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How To Clean Cup Holders in Car?

How To Clean Cup Holders in Car?

Car cup holders become dirty, and you should clean them immediately because they can leave the gumminess texture and dry spots there. It is necessary to clean the liquid spillage as soon as possible because it can come on the upholstery of the seats.

How To Clean Cup Holders in Car? You can clean cup holders in cars using old socks, vacuum cleaner, cleaning slime, wet wipes, all-purpose cleaner, and a mixture of warm water and soap. You can try steamer, a mixture of vinegar or water, bristled brush, microfiber cloth, and wet cleaner. In addition, you can keep them clean by using cup inserts and travel mugs and driving at a slow speed on the road. 

It is difficult to remove the dust, dirt, and food crumbs from the cup holders due to their closed container-like shape.

It will take time, but using appropriate and tricky methods makes things easy. The difficulty also depends on the type of the drinks and the amount of spillage.

Why are cup holders present in cars?

These small devices are preset in every latest and modern automobile. You can put the eating and drinking stuff in it.

It is made up of plastic material and is present between the driver and passenger seat. In addition, it is on the front and rear sides of the seats in most cars.

Those on the back side of the seats are foldable; you can close them when they are not in use.

You can easily take tea or your favorite beverage during driving.

How do you clean the cup holders of your cars?

These have a closed container-like structure that becomes dusty and grimy. In addition, the accumulation of food crumbs and accidental spillage of liquid beverages make them sticky. 

Use of old socks

You can use the old socks to remove the dust and food crumbs from these cup holders. Use old socks that are lint-free because lint also accumulates in them.

Take the glass and cover it with socks appropriately. You should take the glass that can easily fit into these holders.

Match their size with the diameter of this small container-like structure. Then, spray some water on these stretched socks present on the glass.

Move the glass in a circular motion, collecting all the food crumbs from this area. You can also clean the grim by spraying the socks with cleansing spray.

The application of cleansing sprays makes them free from grime and stickiness.

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is the simplest method that you can do to remove dust and food residues.

Vacuum cleaning is not reliable for the removal of grime and stickiness that comes due to the use of oily or sugary products, respectively.

Hold the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle directly on the cup holder so it can suck all the little particles. It is beneficial because it clears the dust from the sides and hidden corners.

It clears up the areas you cannot do without using a rag. In addition, the hair dryer also works on the same principle and makes them clear.

Use of cleaning slime

Many children use the slime for playing purposes, and it is fun to hold it in your hand due to its soft texture.

It is a sticky substance of borax, water, and sodium borate. The sticky texture of slime helps get rid of dirt and food crumbs.

It is the most reliable method because you can reuse the slime several times. Put the glob of slime in the cup holder and move it in a different direction using your hand so all particles get stuck with it.

It is beneficial to clean the hidden parts of your cars. Many people also use it for cleaning the dashboard and the components present there.

Clean with wet wipes

Wet wipes are available in markets and are helpful for different purposes, including cleaning. It is a tissue paper-like material that has some moisture.

The moistened rag easily picks up the tiny food particles and dust from this closed container. You should use the new wipe to clean the surface appropriately when it gets dirty.

These tissue wipes do not help remove the grime and stickiness of oily products. In addition, these moistened wipes do not contain any detergent in it.

Try all-purpose cleaner

All-purpose cleaners are present in every home for washing purposes. People also use them on the upholstery of the sofas and carpets to get rid of dust.

Spray the all-purpose cleaners on the inner side of these cup holders. It has a foamy texture; you must use the brush to rub the surface.

Rub it for 4 to 5 minutes, then wipe off the inner side with wet towels or a microfiber cloth.

The mixture of warm water, vinegar, and soap

You can use warm water and white vinegar to treat your vehicle’s grimy and sticky cup holders.

Pour the vinegar and warm water mixture into a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray the mixture in this container and wipe it off after 2 to 3 minutes.

You can also use the mixture of warm water or any home base soap for cleaning purposes.

Try steamer

Using a steam cleaner is a reliable and effective method, and you do not need extra tools for scrubbing.

The heat from the steam cleaners also removes grime by breaking down the fat. Sometimes the dry spots of spillage remain there, which is difficult to remove.

The heat from the steam cleaner melts these dry spots and removes them. You can purchase your own and take it on rent from the market.

Shaving foam

Add a small amount of shaving foam, baking soda, glue, 3 to 4 spoons of contact solution, and water.

You need a wooden stick to stir the mixture adequately. However, you can mix it with the stirrer if you do not have a wooden stick.

It converts into a putty-like semi-solid material when you stir them well. The mixture has a slime-like appearance with a gluey texture.

It can bind the dust and food crumbs with its sticky material. So you can get rid of the dust and grim by using this putty-like glob.

How can you get rid of the liquid from the cup holders?

Liquid spillage is common, and it is more damaging because moisture is harmful to the other components of the vehicle.

Wet vacuums

Wet vacuuming is the latest and most reliable technique to remove the accidental spillage of liquid drinks in cup holders.

It is the same as the vacuum cleaner, but its primary purpose is to suck the liquid material. You can use it during accidental spillage cases for the removal of moisture.

In addition, it also absorbs the moisture from the carpets, seats, and upholstery of the vehicle.

Microfiber cloth

The accidental spillage of liquid drinks while driving on bumpy roads and while applying the brakes is harmful to the car’s interior.

Sometimes the moisture also enters the electrical components and produces damage to them. Therefore, you should always keep the microfiber cloth with you during driving.

Microfiber cloth is a good absorbent and can absorb moisture from all surfaces. It can absorb many liquid drinks like tea, soda, juice, and cold beverages.

Put the microfiber cloth on the affected area and push it well for a few minutes s it can absorb the moisture.

Why do car cup holders become dirty?

Cup holders in cars become dirty due to your driving habits and poor cleaning and maintenance schedule. Many people do not appropriately clean the various parts of their vehicles.

These become dirty and look grimy when you do not wash them for a longer time. Also, the accidental spillage of liquid drinks like tea, coffee, juices, and other drinks makes them bad.

The presence of sugar in these drinks gives a sticky texture. You feel irritated when you accidentally touch them due to stickiness.

Moreover, the grimy and oily appearance comes when you put the eating stuff in these holders. Therefore, you should avoid directly placing oily food items in them.

How do you keep the car cup holders clean?

You can keep them clean by adopting these safety measures on a regular basis. It can keep these holders clear, and you cannot feel stickiness when touching them.

Drive slowly

Many people love to take tea during long drives to make them relaxed and calm. However, you should carefully drive your car while having tea because it can spill on your clothes and cup holders.

I prefer to drive at a slow speed because driving at a high speed makes the drive bumpy and increases the risk of spillages.

You should avoid applying brakes frequently during driving. In addition, it is also better for you to park your cars at some place and take the tea there.

Use inserts

The different sizes, shapes, and materials of these inserts are available in the market, and you can place them in cup holders of your cars for safe driving.

Most of them are ceramic and rubber-type inserts. In addition, you can also use graspers to hold the differently sized cups and glass.

Moreover, you can also keep them clean by using coffee filters and paper cups. You can change these papers when they get dirty due to spillage.

Appropriately close the lid

It is also necessary to buy cups that have appropriately closed lids to decrease any chances of mess during driving.

Always use travel mugs because they have closed lids, and tea or liquid cannot come from them due to bumpy roads.

In addition, the strawed cups are also the better choice because you can drink the hot and cold beverages with a straw without opening their lid.

It is better to keep the old rags with you to handle the spillage or mess on the spot. The surface becomes sticky due to sugary drinks when you do not clean them well.

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