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How to Install Subwoofer in Ford F150?

How to Install Subwoofer in Ford F150?

Here are 9 easy steps to install subwoofers in Ford F150. We have explained the required tools in this step-by-step guide.

How to Install Subwoofer in Ford F150? Install a subwoofer in Ford F150 by removing the rear seats. Select the precise electric wire system, connect it with the head unit and install a protective cover. The right size of subwoofer and seat measurements helps in installation.

How to Install Subwoofer in Ford F150?

Many people want to add subwoofers to their Ford F150 trucks. You should always check the available space and select the size of the subwoofer for your truck.

Tools required

  • Screwdrivers
  • Subwoofers
  • Heating device
  • New electric wires
  • Screws and bolts
  • Wire cutters
  • Connectors
  • Ratchets
  • Non-permanent marker
  • Drill machine
  • Subwoofer cover

Disconnect the battery

Make sure the battery is not on power due to this process. The presence of electric energy is not suitable for the massive vehicle and human body.

You can disconnect the battery by removing all the possible connections. It restricts the electric passage instantly, and you can perform the process.

There is another way to disconnect the power supply of the battery in the truck. Rotate and remove the ignition key from the structure. It instantly stops all the electrical mechanisms of f150. 

Select an appropriate location for the subwoofer

Select an appropriate location to install the subwoofers in the massive vehicle.

You can decide it according to the size of the subwoofer as well. 

Choose the right size of the device because of the truck’s model. You cannot settle every device in every vehicle.

They are available in different ranges, and they are 8 inches and 12 inches. Few subwoofers are massive, and they can reach up to 19 to 20 inches.

Measure the backside of the seating area. You can perform it by bending the headrest section. Remove the latches and other controlling devices from the rear seat. 

Use a measuring tape to identify the accommodation space.

Select the subwoofers after these measurements because the early buying leads to replacements. It may cost you more than casual on the budget and also leads to frustration. 

Subwoofer installation is a time-consuming process, and you should not take any risks during the process.

The repetition of any step can consume a lot of time, and it is not a suitable condition.

Separate some money for the external connections and new electric wire system. All of these things include in the package, and you cannot neglect a single device. 

Remove the rear seats

Removal of the seat from the Ford F150 is essential to carry forward this procedure. You cannot install subwoofers through bending and folding of the Ford seat.

The adjustment space is under the seating area, and it requires a complete spot.

You cannot remove it with pulling or a specific amount of force. 

Take off all the stuff from the rear seat and remove the seat cover and bend the headrest area. 

Use a screwdriver of accurate size to remove all the screws, it is a time-consuming step, and you should perform it with care. Lose all the bolts of the seat and then remove them with a particular tool. 

Ratchets are suitable for removing all the seat bolts within minutes. Flip and bend the seat downwards during the process.

It is a straightforward procedure, and you can remove the seat after bolts.

There is no other possible connection of these structures to the massive vehicles. They lose all of their power and capability to remain in attached positions.

Remove a seat in the folding condition because it prevents various errors.

The door cannot harm the external structure of the Ford seat in this way. Remove the brace of the seat compartments.

It becomes available to the user after the seat removal. These things become useless after the subwoofer installation.

Few enclosing points provide support to the subwoofers in the massive vehicle.

Check adjustment capabilities

Adjust the subwoofers under the free area of the rear seat.

You cannot directly adjust these tools in the open spaces. It can lead to irreversible changes and frustration. Check the adjustment capability before installing the equipment.

Adjust it in the original position and leave it for some time. Check the distance of electric wiring, and maintain the stability and test it for manual shaking. 

It clarifies the positioning and control of the small speakers. The size adjustment also becomes explicit after this particular test.

You can carry it out with the help of a friend. Ask the professional person about this installation and adjustment. The expert can identify and guide about the possible errors during the process. 

Connect the electric wires

The attachment of subwoofer wires is a tricky process. Use a wire cutter and take out the cord of the amplification device in the pickup.

Identify and access the box of the subwoofer. Connect and attach the electric wire of the internal connection and new sound devices.

You can attach the equipment with a heating device. Keep the heating moderate because it can destroy the electric wires and their ends. 

Shredding of wire ends occurs due to excessive heat for long times.

The attachment of subwoofers in the Ford F150 audio system is essential, and you cannot neglect this step for accurate connection conditions. 

Place the new subwoofers in their closing section. Use a screwdriver and tight all the surrounding screws.

It settles the subwoofer in one position without ant trembling. These closing or covering devices depend on the size and model of the truck.

Add screws to the closing device as well. Connect the system with these tiny connectors. 

It is beneficial for the firmness in one place and attaches the central electric wire with the battery.

The connection depends on the battery terminals and open joints. Identify the right joining spots and connect the electric system. 

The fuse of the system requires proper adjustment and control. Adjust various screws to place them in a specific position.

You can settle the fusing device in this area to protect it from the surrounding hazards. Make sure the electric wires have insulation. These protective substances are excellent to save them. 

No one should access these electric wire systems directly. Hide them inappropriate places to prevent electric shocks. The movement of these devices can also lead to voltage fluctuations and battery short circuits. 

Hide them under the carpets and floor mats and cover them with different floor rugs at every corner. You can also adjust them with small connecters on the walls and door areas. 

Place the wire on these structures and add tape or connecting tool.

It is suitable for those conditions when floor carpets are not enough to hide. In the absence of floor mats, you can secure the electric wires with walls and doors. 

Connect these wires to the ports of the sound system in the F150 truck. It secures the connection, and you can enjoy excellent diversity.

Hiding of these electrical passages is as essential as for other connectivity. You cannot allow any tool to appear on the floor of the massive vehicle.

If you choose to cut or trim electrical wires, then always follow the precise pattern. Cut them with sharp scissors or wire cutters for ends.

Never cut them with measurements because they are not flexible. Always leave space of few inches before cutting it. 

The approximate space is up to 4 to 7 inches, and the extra wire prevents sudden pulling and stretching. It secures the system and inhibits harmful happenings. 

Add subwoofer covers

Install a cover of the subwoofers, and it is an additional step.

You can adapt this for maximum security of the sound system. They lie under the seat compartment, and there are chances of different errors. 

The sound covers never decrease the sound qualities or volumes due to their specific designs.

They hide them and protect them for longer times without causing any hazard.

The covering box comprises connecting points, and you can use tools to enhance security.

Use a screwdriver and add new bolts in every opening. Tight them all with a specific amount of force and check the stability. 

Make a hole in the subwoofer cover for the crossing of wires. Mark spots on the box with a non-permanent marker.

Use a sharp cutter of drill chine to make holes. These covers have built-in openings for 2 to 3 wires.

Select them according to your subwoofer system. They are strong enough to support the sound system and are usually black. 

Connect subwoofers with the battery

There is a specific cable that joins the battery and subwoofers directly.

Add this passage to the system and connect one end to the subwoofer compartment and the other with the battery.

Check the stability and security of the system and hide the cable under the floor coverings.

Secure the subwoofers

Add security tools before giving the final touch to the structures. You can add new screws to make it firmer and stable.

Add new electric wires when the old ones are not working appropriately. The addition of new connectors enhances the work efficiency of the system. 

Install the rear seats of the Ford F150

Install the seat back into its original position and follow the precise guidelines. It is a tricky process, and you can also take professional help in this step.

Settle the rear seat on the covering box of the subwoofer without any fear. It never damages due to such weights because of their built-in unique designs.

Unfold the seat and adjust it in the appropriate shape.

Gather all the screws you have removed during the removal of the seat from the pickup. Use the screwdrivers of accurate sizes and tight all the screws one by one. 

Adjust the headrest back to its original state. You can carry out this step by unfolding this foam structure.

Settle the seat on the subwoofers and secure all the connections. Install the seat cover back into the original position.

Settle the seat belt and check the seat’s stability. Sit on the seat section to check the comfort.

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