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How to Fog Up Car Windows?

How to Fog Up Car Windows?

Many people fog up their vehicle’s windows to block the sunrays and for privacy purposes. Moreover, it is convenient and takes around 4 to 5 minutes.

How to Fog Up Car Windows? You can fog up the car windows by using different sprays, for example, dry spray or home-based fog spray, and by bringing an electric kettle, portable steamers, and wet cloth into the vehicle. Moreover, you can also turn on the recirculation button to make the windows foggy and to keep the expensive items secure and for privacy reasons.

Making the glass foggy is necessary when you feel down or want to focus on your tasks.

What does fog up mean?

Fog is a thin layer of moisture which creates on the glass surface. It forms due to temperature differences, for example, the interaction of warm air with cool air. 

It blurs the glass surface and looks like smoke touching the glass surface. Fog up means to make the glass intentionally blur for different purposes. 

We cover the glass surface purposely to make the inside view hard to see. 

How do you fog up car windows?

People use different methods to fog up the glass windows of their automobiles according to their convenience and time availability.

Breathing of people

The exhaling of many people covers the vehicle’s windows hard to see through.

In addition, we release several tiny water droplets in the form of vapor from our warm bodies during normal breathing.

When people sit in the car and breath, these vapors move towards the vehicle’s windows to interact with cold surfaces. When these vapors mix with the cold surface, they interact with one another and cause a reaction. 

We call this condensation reaction because it is formed mainly due to temperature differences. More people sitting in the vehicle can make the glass blurry by their excessive breathing. 

Power up an electric kettle

Boiling water in an electric kettle causes increased production of water vapors to your vehicle foggy. 

Take a standard-size electric kettle and pour about 5 to 10 cups of water into it. Turn the switch on and boil this water for about 1 to 2 minutes to make the steam.  

When water starts to boil, you can see the vapors continuously coming out of this kettle. Switch the power off, bring this kettle into the car, or you can pour the water into a glass to bring it into the vehicle. 

This process instantly releases the steam into the cabin that hits the glass and makes it foggy. 

Portable steamers

Nonelectric cloth steamers fog up your vehicle’s windows because they are full of minerals that react to cause steam.

These portable and non-inflammable steamers are available in the market in different varieties for travel purposes.

Always purchase its good quality bag for about $30 to $40 and efficient work. Open the bag and pour about 30ml to 60ml water into this plastic packaging for steam production. 

You can instantly see the minerals interacting with the water and turning into steam. It works efficiently and lasts longer than other methods.

Dry spray

The dry spray creates fog on the automobile surface efficiently due to its fluid and air mechanism.

Purchase a standard-size dry spray bottle with a spacious nozzle for about $20 to $25 from a nearby store. 

Take a clean cloth and free the glass from all dirt particles. Open the bottle and set the nozzle towards the windows. Apply a thin layer of dry spray and spread it thoroughly.

Turn on the recirculation button

 Many drivers use this button in highly warm areas to keep the inside temperature cool. 

Turn the air conditioner on and wait for 2-3 seconds. Then power up the recirculation button to move the inside air into the cabin. It traps the automobile’s humidity, creating fogs in the windows. 

The air-conditioning button is efficient in keeping fuel usage in control because it is easier to cool the same air by moving it again and again than to cool warm air from outside. 

I prefer this method because it takes a short time to work and does not cost any extra charges.

In addition, you can put the car in neutral gear and reverse the engine to blur the windows if you have a manual transmission automobile.

Homebased fog spray

Take a medium size bowl to add all ingredients to it. Take half a cup of Epsom salt and 110 to 130 ml of warm water, pour them into the bowl, and mix them.

Add half teaspoon dishwasher into this and stir them well with the help of the spoon. 

Purchase a medium size good-quality spray bottle from a nearby store for around $2 to $5 and carefully pour the spray into this.

Next, clean the glass surface with the help of fabric, or you can also use glass cleaner for this purpose due to its high efficiency. 

Set the nozzle and press it gently for full coverage. 

Turn on heater

Turning on the heater works due to the condensation process. 

Sit in the car, close all windows, and turn on the heater which dries up the air inside the vehicle. 

Moisture leaving your skin and breathing causes a condensation reaction. This warm and humid air hits the glass and makes the automobile foggy, which is cold from the outside.  

Contact a certified professional if the heater is not working correctly. 

Wet cloths

The glass becomes a blur when you reach your automobile on a rainy day and put your wet coat into the car. 

The same happens on a humid day when the air inside the cabin holds extra moisture than the air outside the vehicle.  

The inside warmer air hits the outside cooler air, which makes the glass of your automobile foggy.

Snow on your shoes also causes fogginess on the car glass due to the interaction of moisture with the window. 

Why would you fog up your car windows?

You fog up your vehicle’s glass due to many reasons, including safety and privacy purposes and to keep the vehicle cool. 

Security purpose 

It is necessary while shifting the house because it provides extra protection to valuable things. 

When you shift your expensive items like jewelry, cash, and sound system from one place to another, you fog up the windows to keep them secure in the automobile.

Privacy Purposes

Sometimes you feel down and need peace to relax. You do not want to get distracted by your surroundings, so you make the windows blur for peaceful driving. 

You can frost the windows if anyone in the car needs a short nap on returning from their hectic and tiring job so that no one can see them. 

You need these in a crowded place where people do not want to see inside the automobile. You can also use your vehicle as changing cabin in traveling when you find no place to change your dress. 

Hot weather

On hot sunny days, when you are on a long drive, you fog up the windows because they block sun rays and keep the cabin cool.

Fewer sunrays coming inside the cabin reduce the burden on the air conditioning system to cool the vehicle and make it fuel economic.

Is it legal to fog up car windows?

Several states of the US have different rules to tint the car glass. For example, according to section 1 (C ) vehicle code, you can not fog up the windshield and front side mirrors in Michigan. This is because doing so blocks the view of the driver, which can lead to an accident. 

You can tilt the windshield 4 inch from the top if necessary. However, you have to get a permit written by a physician for this activity if you are a light-sensitive person. 

There is no issue with blurring the back seat windows by law for any purpose.

What do car drivers say about this?

I surveyed 973 people to know how they fog up their car windows. Out of 973 people, 652 people (67%) usually use an electric kettle or steamer because it is an effortless method.

However, 214 people (22%) prefer to use the recirculation button that keeps the air inside the automobile and does not let it go outside. 

While the remaining 107 people (11%) said, they use sprays, including ready-to-use and homemade sprays, to keep their windows foggy, which can help maintain privacy.

You can use the spraying method to blur the windows quickly, as it takes less time to complete the task.

“I use ready-to-use spray for fogging the windows that took only 2 to 3 minutes.”

Portable steamers are good to use as an amateur person can fill the steamers and use it. 

“I usually keep portable steamers in my vehicle as it is easy to use and weigh less.”

You should not use any chemical spray or instruments when your automobile seats are completely occupied with people because they are exhaling air.

“I do not use any method of fogging up the windows when my car is full of people because breathing is sufficient to make them foggy.”

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