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How to Change a Tire on a Double Axle Travel Trailer?

How to Change a Tire on a Double Axle Travel Trailer?

Changing a tire in your double axle travel trailer seems difficult, here are 9 easy steps to do it yourself

How to Change a Tire on a Double Axle Travel Trailer? In general, you can change a tire on a double axle travel trailer with a tire aid tool and adjust the spare wheel. Remove the old tire with the help of these tools and add the new tire. Tight all the screws and bolts in clockwise directions and enhance the stability with the wooden flat board.

These trailers are suitable for the owners and passengers due to extra accommodation space and adjustment capabilities. 

How to Change a Tire on a Double Axle Travel Trailer?

It is beneficial to spend few minutes on the damaged condition of the tire. The double axle trailers are different in such procedures than the single axle tires.

It is not convenient for a single person to change the wheel. The help and support of another person are necessary to perform the process with minimum chances of errors.

Access the damaged tire

The damages to tires can occur during long traveling. The worst road conditions can lead to cracks and other significant damaged.

All of them require instant changes and repair. 

Adjust the board

The single axle trailers can jack up with a jacking tool or a lifter. It is not suitable for a trailer.

The lifting of such trailers requires stable states. The roads have various harmful conditions, and the rocks and other openings can unbalance the travel trailer. 

It requires a stable thing to stabilize the whole structure. The flat boards of wood play a significant role in such procedures.

The wood boards are flat and without any dangerous iron nails. They have a smooth upper surface and can adjust the double axle trailer.

Use a wood board that can stabilize a heavy structure like an RV. Instead, adjust the board on any road surface and then move the trailer.

Bring it on the woody board and then change the trailer for tire replacement. It is not high enough to allow the replacement of the tire on a trailer. Always add an aiding tool to proceed with this method. 

Adjust the trailer aid tool

The travel trailer aid tool is a plastic block with a versatile design. It is excellent to perform such a replacement of wheels in a trailer.

The material of the aiding tool is plastic, and it has a sloop design. The wheels can adjust on these blocks, and it helps in lifting.

The upper area of the aid tool is the same as the shape of the tire. It is oval and can adjust the wheel without any disturbance. 

The tool is stable, and it never allows free falling of the gigantic structure. You cannot add it under the wheels due to heavy masses. Adjust it on the board for more stability and control. 

Move the structure on this plastic aiding tool. Keep the movement slow and smooth during such activities. Stabilize it and then proceed to the next step.

Thus, there are minimum chances of any disturbance with these aiding tools. They have weight-bearing capacities up to 14000 to 160000 pounds.

They are yellow, and the bottoms of such structures have crossings. The blocks are hollow, and they have smooth endings. 

Move the travel trailer

The movement of the trailer is advantageous to check the disturbance. It is to stabilize the trailer on this plastic tool.

The stability of the structures enhances the convenience of this replacement procedure. The driver must move the megastructure slowly on the sloop.

The hindrance of the plastic block gives a sign to the driver to stop the gigantic structure. It never moves out without the internal signals.

The movements are smooth and convenient for the driver because the aiding tool has a relevant design. The bottom structure remains stable after adjustment, and you can proceed to the next step. 

Remove the bolts

Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts and wear protective gloves during such procedures. Never push yourself under the heavy mass of the structure. Instead, take the support of a friend to provide the maximum amount of force. 

Remove the bolts and keep them aside for further use. In those situations, when you want to install the new bolts, then discard the previous tools.

Unscrew and remove the small screws from the tires. Keep them aside and then use them in the replacement process.

You can also mark the screws and bolts with a non-permanent marker. It helps to install the screws back in the original state.

It makes the timeless frustrating, and there are minimum chances of errors. The help of a friend also reduces time consumption.

Use a bolt puller to rove the mega bolts. Adjust it on the bolt and then move it in the opposite direction. Remove them with the support of a friend.

Never exert an excessive amount of force because it can damage the internal structure of wheels. The inner damages are harmful to the changing of wheels.

Always keep it firm and exert the appropriate amount of strength. Make the system stable and never leave it without completion. 

Add a new tire

The new wheels of the trailers are the same as the old ones. You cannot use a single axle tire in a dual axle trailer.

The system can lose work efficiency, and it can fail the whole mechanism. You can end up in deadly accidental conditions.

The accidents of such significant structures are toxic for human lives. The damages are irreversible due to severe conditions.

The spare tire is one of the essential requirements because the error can occur anywhere. The spare tire helps in accurate installation in less time.

It also reduces the chances of frustration and searching. In few circumstances, the tire of a trailer can burst in long distant locations.

The availability of mechanics and spare tires is not possible. It can generate various problems, and you can stick in a harmful condition. Add the spare tire to the original point. Take the help of a friend or any other passenger. 

The support is necessary because the wheels are heavier than the single axle travel trailers. Move the wheel and then adjust it in the spot.

Push it back during the process and ask your friend to repeat this activity. Check its adjustment and fitting without adding any tools.

It provides an appropriate layout for the adjustment of wheels. It also prevents future errors and keeps the system stable. Adjust it in the spot and wait for at least 2 to 4 minutes. 

In case of any movement of the tire, check the area behind it. Then, remove the remaining bolts and screws to allow proper insertion. 

Add the bolts and screws

Ask a friend to keep pushing the tire backward in the original point. Then, add one bolt and adjust it accurately, and tight the in the clockwise directions.

Never lose strength, and add all the bolts in the openings and keep tightening them. 

Add the screws and tighten them with the screwdriver. The tightening process is tricky and requires a lot of effort.

You cannot leave them in a loose state. It can lead to gigantic disasters, and the accidental conditions are irreversible.

You can end up losing the camper due to significant accidents. The accidents result in broken parts of the vehicle, and it also affects the surrounding people. 

The addition of new bolts and screws enhances the stability and control techniques.

You can protect it with new tools, and the high efficiency and attachment capability of the iron and metal tools fix the tire in the spot.

It remains firm after the addition of 1 to 2 bolts. Never make multiple new openings to add new screws. It can generate air problems that can stick inside the tire.

Secure the tire in the double axle trailer

Adjust and fix the wheel in the trailer. Move it from the aiding tool, drive the trailer on the plastic block and settle it on the road.

Then, move it on the flat surface backward and forward. It is a stability and adjustment test of such wheels in a trailer.

You cannot move the vehicle with a sudden movement. It can break the plastic block and can shatter it into pieces.

The wheel also gets multiple dangerous effects, and a crack can happen. 

What is the average cost of the tire replacement in a double Axle travel trailer?

It is an expensive process and requires a lot of expertise. The average cost to replace a tire on a double axle travel trailer is up to $250 to $390.

The process involves few tools, and they also add to the process. The average cost of a bolt puller is up to $45 to $52.

It is an essential tool for removing the preexisting tire. The average cost of protective gloves is up to $14 to $16. The average price of a screwdriver is up to $10 to $12.

The trailer aid tool is expensive than many other devices. The average rate of the aid tools is up to $50 to $75.

The prices can increase due to manufacturing companies and variations.

The flat boards are necessities for stability and control. The average cost of the wood board is up to $39 to $44, and a mechanic can take up to $35 to $60.

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