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How to Reset Toyota Prius Check Hybrid System?

How to Reset Toyota Prius Check Hybrid System?

Toyota Prius is a famous hybrid car in America, and people love to purchase it because of its fuel-efficient feature. It is environmentally friendly due to less emission of harmful gases.

You can reset the Toyota Prius check hybrid system by turning off the ignitions of cars 2 to 3 times. It is better to turn off the engine after cooling the car for resetting purposes. Most people also disconnect the terminals of the battery to restart the computer system. You can attach the diagnostic scanner tools and use the reader button to access the fault. Remove all the fault codes using the ERASE button of the scanner tool. 

The malfunctioning in hybrid cars is common and occurs due to faults in the electrical motors or weak batteries. 

What is a hybrid system in Toyota Prius?

These are the latest cars with advanced technology two save fuels. It contains two systems which include an internal combustion engine and the other is a small electrical motor.

The electrical motor uses energy from the battery that is stored in it to run the vehicle. This type of automobile uses two means of propulsion: a diesel engine and an electric motor.

It is worth buying because of its advanced feature and environmentally friendly technology. For example, a regenerative braking system recharges the battery of the Toyota Prius.

The regenerative braking system produces electricity which helps charge the battery. In addition, the electric motors help to run the tires when driving at a slow speed of 15mph to 20mph in the city area.

The electric motor supply is cut down as you move faster, and the diesel engine supplies the power.

What are the benefits of hybrid cars?

Nowadays, people love to purchase these types of automobiles because of their several benefits. It can help to improve their fuel costs while driving in city areas.

Fuel efficient

Hybrid cars are better and fuel efficient than regular ones because of the presence of two systems. You can use diesel engines and electrical motors in alternative ways to generate power.

Using both components alternatively helps improve fuel efficiency and saves gallons of fuel.

The regular cars only run with diesel engines and do not have any other option for power generation and movement of wheels.

Less emissions

The carbon dioxide emissions of plugged-in hybrid cars are lesser than the standard gasoline engines. This is because the tailpipe of the exhaust system produces fewer emissions of toxic gasses.

Honda Prius is environmentally friendly because it pollutes the environment less than conventional diesel engines.

It improves the survival of living things in the environment by making them safe. In addition, the carbon dioxide emissions are less because of the use of an electrical motor to generate power.

Less maintenance

These types of vehicles need less maintenance and also reduce your repairing cost. You do not have to spend money on scheduled maintenance to decrease the risk of damage.

The engine and its components are also less vulnerable to wear and tear. The idling and ignition issues are also less due to faulty engines.

Using an electrical motor as a power source and driving at a slow speed produces less wear and tear in engines.

In addition, you do not have to spend money on the maintenance of the extra components of the hybrid system.

The high resale value of cars

Many people have fond of buying and selling old and new cars. These people also want to change their vehicle after 3 to 4 months and purchase new ones.

You have to remain careful while purchasing the new ones from the market. Always prefer to buy cars that have high resale value to save your money later.

My friend sold his Toyota Prius two years ago at an excellent price and saved his money. You can also sell them in the second-hand market at reasonable prices.

The resale value is more due to its advanced hybrid system and equipment of electrical motor.

How do you reset Toyota Prius Check hybrid system?

Sometimes the Toyota Prius hybrid system is not functioning appropriately, and you can see the warning light on the dashboard. You can turn this warning light off in this situation by resetting the whole system.

Turning off the car

Many people see the check hybrid system warning light appearing on the dashboard during driving. It can make the drivers worried during driving.

Sometimes you also get panic when you are using power from electric motors. The simplest method to turn off this light is to turn off the ignition switch.

First, put your vehicle into the parking position P. Wait for a few minutes to cool down the system and then shut off the engine. Next, turn off the ignition key using your car’s start and stop button.

Wait for 5 to 10 minutes after turning off the ignition switch. Then, restart the ignition switch again to reset the system.

Drive your car a few miles to check whether that light has disappeared. You should stop and start it again if the light remains turned on.

Disconnect the battery

Many people use this method because it is an easy and quick one. In addition, you can reset any system fault by disconnecting the battery’s terminals.

Turn off the ignition first because you cannot touch the battery when your car is running. Then, disconnect the negative and positive terminals of the battery after wearing gloves for your safety.

You can also use pliers or screwdrivers to disconnect the battery and reset the system. the system will automatically restart when you connect the battery again, and the warning light will disappear.

Connecting scan tools

You can also reset the whole system by attaching the scanning tools. Attach the scanning tools with an onboard diagnostic system of your vehicle.

You must take your vehicle to the nearby service centers to diagnose the issue using the scanning tool.

The experienced mechanics connect the scanning tool with onboard diagnostic connectors. The mechanic can read the fault codes from the red button.

You must find the red dot to read the red button on the scanning device. Then, the error codes appear on the screen, and you can use the ERASE button to remove all of them.

The check engine light appears after pressing this button, and now you have to turn off the engine immediately after the appearance of this light.

Leave it for some time to restart the computer system.

Why does the Toyota Prius Check hybrid system light turns on?

The warning light appears due to a problem with the system. As a result, the electrical system is at more risk of damage and malfunctioning.

Battery need maintenance

The electric motor takes power from the batteries to run at a slow speed. The battery becomes faulty after some time when you do not maintain it appropriately.

The check warning light comes on to make you timely aware that the battery needs maintenance. The replacement of the hybrid car’s batteries is difficult, and it also costs more money.

You have to spend millions of dollars on replacing the battery. However, you can fix it by completely maintaining the battery.

You should plan a scheduled maintenance plan to increase its longevity.

Problem with electrical system

These cars use fuel and electrical energy from the electric motors to generate power. The electric motors become faulty after some time and cause issues.

The yellow light comes on when the system detects some electrical issues in motors. The faulty motors cannot appropriately provide the electricity to the system for running of wheels.

The problem comes with their wires and internal electrical components.

The issue with battery charging

The charging of the battery becomes low after use for a longer time and several years. These batteries are heavy and are not rechargeable.

The regenerative powers from the brake produce electricity which helps recharge them. You can see the warning light when the battery weakens and cannot provide enough power.

You have to replace the old batteries with new ones to fix the recharging issues.

Overheating of system

The electric vehicles also overheat as the conventional ones. In this, the overheating most commonly occurs in electric motors, which is harmful.

These will overheat because of the faulty cooling system and inappropriate external and internal temperature.

You should stop them for some time and not use the electric motors to generate power. Shift your vehicles to the gasoline engine immediately to resolve the overheating issue.

Blown fuse

Hybrid cars are equipped with multiple fuses to protect their components from the surge of power supplies and inappropriate flow of electric current.

You should check the fuses in the box after seeing the warning light on the dashboard system.

Replace the blown-out fuse with new ones to fix the problem.

What is the yellow and red hybrid system warning light means?

The check hybrid system warning light comes on the dashboard with two different colors and meanings.

It appears in yellow and red color, which depicts two different problematic situations. The yellow light on the dashboard is not dangerous, and you can drive with it.

It indicates a problem with this system or parts, and you must repair it. The red depicts the dangerous situation, so you should not ignore this sign.

What to do when the warning light turns on?

You should not get panic when you see the check hybrid system warning light on while driving. Instead, try to park your car safely and in a shady area.

Turn it off for 10 to 15 minutes to cool down the procedure and restart the whole system. Then, you should take them to the nearby service centers for diagnosis purposes.

The service centers use the code reader to diagnose the issue, which is cost-effective.

Can you drive your car with a check hybrid system warning?

You should not drive your Toyota Prius with a warning light. These signs come when the computerized system detects components’ issues.

Driving with damaged components can increase the risk of wear and tear. Moreover, it puts the components at the risk of being completely damaged.

Driving with this warning light also causes irreversible damage to electric motors and batteries.

You can also take them to the repair shops to detect the false codes on the scanner tools.

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