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How To Tell If Silverado is LS or LT?

How To Tell If Silverado is LS or LT?

The Silverado is a famous pickup truck with different trim levels depending on its distinct features. Sometimes people can get confused, and they cannot differentiate between their LS and LT models. 

How To Tell If Silverado is LS or LT? You can tell if your Silverado is LS or LT by checking the 8th digit of the VIN and looking at its engine. In addition, the LS version has keyless entries and rubber flooring. The LT trims have more up-gradation and advanced safety features, including an automatic emergency brake and pedestrian braking system. Moreover, the LT models of the pickup trucks have roof rails and LED lights.

It is necessary to know about their different features before purchasing them. When you are aware of their specifications, you can easily recognize the various models of the Silverado.

What is Silverado LS?

The Silverado LS is the trim level that comes with various exterior and interior structure changes.

It is the better trim because it can make the pickup truck look more attractive. The actual meaning of LS in Silverado is a luxury sport.

This trim offers more up-gradation in the trucks, making them different and superior from the other brands.

What is Silverado LT?

After the LS trim, the second up-gradation of Silverado that comes on the market is LT. This model has become famous due to its more upgraded safety features.

The actual meaning of LT is luxury touring, which means that it is also better for long tours because of its upgraded engine.

This model offers more specifications and comes under a higher price tag because of its modern and latest features.

In addition, this trim is specially designed to increase the comfort level of passengers.

How do I know if my Silverado is LS or LT?

Many people want to purchase the new models of Silverado trucks, but they cannot differentiate between the different trims.

The two most common models of the Silverado that are famous in the market are LS and LT. 

Features Silverado LS Silverado LT
Price Affordable Higher price range
Safety features Less More safety features
Roof rails Not present present
Tail gate Simple Powered tailgate
Remote start Keyless entry/remote start Not present


The VIN is the vehicle identification number which can easily tell about the model of the vehicle.

This number contains a variety of digits and codes for the identification of different things. For example, when you want to differentiate between the LS and LT, you have to see the 8th digit of the VIN.

The different digits present in the VIN represent the model numbers and engine codes.

The eight numbers from the left side represent the engine code from which you can easily recognize the trim type of Silverado.

Furthermore, the VIN is present on the metal plate, which is located on the lower side of the dash from the driver’s side.

The VIN is present on the metal plate near the windshield wipers. It is also present on the driver’s door side in some models.

Premium features

The LT trims come after the LS trims; that’s why it has more upgraded features for the comfort of the driver and passengers.

The automobile companies always upgraded their vehicles with premium features to provide something new in the market.

The addition of premium features will also increase the competition in the market. For example, the LT trim has more premium and latest features than LS.

It has leather wrapping on the steering wheel and heated steering for comfortable driving on long tours.

Moreover, the buttons for cruise control and the audio system are also present on the steering wheel.

In addition, it also has a high-quality audio system with 9 speakers to make the long trips enjoyable and full of fun.

Price range

These models come with different price tags because of differences in their specifications.

The LS model is the older one; it has more premium features, but its price is affordable. In addition, the LT model comes under a higher price range because of its latest features.

You can differentiate them easily by seeing their price tags in the markets.

Engine power

The LS trims come with two varieties of engines, including a 4.3L with V6 and a 5.3L V8 engine. These engines are powerful and less expensive.

In addition, they will also last for a longer time and have an aftermarket value. On the other side, the LT engines come in the market with five variants.

The 5 variants of LT engines include 6.6L V8, 6.6L V8 diesel type, 5.3L V8, 2.7L with four cylinders, and 3L with 6 cylinders and diesel type.

The wide aluminum blocks of the LT engines can take up to 900 horsepower, while the LS can only take the 700 hp.

In addition, the LT engines also provide better fuel mileage than the LS ones.

Exterior Features

The exterior features of the LS include the chrome rear bumper, which is more beneficial and durable. It also has chrome-styled steel wheels, which gives an attractive look to your whole truck.

On the other side, the LT model of Silverado has aluminum wheels. The aluminum wheels are more durable than the silver type because of their higher strength.

In addition, they are also less vulnerable to corrosion that comes due to dust and mud on the road. Finally, it has an automatic transmission system and rear window defogger, which prevents accidents.

Moreover, the LT also has power, heated self-dimming mirrors on its outer side, which are not present in LS models of the pickup trucks.

Interior Features

The interior features of the LS include air conditioners for a comfortable journey during summer days. It also has color-keyed carpeting with rubber-type floor mats that last longer.

It also has a steering wheel wrapped with leather material to give a luxurious appearance.

In addition, the LT trims have more advanced features; they have leather wrapping on the interior side of the truck.

In addition, it also has the facility of wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Moreover, it also has the point of wireless device charging.


The seats are the major component of the pickup truck, and people always want comfortable seating for long tours.

In addition, this truck model also has powered divers and passenger seats for their easy movement in different directions.

Furthermore, the other distinct feature is that the driver seats of LT trims are 10-way power-adjustable, making them comfortable and less tiring during long tours.

The passenger seats of this model are 8-way power-adjustable.

Tailgate type

Tailgate is the necessary component of the pickup trucks, making the loading and unloading process easy without docks.

In addition, it is also beneficial for loading heavy freights on the bed of the truck. It can decrease the chances that your luggage can drop down.

The Silverado LT has a powered tailgate, making its opening and closing easy. It can also decrease the effort to open them for loading heavy cargo.

It is also beneficial because the driver can operate them automatically and make the cargo area safe without the need for aluminum and steel rods.

LED lights

You can easily differentiate between LS and LT because of the headlights. The LT Silverado has LED lights on the front side, which are more beneficial than the halogen ones.

These LED lights provide greater illumination and make driving safe on uneven and bumpy roads.

Moreover, they can also provide better vision during driving at nighttime. The pickup trucks are large, requiring a higher beam of light during driving, so LED lights are more valuable.

The LT trucks also have fog lights, so you can easily travel during winter.

Safety features

The LT Silverado comes into the market with upgraded safety features than the LS trucks.

This pickup truck model has an automatic emergency braking system which can reduce the risk of accidents.

The presence of an emergency braking system is also beneficial on highways when you are moving at high speed.

Moreover, it also has the front pedestrian braking for the safety of people walking on the roads.

In addition, the safety features in these trucks also include lane change alerts and lane-keeping assistance for safe driving on busy roads.

It comes with a collision alert system and rearview camera mirror to prevent collision with other objects.

Roof rails

The LT trims of the Silverado have roof rails that run with the length of these pickup trucks. These are beneficial to hold heavy luggage during long trips.

The roof rails are not present in the LS version, which can decrease its cargo capacity. You can carry more luggage in the LT model because you can load them easily on roof rails.

The roof rails also support the vehicle’s roof while loading heavy luggage. You can also load your cycles and motorcycles on these roof rails.

Remote start

The LS Silverado has a remote and keyless entry, a beneficial feature. You can easily differentiate between the LST and LT through their keyless entries.

You do not need to take the heavy load of keys and chains while driving.

In addition, it will also reduce the issues because keys can sometimes be stuck in the hole and cause damage.

Touch screen

The larger touch screen is an essential part of pickup trucks while driving. These are necessary parts so passengers can enjoy the journey and the driver also remain active in this way.

You can find that the LT Silverado has a large touch screen compared to the LS models.

The large touch screen is also attractive for children because they can play their favorite shows, watch cartoons and play games on them.

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