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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Kia Optima?

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Kia Optima?

Wrapping a Kia Optima means covering its exterior with a vinyl film that protects the frame from UV rays and debris.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Kia Optima? The average cost to wrap a Kia Optima is between $2000 to $4000. Its minimum cost is $1500 to $1800 while the maximum price is $3500 to $4000. The price for wrapping all four doors is $88 to $104,$32 to $36 for the bumper, and $400 to $900 for the hood.

Low-quality wraps have reduced lifespan and cannot protect the car frames from sunlight and road dirt.

What is the average cost to wrap a Kia Optima?

Many people cover their Kia Optima variants with high-quality vinyl films. These are protection barriers between the ultraviolet rays and the paint of these cars’ frames.

These are large-sized with various layouts, designs, and appealing graphics. However, you cannot wrap the vinyl on the windows and windshields of these cars.

They are heat resistant and protect the vehicle paint from damage. Also, they protect the chassis from debris and dust particles to increase the sustainability of the paint.

Removing frame parts and wrapping them with vinyl films is less challenging with professional assistance. However, the average cost is around $2000 to $4000.

Its cost varies according to the dimensions of its frame and the techniques. Similarly, the minimum price of these cars is around $1500 to $1900.

Its maximum cost for the exterior is around $3500 to $4000. It depends on its material and method.

For example, a few people spend around $3000 to $3200 to wrap the 2019 variants of this vehicle with EX trim. However, these vinyl-based materials are high quality and cover 60% to 80% part of the frame.

Its average cost for 2015 variants of these cars with LX trims is $2800 to $3100. This high-quality material has a long shelf life and protects the paint of this vehicle’s exterior from damage.

However, you can select high-quality vinyl material from online stores for around $8 to $10 per square foot. You can choose the pre-cut, breathable vinyl material to wrap the doors of the Kia Optima.

Its cost per car door is around $22 to $26 with these pre-cut sheets. In such circumstances, the cost of all four doors is about $88 to $104.

But, the cost varies according to the dealerships and their policies. Also, you can use high-quality chrome vinyl material with pre-cut properties to cover these vehicles.

The price of material for the door handles is $12 to $16 per handle. As a result, the average cost to wrap all four handles is around $48 to $64, which varies according to the quality of the material.

Many individuals cover the bumper of these automobiles with chrome or vinyl-based graphic wrap. You can select them for about $32 to $36 for pre-cut sheets for the bumper of this vehicle.

The cost to wrap the hood of this car is around $400 to $900, and the price varies according to the colors and graphics. The glossy black vinyl films provide a sportier look to these automobile chassis and are expensive.

Factors that affect the cost to wrap Kia Optima

Several factors can increase or decrease the wrapping cost of the Kia Optima variants. However, the following are a few prominent things that affect the cost of this procedure.

Design of wrapping material

A few owners of Kia Optima like half wraps of their variants because the graphic-based vinyl sheets are expensive. They cover a few parts of the car frame with them.

Therefore, the cost of these procedures is low, and you can afford it.

The wrapping cost of their full frames is higher than covering a few parts. These vinyl sheets are available in variable thicknesses because of their manufacturing specifications.

Their 1080 series is durable and highly efficient. Its costs per square foot are higher than the other types.

The vinyl manufacturing material and thickness determine the cost of the car exterior. A few designs and graphics of these vinyl sheets make them expensive.

Their cost increases per square foot, which makes it affordable.

Quality of wrap

You can select various types of vinyl sheets to wrap the variants of your Kia Optima. These have different roll sizes, and you can choose them according to their designs.

A few of them are breathable, which makes them expensive. They have heat resistance and withstand pressure.

These are more durable and costly than simple, non-printed vinyl sheets. The pressure-compatible and breathable sheets are expensive, and their quality depends on the manufacturing brand, thickness, and width.

A few sheets have more widths, which makes them costly because of their less challenging wrapping techniques.

Demand and color of wrapping material

The young drivers of Kia Optima demand bold colors and sportier graphics on the vinyl wraps to cover their car frames.

However, other individuals select non-printed vinyl sheets to cover them. The cost of these sheets increases with their demand. A few are more in demand because of their designs and materials.

The black wrap with different graphics is more in demand. It is expensive because of its color, demand, sustainability, and high resistance against ultraviolet rays.

What are the benefits of wrapping a Kia Optima?

Many people wrap their cars after a few years. A few wrapping colors are costly because of their trend and demand.

Protection of frame

Several people wrap the frames of their Kia Optima to cover the paint. These are breathable vinyl sheets that protect the paint layers of these cars from ultraviolet rays.

Also, they protect the paint from fading and improve the stability of the car exterior. Wrapping these vehicles can increase their protection from environmental debris, road dirt, and sunlight effects.

These are more affordable than painting this vehicle’s exterior.

They protect the vehicle frames and their paint at an optimized level. In such circumstances, the demand and use of these materials increase beyond the standard limit.

Make the exterior appealing

The vinyl wraps have variable designs, appealing graphics, and sportier looks.

In such circumstances, the exterior of these cars becomes appealing and sportier. They are smooth vinyl sheets that stick to the surface of these vehicles.

You can cover the exterior and doors of these variants to increase their appeal. Their frames become sportier and appeal to several people.

Cheaper than paint

The Kia Optima owners paint their car frames, but it is more expensive than wrapping.

These vinyl sheets can cover the paint layers and increase their durability. They protect the paint layers of these cars from heat and dust.

They increase the paint’s stability because they can cover it. Moreover, they are water resistant and protect the paint from scratches and damage.

The paint remains on the frame of these cars for a long time because the wrapping material covers it.

Reduce sunlight exposure on the frame

Vinyl films have air-release properties and cover the paint layers on the exterior of the Kia Optima. They are barriers between the frame paint and ultraviolet rays.

These rays cannot affect the paint and remain stable for several months. The exterior paint of these cars is not exposed to the sunlight.

It increases the protection of surface paint from fading and scratches. The paint stability increases because these vinyl wraps are heat and sun rays resistant.

They protect the paint from moisture and keep it stable for improved life expectancy.

How do you wrap a Kia Optima?

Cleaning the exterior of the car is essential for a full-frame wrap procedure. Moreover, you should clean the parts of these cars before wrapping them.

Measuring the bumper, walls, doors, and door handles is necessary. You should cut the vinyl sheets a few inches more than these resultant measurements for the wrapping.

You should put the vinyl sheet on the wrapping part and provide heat with the heat gun.

Folding the edges into the curved parts of the Kia Optima frames is necessary for the optimized wrapping. You can use the pre-cut vinyl wrapping sheets because they have a quick installation.

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