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How to Tow a Car With a Truck Without a Dolly?

How to Tow a Car With a Truck Without a Dolly?

Many people tow their damaged cars through their pickup trucks. This is because trucks can easily tow standard vehicles.

How to Tow a Car With a Truck Without a Dolly? You can tow a car with a truck without a dolly through a polyester strap, finding the recovery spot on the car and truck rear bumper, attaching strap ends on these points, and pulling it. Use a tow bar, connect its shank with the truck hitch, fix pins, attach arms with car base plates, and drive it. 

You can use various techniques to move the automobile from one spot to another. However, I select the strap method above all methods because it takes minimum connection time.

How Do YOu Tow a Car With a Truck Without a Dolly?

Several individuals tow their vehicles without using a dolly. I use the following methods while towing my car. 

Use the strap method

You can tow your car through your pickup truck by using the strap method.

A few people consider it unsafe, but I prefer it. You can use straps and cabins for this method.

It is not safe for long-distance towing procedures. However, you can utilize it for short distances. The straps attach to the pickup truck and car and withstand their weight. 

It is a polyester strap and comprises webbing properties. It has the resistance to breaking and sudden failures. 

Moreover, it comprises high-weight holding properties. Its bright colors make it visible, and its durability appeals to many people.

You can select a polyester strap for this procedure. Broken straps are dangerous because they cannot withstand heavy loads and suddenly break down.

You can find a recovery spot of the automobile before attaching the strap. For example, you can find a hole in the front bumper of your vehicle.

It is specific for older models, and you can find a plastic-based cover on its front side in new and modern models. 

It requires a specific bolt that comprises threads. You can access the attachment point or recovery spot on its rear bumper. 

Then, you can attach one strap end to it and the other to the automobile. You can drive it slowly and pull it gradually. 

However, you cannot cover a distance of more than three miles through this technique.

The stability of the strap and connection is essential to resist sudden breakdowns and accidents. 

Tow bar technique

You can use a tow bar for towing a car. A tow bar connects the automobile to it instantly. 

The connection is stable and withstands heavyweights. In addition, it has pivoting arms that help in connection.

Moreover, it has shanks and mounting tabs which support its connection to the automobile. You can connect it on its rear side and attach its other end to the towed car. 

You can find the base plates on the front side of your vehicle. The tow bar connects with its hitch. 

You can adjust it on stable ground. Leave specific space for its attachment to the vehicle. You can pull its built-in emergency brake to prohibit its movement forward or backward.

You can maintain a few inches of distance between the base plate and the hitch. You can keep the tabs closer to the hitch. 

Also, you can maintain a few inches of distance with a measuring tape. You can adjust the shank of the selected tow bar in the hitch receiver of your pickup truck. 

You can adjust a clip and fix a pin for proper attachment. You can use additional pins for maximum ground clearance and optimized adjustment. 

Then, you can fold its attachment arms upward. You can adjust the towed vehicle on its rear side.

You can adjust the truck and car in a straight position. You can pull the vehicle emergency brake to resist its movement. 

However, you can keep the vehicle away from the tow bar. You can access the vehicle base plates and attach the tabs to them. 

You can attach the tabs with their connecting arms. You can use an extension of these connection arms for a fast connection with the tabs. 

You can increase their lengths by pulling the latch. You can adjust the pins and stabilize the connectivity. 

Then, you can release the steering wheel of the automobile. You can prepare it for towing and adjust the transmission.

You can adjust it in neutral gear according to standard specifications. Identifying the stability of latches and tabs is essential. 

Then, you can drive the pickup truck and pull the vehicle. You can release the brake pressure and allow gradual pulling. 

You can engage its arms with latches and lock them. Then, you can run protection cords from the bottom side of the tow bar. 

You can connect them with the base plates of the automobile and truck hitch. Attaching the vehicle to its electrical passage with a writing harness is necessary. 

It can help in emergency brakes. Their indicators work simultaneously because the wiring harness makes a stable connection.

Why would you tow a car with a truck without a dolly?

A few people use a dolly to tow their vehicles to a specific distance.

Different weight capacities

You cannot use dollies to tow the cars through the truck because they have minimum weight handling capacities. They cannot withstand vehicle weight and undergo failures during towing.

The 4WD and AWD vehicles have higher weight limits, and dollies cannot withstand them. They are not efficient in performance-stable towing. 

They have different categories with variable weight-handling abilities. However, you cannot rely on them because they lose stability anytime. 

Their failures cause sudden accidents. Also, the hauled vehicle can undergo frame and component damage.

Challenging arrangement 

Many people select the towing dolly to pull their cars. However, I use straps for these procedures because the dolly can have a challenging setup. 

Their adjustment leaves two tires free on the ground. They can only attach two tires which reduces the connection stability. 

The driveshaft of the towed automobile requires modifications when you utilize dollies for the towing procedures. You cannot apply emergency brakes on this vehicle which reduces its safety. 

The challenging setup makes dollies less reliable, and you cannot depend on them. 

No reversing and safety problems

You can reverse the pickup truck while towing the car through a tow bar or strap because they keep the wheels above the surface. 

However, you cannot reverse it while using a dolly because it does not facilitate enough ground clearance. Therefore, it is a significant disadvantage of using dollies for towing vehicles.

You cannot release the towed automobile at a specific spot. Also, the two tires remain on the ground. 

They undergo cracks when you drag them. Excessive damages cause their bursting, and you cannot drag them anymore. 

They cannot withstand the middleweight and cracks. It reduces the safety of the procedure and results in accidents. 

No stability for long distance

You should not select a dolly to tow your car because it has minimum stability for long distances. You cannot select a distant destination away from the starting point. 

Forceful use for long-distance towing can damage its components. It decreases its stability which results in sudden breakdown. 

The tires of towed automobiles undergo damage. The vehicle components cannot maintain their stable conditions. 

You can lose the vehicle during these procedures. Therefore, the experts do not recommend it for long distances because of its reduced safety. 

Is it legal to tow a car with a truck without a dolly?

Many people think towing a car with a truck without using a dolly is illegal. However, it is legal in various US states. 

You can use the straps and tow bar methods in Texas and Indiana. However, these states make it legal to use alternative methods. 

It reduces the usage of dollies for these procedures. It is legal to tow automobiles without utilizing a dolly in Florida and Arizona. 

The driver can carry out the procedure with proper driving skills to avoid cables and other hazards. 

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