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How to Remove Heavy Rust From Truck Frame?

How to Remove Heavy Rust From Truck Frame?

Here are 8 best DIY methods for removing heavy rust from your truck. We have also added the required tools with this step-by-step guide.

How to Remove Heavy Rust From Truck Frame? You can remove heavy rust from the truck frame by washing it with water, detergent, using rust reformer, rust preventive spray, and apply paint.

A frame of a truck is one of the essential components, and it is made up of steel, and if it is exposed to severe weather conditions, then the rust will attack it. You should not leave it as it is because it is providing support material to your whole system.

How to Remove Heavy Rust From Truck Frame?

In this article, we have added 8 amazing techniques to permanently remove rust from the truck frame. You have to follow a few easy steps to remove this rust from it.

You should allocate some amount of budget to its proper repair and maintenance. It will not attack the steel until you leave it wet after cleaning and do not soak it thoroughly.

Required Tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Plier
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Knife or cutter
  • Scrapper
  • Required chemicals like rust reformer and finishing sprays

Use a jack to lift your truck

Firstly, you have to lift the car to a certain height where you can easily clean the particular damaged area. You should use a jack for this purpose that can easily bear the required weight. You have to look for the excellent quality accessories when you have lost or break them.

The jack that you are using should have the capability of weighing that much weight as the curb weight of your vehicle. It should not break when you lift your pickup.

You have to note because it can damage your car a lot and your vehicle will suffer a lot. You can use it by checking its capability that it can bear the weight of your vehicle or not. You can swap the truck engine in a car with this method.

Wash it with water and detergent

When you collect all the components at your washing place. You have to clean all types of dirt particles from it that can cause problems while removing it.

You should use a detergent that contains all kinds of stain removing capabilities in it. Rust reformer and spray will not work well on the metallic body when it is full of dirt and mud.

If you keep cleaning it regularly, then you will not face any problem with corrosion. You have to use that detergent that is specially made for that purpose.

Use rust reformer on a truck frame

You have to use a scraper to scrub it to clean all types of materials from it. It is one of the easy steps to note that the scrubbing is working, or more toxic solutions are required.

If you are not sure about the intensity of the permanent solution, you should make it at your home rather than purchase it from the market.

A wire brush is also one of the best tools that we can use for scrubbing. You have to do this properly to get maximum benefits from it that can save you from future problems.

You have to keep one thing in mind that the reformer you are using should be of the top brand. This is a must if you are transporting a motorcycle in a truck bed.

Soak it for some time

You have to wash the affected area with the clean water after exposing it to the rust reformer. It will clean all types of dust from it; you have to finish using water.

You have to give some time to it after washing it with water. Try to expose the affected part to the sunlight so that it may soak quickly.

You should perform the whole process in the daytime so that you get proper light, and the water particles will evaporate quickly. You will no need to waste a lot of time for soaking.

Sunlight is an essential factor in starting this process and finishing it within a short time. You should not begin the process at night because it will waste a lot of time. If your truck battery is draining very fast, cover it properly to protect it from the moisture.

Apply paint

There are many paints available in the market that are used to prevent metallic parts from damage. These paints are only available at top brands and in small numbers.

If you are using it on the outer side, you should choose the color combination wisely that should not look bad anymore.

You can use the paint that should stop the corrosion of metal completely. You can consult the paint company that may give you the complete details that you can do for the betterment of your vehicle. 

If you are using it on the inner side that will not look from the outside, then you should try to choose the black color or any dark color because it will be more efficient against many harmful materials.

The dark colors have strong chemicals because many chemicals come in a dark shape that any others cannot have.

You should use excellent quality brushes that may allow the paint to penetrate and not damage any part. Some brushes cannot push the color deep that can not go inside of the metal.

You should hire an expert painter that can do the complete work for you if you do not have experience with this. You can also use this when removing dents from truck roof.

Use rust preventive spray

After adding paints on all sides of the metal, you have to use the spray for it. This spray will act as a shield against any attacks and will not entertain it.

It is one of the finishing steps that you can use for restraining all bad parts. You have to overview all the small corners in your vicinity that there may be any part that may leave untreated.

If any part leaves untreated, then it will increase its size if corrosion starts from there. You have to keep an eye to get rid of affected materials that you think can create trouble for you.

You should not use the material that provides a slow process, but you must try to develop a system that gives you faster results without any problem.

Your small focus can save you from a lot of issues. It is one of the finishing products widely used for maintaining metallic products from water and dust.

Different brands are using strong chemicals that even stay for longer than one year or more than that. You can check the substances by looking at the ingredients written at the bottle that you are using.

Check all the parts

You have to note that every corner of your affected area gets the paints properly or not. You have to check it after performing complete finishing.

You have to get an idea that this problem will not come or occur again by looking at the condition.

The corrosion process can increase once it starts and damages the whole part that will lead to its replacements.

You have to check it from all sides because if you have painted just the front side of the frame and leave the inner side, you have not rectified it completely.

You will see that this problem will arise again after some time. The product that you are using for this process should adequately be defined and free from all types of side effects.

Some products will lead to damage to the original paint, which will look bad. You have to take care of all these things while using this process.

It should be your priority that the quality of the product must not compromise at any cost because lower quality products will damage all the parts in its vicinity.


The cost of this process is not high if you compare it with its benefits. You can manage to perform all the methods between $2000 dollars to $2500.

It includes the cost of all materials like rust preventive sprays and paints. It can last for many years if you choose all the elements with great care and focus.

You must develop a system that can give you multiple benefits rather than deteriorating your system.

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