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How to Remove Ashtray From Ford F150?

How to Remove Ashtray From Ford F150?

Ford F150 is one of the best trucks, and everyone demands it. It has all the essential facilities of a complete vehicle, and the smokers like it due to an ashtray and lighter. 

How to Remove Ashtray From Ford F150? Pull the ashtray and make it loose from the sides. Remove all its screws, disconnect all the electric wires and slide them upwards and downwards. Now simply detach it from its position.

How to Remove Ashtray From Ford F150?

Many people want to remove the ashtray from their Ford F150 and they are confused about the proper methods. Here are 7 easy steps to do it yourself.

Tools required 

  • Screwdriver
  • Protective gloves
  • Wire puller
  • Plastic cutter
  • Rod (optional)
  • Electric wire cutter

Access the ashtray

The removal process of the ashtray in a ford f150 depends on accessing it. You can access and reach the ashtray inside the truck.

It is present on the front side under the stereo system. It usually has a door that works as a cover. The door does not allow the movement of excessive material outside the ashtray.

The inner material of cigarette pieces and ash settles on the tray. It remains safe on this material with a closed door.

You can find it with the help of a manual, and it provides pictures and other demonstrations to find the equipment. It has the same color as all other surrounding parts. 

It usually presents on the left side of the steering wheel. 

The tray can move outward to clean it properly. People also remove it for various purposes.

Access and open the ashtray in the structure. It is one of the essential and leading steps of the procedure. You cannot move further without reaching the right equipment. 

Pull the ashtray

This step involves a lot of strength and force to pull the tray. 

The amount of strength is specific, and you cannot drag it easily. The reason behind the power is the excellent fixing of the ashtray.

Use both hands to drag the tray slightly outwards.

Sit on the driving seat because it allows more accessibility to the tools. Pull the tray outwards with the maximum force but keep it constant. Never apply multiple jerks to the device. 

It can lead to a half breakage of the material. It can divide into pieces, and a few of them stick inside. The situation becomes uncontrollable for the person. Always follow the precise guidelines to get the equipment outside. 

Remove its screws

When you pull the ashtray, then you can feel some force. It is a resisting strength that keeps the tool backward.

There are 3 to 4 screws that connect the ashtray internally. They attach the device to the sides and walls of the inner compartment. e

The fixing power is immensely high, and it keeps the ashtray firm. You have to remove these supporting screws to normalize the system.

Use a screwdriver of precise size and remove the attaching tools one by one. Unscrew the upper scree and lose the ashtray.

Take the help of a friend to support the ashtray from sudden falling. Remove the other attachment tools and make them unstable.

It became flexible, and you can move it in any direction. The removal of the ashtray becomes convenient even for a beginner.

Never leave a single screw inside the system. It can lead to multiple problems, and the method can consume hours. 

Remove ashtray door

There is the front door of the ashtray that holds the tool. It also protects the internal wastage material until the owner discards it. 

It is suitable to cover the ashtray from the front side. It is an appealing structure and comprises the same color as the ashtray.

It is the opening tool, and you can consider it as a door. It has attachment brackets on both sides.

These brackets not only support the ashtray door but also enhance stability. The removal of the door is essential in the process.

The ashtray can never come out when the door is present. The removal of brackets requires specific tools.

You cannot use these brackets in the new installations. Pulling them can lead to their breakage, but it is also suitable. 

You can remove the bracket and detach the door compartment. Keep it aside or discard it in the new installation procedures.

Few designs of the ashtray doors comprise various small screws. Use a screwdriver and remove them with a specific amount of force. 

Up and down sliding

The ashtray becomes extremely loose after the screw removal, brackets, and doors. It can move upwards and downwards.

It is a supporting factor, and you can remove it conveniently. Use hands in the process and never add any tools.

You can end up breaking the sides of installing centers. Always provide pressure during such movements. Keep the amount of force firm and move the ashtray upwards and downwards.

 Repeat the process 3 to 4 times, and it is enough for such removals. In those situations, when the ashtray does not comes out then, repeat the process until you remove it.

Bring the tray outwards, and you can keep it in one corner. Cleaning the inner area is an optional step.

However, it enhances the complete and clean removal so, it is advisable to perform it. Never add any cleaner or liquid to the cleanliness. Instead, use a lint-free piece of fabric and clean the inner surface. 

Disconnect the electric wires

Disconnect the inner electric wires of the ashtray, use a wire cutter and disconnect the mutual electric passage, and you can also take the support of a mechanic or any other professional person. 

The process becomes frustrating for the performer. Remove the electric wires and stabilize the system.

Make sure the ford f150 is not on power during such activities. The presence of electric current can lead to short circuits and accidental conditions.

These are not desirable options for the passengers and another person. The electric wires that connect with the ashtray are a link.

Remove the connection between both devices and move them inside. If you know the detachment process then, never cut the electric wires.

Spend time on the process and remove the electric passages. The device becomes loose and flexible. It is vulnerable to a small amount of force. 

Detach the tool from the inner structure and keep it aside. In those situations, when there is a restriction, then find out the error.

Resolve all the problems to detach the tool. It helps in the removal process and makes the process convenient. You can spend less time, and it never leads to frustration. The suitable instructions are essential to perform the process comfortably. 

Why would you remove the Ashtray from your Ford F150?


The broken ashtrays are not safe for the normal functions of a ford f150. The removal of the device is essential to repair the parts. The installations of a new device also require the removal of the old one.

Installation of camera

Few people like to add a hidden GPS camera in their Ford F150. People love to install these crucial devices on the back of the ashtray.

The removal of the tool is essential to perform such installations. You can add it back in the original positions.

Add the ashtray inside the fixing spot, and make sure it never harms the backside camera. The sensitive device works properly despite such tools.

They have the ability and various ways to perform these tricky activities. These people remove the ashtrays and then out back the same device. It is all about the addition of new things for excellent performance and security.

New ashtray

The ashtray varies in colors and designs. Smokers like to install the versatile ashtray in their gigantic vehicle.

They remove the old device to add the new equipment. They usually discard the tool, but it is an optional step. You can keep it safe for future use.

The installation of an ashtray enhances the appearance of the rear compartment in the truck. People feel happy due to the addition of such attractive electric tools.

The process is expensive, but people spend a lot on their ford f150 to make it appealing.

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