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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Clutch in a Truck?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Clutch in a Truck?

The Clutch of a truck is an essential tool to control a structure. It is a connecting tool between the transmitting devices and the truck engine. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Clutch in a Truck? The average cost to replace a truck clutch is up to $1000 to $1400. The labor takes charges during such procedures, and they cost up to $600 to $700. The tools for such replacement processes cost approximately $800 to $980. The replacement cost increases when the mechanic replaces all parts. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Clutch in a Truck?

It is an expensive process, but it also depends on various factors. Few places offer minimum charges to change the truck clutch.

Instead, they provide small packages to reduce the amount to the minimum amounts. Few mechanics can repair the truck clutch for less than $500.

It depends on the long-distance areas and availability of machinery. The minimum cost to add a new truck clutch ranges from $450 to $900. 

The additional charges may add to the bill due to these tools. It can add up to $30 to $40 in the total amount. 

Maximum cost

The maximum cost to replace a clutch is up to $1300 to $1500. The process involves all the essential tools and labor.

The average cost of tools during such activities is up to $690 to $718. It is an expensive process and takes a lot of professional expertise. 

How much does it cost when you replace the truck clutch?

It cost less than the professional procedure, but it is impossible to perform in some cases.

The errors and negligence increase the cost more than the suitable levels. The prices of tools are costly for a buyer than for a professional person.

It takes a lot of time and turns into a frustrating state. The average cost without any help is approximately $900 to $1200. The amount varies according to the availability of tools and already existing clutch parts. 

How much does the mechanic cost?

The professional mechanic can cost at least $1300 to $1550 to add a new clutch. He pays the labor and buyers tools.

Everything includes in one bill, and it becomes costly. The mechanic pays up to $590 to $600 to the laborers.

New truck clutch

The truck clutches come in the form of a kit, and they have a clutch and other tools to fix the products.

They are expensive than many other parts of pickups. The average cost of a truck clutch kit is up to $110 to $300.

The rate fluctuates according to the size and designs of such items. You can buy them online from excellent websites and other market stores. All of them are worthy of such expensive rates due to high performance. 

Bleeder of truck clutch

The bleeder of a clutch is a hydraulic system, and it is cost-effective. You can buy them in the form of a complete package.

They are also available individually, and it depends on the customer’s demands. The average price of a clutch bleeder is up to $50 to $68.

The cost varies according to specifications and manufacturing companies. You can buy them from well-known online stores.

They have a vast range of designs, and you can customize the colors as well. They have no inclusive tax policies, and the cost remains stable when you purchase them. 

Adjusting tools

The adjustment tools help align the structure of a clutch. It is available in the form of a kit and varies in size.

You can purchase a tool kit according to your requirement. The average cost of a whole set is approximately $47 to $55.

If you want to buy the big individual tool for alignment, then it costs differently. The maximum cost for such adjustment fool is up to $18 to $25.

It varies according to the manufacturer and inner specifications of the product. You can take professional guidance before buying such efficient tools for your system. 

Clutch liquid

The clutch liquid is a solution to maintain the performance of such tools. 

You cannot perform the process without it because it causes errors. These are available in any automobile shop.

You can ask the expert person about the quality and performance of such beneficial items. They arrive in the form of plastic bottles.

The volume varies, and you can select a package according to requirements. The average cost of this clutch fluid is up to $49 to $64. The rate may change according to the seller, and it may affect the product quality. 

Screwdriver and ratchet

The screwdrivers and ratchets are essential for the work efficiency of a clutch. You cannot do it in the absence of such tighten tools.

The screwdrivers are in the form of kits and comprise multiple sizes. You can also buy them without the package for fewer expenses. The average cost of a screwdriver kit is up to $18 to $35. 

The cost increases when you add electric tools to the whole packages. The ratchets are expensive with the manufacturing companies.

Few of them may cost up to $40 to $46. The big ratchets can lead up to $55 to $69. 

Lifting Jack

The lifting jacks of the pickups are essential for the control of these mega-structures. They can uplift the setup to perform various replacement activities.

A fee of them is expensive, but mostly they have moderate rates. The electric lifting jacks are costly on the budget.

The average price of a lifting jack is up to $40 to $150. The cost varies between these ranges, and you can select them according to your requirement.

Consider your budget before purchasing such tools. These are once-in-lifetime investments, and you should give a lot of care. 


These are expensive tools and can reach up to $600 to $1000.

Few of them can cost approximately $1300 with the extraordinary feature, and the involvement of electric energy enhances their cost.

You can purchase the ramps from online stores and consult a professional buyer. These are technical tools, and you cannot buy them without proper knowledge.

Why is it expensive to replace the truck clutch?

The process includes different tools, laborers, mechanics, and all of the charges for their performance and other activities.

The mechanic buys the new tools like a clutch to perform the process conveniently. The prices of all these tools add to the bill.

The labor demands more money during the replacement activities. It increases the total charges for the owner of a pickup. The process is expensive, but the changes worth the cost. 

How to reduce the replacement cost of a truck clutch?


The maintenance of the vehicle can rescue the chances of damages. 

Instant repair

The damages of a clutch require instant repairs, and you cannot avoid it. Negligence cans generate costly issues, and it gets expensive. Try to repair the damaged and broken parts to reduce expenses. 

Use of quality clutch

Always utilize a high-quality clutch to reduce the chance of errors. In addition, it is a suitable way to reduce the cost of the process.

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