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How much does it cost to replace a Starter on a Honda Civic?

How much does it cost to replace a Starter on a Honda Civic?

A Honda Civic starter requires replacement after 126000 miles because the failure rate increases. A broken or damaged relay loses its performance, and you can start its engine.

How much does it cost to replace a Starter on a Honda Civic? You can replace a Honda Civic starter for $436 to $740; it has a maximum price of $536 to $700 and a minimum cost range of $436 to $540. Replace it in $286 to $338 on 2017 to 2019 models, from $335 to $410 on a 2015 variant, and from $295 to $357 on a 2012 Honda Civic. A starter costs you around $84 to $355, requires replacement after 110000 miles to 151000 miles, and indicates malfunctioning through excessive smoke, grinding sounds, intermittent starting, and power loss. 

A brand new relay/motor is expensive, and qualified mechanics charge hundreds of dollars for these complex procedures. The prices of famous workshops are higher than a local service center. 

What is a starter in a car and its mechanism of action?

It is an electric motor that can turn on the engine during ignition and consists of a solenoid (relay). In addition, it has a tiny gear that engages the flywheel while the driver presses the start button.

As a result, the input signals travel to the engine and cause its rotation. In such conditions, the motor sucks the fuel and air in the cylindrical chambers and starts the combustion activities.

As a result, the equipment runs without external force and performs without fault. During the ignition conditions, the electromagnet pushes the rod that attaches the pinion.

However, the pinion presses the flywheel and turns the motor. It improves fuel and air mixing and spins the engine. 

The built-in plunger is an essential component of the solenoid which gets back and moves an actuator. 

It has multiple components like a solenoid, drive gear, and electromagnetic field with several coils and brushes. It has a specific housing that encloses the electromagnetic coils.

However, you may have 2 to 4 field coils according to the design of your car. It gets its power from the battery and turns the engine immediately.

The armature has a long lifespan, wraps with loops, and transfers electric current to the rotational components.

The solenoid is a relay with dual wired coils and a moveable core. It regulates the electric circuit and turns on the motor. Plungers are part of integrated systems which can manipulate the shift.

However, its location varies on different variants of Honda Civic. But, you can approach it on the passenger side of your car.

A few states offer a price range of around $110 to $140 for these complicated procedures.

What is the cost of a starter on a Honda Civic?

These are expensive, run the electric motor, and improve the rotational motions of a flywheel. However, you can purchase a single starter for around $84 to $355.

The price varies according to the type of engine, horsepower, and internal combustion. The vehicle’s design determines the relay for better installation activities.

Moreover, it has a maximum price range of around $250 to $355 with durability and high-performance working conditions. You can purchase it online at discounted cost limits of about $84 to $99. 

What is the average cost to replace a starter on a Honda Civic?

The average cost to change it is around $436 to $740 and varies according to the model of your vehicle. It is an expensive procedure with a maximum cost range of about $540 to $700.

The workshops have skilled mechanics with all the necessary equipment. They provide satisfactory results and install durable objects in the cars.

However, you can interact with the representatives of multiple dealerships and get a discounted price. Also, the local dealerships offer different policies with variable costs and facilities.

A few mechanics can perform the procedure at a minimum price of around $436 to $540. 

However, the replacement charges vary according to the design and model year of the variants.

You can purchase a starter for your 2017 to 2019 variants for around $286 to $338. The replacement price is $335 to $410 for a 2015 model.

A professional mechanic charges about $295 to $357 for a 2012 variant. 

However, its replacement on 2002 to 2006 models can cost around $264 to $408. Its replacement cost for 2007 to 2011 variants is $438 to $670.

The internal condition of the relay and surrounding components require service and maintenance. In such circumstances, the price of the procedure increases more than the standard level.

The mechanic troubleshoots the problems and their actual reasons. In such conditions, the professional person charges extra dollars for his skills.

What is the labor cost to replace a starter on a Honda Civic?

Several automobile users approach skilled and professional people to replace these on their vehicles. In this way, they achieve extraordinary results with minimum time consumption.

The average labor cost to alter it is around $115 to $145. However, their packages include taxes and hidden fees. 

The labor arranges the required machinery, tools, and related components. However, the parts have a price range of around $308 to $412. 

However, a few dealerships charge according to the time of the procedure. The average price for these procedures is around $53 to $124 every sixty minutes. 

What is the cost of a DIY method to replace a starter on a Honda Civic?

You can replace it for around $436 to $540 without professional help. However, arrange the tool kit and get the expertise to perform the procedure. 

The procedure consumes more time and may produce human errors. However, I have described a detailed guide to changing the object without help.

Then, stop the vehicle, stabilize it on the ground and leave the engine for cooling. 

Then, open the hood compartment, access the negative terminal, pull it off, and disconnect the electric supply. Now, use a wrench, adjust it on the positive terminals and remove it from the battery. 

Access the throttle body, hold it for a few seconds, access the air intake tube, and remove it with a flat screwdriver. 

Check the connection passage of the object with the battery. Then, unplug the wiring harness with an appropriate-sized ratchet, and remove the bolts. 

Lose the object with a 3/8″ ratchet and socket. Then, remove the motor assembly out of the engine bay. 

Arrange a high-quality and durable starter, adjust it on the engine, fix the bolts, and tighten them with a ratchet. Then, change the electric wires and fix them with an open-end wrench.

Now reinstall the intake tube with the screwdriver, push it to the installation point and establish an electric connection with the battery.

Initially, connect the positive and complete the procedure on the opposing end. 

What are the signs of a broken starter on a Honda Civic?

A damaged starter cannot run the engine during ignition and produces a jump start. Also, I have explained four significant signs of its malfunctioning. 

Excessive smoke production

It is an electrically empowered mechanical component that can start the car in one go. But, damaged electric motors do not start the car and reduce acceleration and speed.

However, a compulsive start elevates the internal temperature of the engine. It produces high heat levels due to a continuous power supply.

As a result, smoke spreads in the cabin, and you can smell it around the seats.

A short circuit, malfunctioning electric wires, a blow-out fuse, and a faulty ignition switch can produce dense smoke.

In such conditions, immediately stop the vehicle, open the hood, allow the smoke removal, and replace it.

No engine power

The stripped gear restricts the connection between the flywheel and the motor. Also, it malfunctions and reduces the supply of electric power.

In such conditions, the driver inserts the key to start the engine, but it does not crank. Instead, it identifies an internal problem in the electric circuit and gear.

The mechanical issues are repairable, and you can identify them with the help of a professional mechanic. 

Clicking sounds

They are durable components but worm out due to age and excessive usage. As a result, they cannot engage in the electric circuit and reduce the power.

They produce loud grinding sounds due to excessive internal friction. The components rub against each other vigorously because they receive high input signals.

But, they cannot run the engine by pushing the flywheel through the pistons. Avoiding such conditions can result in damage to the flywheel and causes engine failure. 

Difficult to start an engine

A malfunctioning relay cannot send full electric signals to the engine. As a result, the components lose their standard functions due to a damaged relay.

The vehicle faces intermittent starting issues due to fluctuations in electric power. In these conditions, sometimes the car starts immediately. 

But, in several conditions, it takes several ignitions to run the engine at a stable speed.

Is it safe to drive a Honda Civic with a broken starter?

The car does not start due to a damaged relay and poor electric supply. But, a few people drive their cars with malfunctioning objects that affect its performance.

Also, it negatively impacts the efficiency of the alternator and battery. During driving, the problems become severe, and the engine can stop anywhere without any significant sign.

However, the warning indications appeared on the screen of the dashboard. The riding is challenging with a damaged relay, and the driver can lose the engine.

In such circumstances, the driver loses control over the steering wheel and tires. As a result, it causes life-threatening accidental conditions and damages the car’s frame. 

How long does a starter last on a Honda Civic?

They are durable objects and can last for the vehicle’s life. Also, it depends on their usage, working conditions, and internal stability. However, they require replacement after around 110000 miles to 151000 miles.

Few people replace them after 76000 due to excessive wearing and tearing. They have a low failure rate of around 76000 miles to 80000 miles. 

However, the mark of malfunctioning increases dramatically after 126000 to $127000 miles.

Access the durability of your relay through the manual of your Honda Civic. The manufacturing companies mention this specification in the replacement guide.

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