt-in installation, and appropriate measurements secure from sudden hostile projections. 


The cost to protect its tires is around $850 to $3700 and varies according to the condition of the wheels. Upgradation improves their performance from 40% to 210%. 

For a single tire, the procedure cost is about $213 to $925. In addition, the installation of a solid metal ring inside the rubber protects them from bullet effects.

Resilient metal components repel the attack of external risks. Plastic bands around the ring fit in the rubber. With specific edges, they prevent rubber cracking, bursting, and cutting.

Deflection of a bullet is its prime function which keeps the tire intact, protects shape, preserves inflation, and resists projectile puncturing. 

Fuel injection control module

The FICM is a regulator of electrical impulses in the Powerstroke engines that controls the movement of fuel injectors and draws external air into the combustion units.

Air compression takes place, and the OEM FICM uses a vulnerable solder that loosens the resistors over time. As a result, erratic engine problems originate after a specific mileage. 

From 2003 to 2007 Ford super duty trucks, the up-gradation cost you around $4500 to $4800.

Bulletproofing of the Fuel injection control module prevents the violation of engine codes. Stabilization of over-voltage conditions sustains with a voltage timer. 

Fuel containers

Specific panels with extraordinary coverage can hide the fuel containers and facilitate bulletproofing. However, in 2019, the procedure cost was about $390 to $400 due to the unawareness of the drivers.

In 2022 variants, the procedure costs you around $500 to $1100, and the price varies according to the panel design and customer preferences.

Expensive panels of about $1600 to $1700 cover the fuel tanks, facilitate topmost coverage, and perform like heavy-duty panels.

For a self-sealing tank, around $2100 to $5000 is feasible for fortifying. Professional installations are more expensive than DIY methods and vary according to the selected material.

How much time does it take to bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke?

Nearly 6 to 8 days consumes to bulletproof an entire raptor or heavy-duty Ford truck. The procedure is complex and consumes multiple hours regularly.

Lack of panel pasting skills increases the duration from 8 to 10 days. Engine’s upgrade takes 4 to 6 working days. 

A lot of technical support and labor endeavor reduces the time by 1 to 2 days.

Installation kits consume about 3 to 4 days due to available equipment and optimized control over the machinery. Head gaskets, studs, and EGR cooler take 20 to 34 hours for their bulletproofing. 

How long does a bulletproof Ford 6.0 Powerstroke last?

A 32-valve, 6.0-liter, V8 turbocharged diesel engine can last for around 210000 to 310000 miles. It stabilizes its dynamic geometry, improves the direct fuel flow from injects, and decreases the lag. 

With the upgrade and security, these Powerstroke engines can last for around 410000 to 420000 miles. Furthermore, monitoring and maintenance improve their lifespan after the protection measures. 

Improved throttle response increases the rotations per minute and horsepower. 

Why would you bulletproof a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke?

It protects travelers and drivers from sudden attacks, changes the unit into an armored vehicle, and improves the appeal. 

Durability and maximum strength

Bulletproof pickup trucks can last for nearly 510000 to 530000 miles due to exterior protection and improved engine efficiency. 

The upgrade replaces the factory-installed equipment, replaces the oil cooler with a high-performance gadget, and updates the internals of an exhaust gas reticulation system.

With the highest strength, the truck moves at high speeds, with regulated brakes and controlled axles. 

More power with up-gradation

The addition of traction bars is a primary upgrade during the bulletproofing of a diesel engine. Wheel-hop, driveshaft, angled pinion, and head studs improve the strength of the entire truck.

Self-defensive properties

Anyone can use these trucks to safeguard their life from attacks and dangerous situations. In addition, self-defense improves with these advanced protective vehicles. 

Blast-proof windows, roofs, and walls secure travelers in confidential areas. Ballistic windows repel the metallic pellets and prevent risky injuries. 

The boosted suspension provides safe driving conditions at high speeds. 

Prevention of failures and heat

The restricted oil cooler cannot extract heat from the engine oil. The coolant level increases with the fuel flow and approaches the fuel injectors without a significant blockage. 

It decreases the exceeding temperature and stabilizes them at the standard limit. Coolant stabilizes the engine and its motile parts without affecting their built-in functions. 

Transfer of valuable stuff

Armored trucks with diesel engines can transfer valuable material, money, and assets to distant places.

In addition, protective delivery and high-speed conditions promote confidential deliveries. 

Across the USA, old drivers prefer these trucks to submit their money to banks. 

Better engine performance

Troubleshooting and repairing 4 to 5 major problems of the diesel engines improve their performance.

Their working efficiency increases with better regulation and responses. In addition, it produces more torque during acceleration and ignition. 

Stable hauling 

Sled-pull increases due to anti-bullet upgrades on a heavy-duty truck. With the protection feature, the driver hauls the heavyweight to distance places and never loses the straight passage with stabilized angles. Towing aspects improve with smooth gear shifts and a firm transmission system.

Protection in hostile conditions

The discreet trucks protect drivers and travelers in disguised and hostile situations with protective glass, armored panels, and improved suspension.

Direct protection on these regular trucks keeps travelers safe, secures money transfers, and navigates life-threatening events.

In addition, you can escort high-profile celebrities, clients, and military guests with a secured truck.

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