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How to Use Projection in Toyota Corolla?

How to Use Projection in Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corolla is a famous car in America because of its projection screen and Android Auto system. It provides the chance you can use your phone while driving. This system also gives multiple options for the infotainment system.

How to Use Projection in Toyota Corolla? You can use projection in Toyota Corolla with an Android phone by installing the Android Auto app. Select the android option from the projection menu and attach the phone using the USB port. You can also connect them with Bluetooth by turning on the Bluetooth option on both devices. Then, select the add device option from the Bluetooth setting of the projection systems to pair the phone. It is also suitable for iPhone users, and you have to select the option of Apple CarPlay from the screen and attach your device.

You have to upgrade the software of the projection screen so it cannot cause any problem. In addition, it is also good to restore the system to decrease errors.

What is Projection in Toyota Corolla?

Projection is part of the infotainment system to make road trips enjoyable. It is the screen that is present on the dashboard.

You can turn it on by using your smartphones and connecting them with USB ports. The screen is only visible when you connect your Android device with it.

In addition, it is easy to use and requires a little understanding to become familiar with its whole functions.

What are the benefits of using projection in your car?

There are several benefits of using projection in your Corolla. It is ideal for children so they cannot become bored during long trips.

Connect the phone

You can connect your android phones with this screen easily. It is an easy process, and you do not need to take help from experts.

You can use third-party apps on the system but first, check their compatibility with the device. After that, you can efficiently operate Google Maps, Pandora, and Facebook messenger with it.

It is a good source of infotainment because you can play music, watch movies and shows, and play the game on this big display.

Easily use phone

It is good and easy to use the phone by connecting with this system. It is beneficial to send text messages and make phone calls.

Moreover, you can also use it for audio streaming of books and other music. Finally, it can make the phone use easy because you can receive calls during driving.

You will not receive any tickets while using your phone on the highways due to this system on cars.

It is also beneficial to use a calendar because it reminds you of your daily task and scheduled appointments.

You have to set the calendar and add the reminders in its settings.

Use navigation

You can use the navigation system by connecting your smartphones with the system. The use of a navigation system gives complete guidance on the road.

The different navigation apps are present on its display. You can enter the location by using keypad or voice commands.

You can easily find the nearby restaurants and hotels for night stays and food. Moreover, if you are moving to a new area and do not know about the refilling stations.

Enter the command on your screen, and it provides you with the location of nearby refilling stations.

Less distraction

The drivers are less distracted while using this system as compared to phones.

The less distraction is due to speaking commands and the presence of google assistant on smartphones. For example, you can send text messages and receive calls by voice control.

You have to press the speak to command button to make the infotainment system aware that you are about to speak something.

It can turn off all the audio systems on the display when you press this button.

How to use projection in Toyota Corolla with an Android Phone? 

I have added 4 simple steps to turn on the projection screen in your car.

Install the app

First, you have to check the android version on your phone because the latest ones work best with this system.

The android 9.0 is preferable for the fast and appropriate working of the whole system. Check the settings of your phone and find out the android auto app.

You have to download it if it is not pre-installed and connect it to Wi-Fi or turn on the data connection.

Go to the play store and type the Android auto app using the keypad. The different results come on the screen and install the first one.

Wait for 2 to 3 minutes to install the app, and then open it for the activation process.

Select menu

You have to move towards the projection setting after installing the compatible app. First, open the screen’s main menu and select the setup button.

Then open the general option and press the button of projection settings. 

You have to activate the android auto button for android phones. Then, press the on button present on the front side of the android auto.

Connect phone by USB

Take out the USB port present in your car to connect your phone. It is essential to use the phone present in your vehicle to decrease the chances of a problem.

Now insert the pin of the original USB port in your Android and attach the other end with the display screen.

The screen shows different terms and conditions to activate the android auto app. You have to accept all the terms and conditions for its appropriate usage.

You can allow using all these systems, and after some minutes, the app is activated on the Toyota Corolla screen.

Unlock the phone and use the apps

The screen shows the 4 digits code or pin, and you have to use it to unlock your phone. 

Do not enter the wrong password and touch the screen frequently because it shows the error. When you unlock the phone, the different apps come on the display.

You can use these apps according to your need. For example, you can use Google Maps and YouTube and play music using different settings.

How do you connect your phone by Bluetooth?

You can also use projection by connecting your phones with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection is easy, and you do not require any cable for the attachment procedure.

Turn on the Bluetooth

Turn on the setting option on your screen, and you can see different options there. Then, select Bluetooth by touching the screen to connect the smart devices.

You also have to turn on the Bluetooth for appropriate function. This option is present in the settings of your device.

Open the setup button of the car

Now you have to open the setting of Bluetooth on your vehicle to pair the specific device. The screen shows different nearby available devices.

Tap your specific device from the available list on the screen. When you add this device, the 4-digit code appears on your phone.

If this pin matches, press the pair button to connect the phone. Now again, select the option of the Android on your screen.

Add the device

The device is added to your dashboard screen, and you can use it for multipurpose. When you pair your device, the connection option appears on the screen.

You have to allow various terms and conditions after appropriate connections. The Android devices use this permission system because you are using different applications on the other device.

How to connect the iPhone to Toyota corolla?

Most iPhone users remain worried because of the inappropriate connection of their devices with different systems.

The projection also provides the option of Apple CarPlay. Therefore, it is beneficial for users who face difficulties connecting their devices.

You have to select the option to apply CarPlay from the setting menu. Then, attach the USB port to your iPhone device and connect it to the screen.

You can see its whole menu and settings on the screen. So perform different functions according to your requirement and enjoy the road trip.

Things to consider when using projection in Toyota Corolla

You must consider two major points while connecting your mobile phone devices with the projection screen.

Use good USB ports

You have to use a high-quality USB port to use the projection on your vehicle. The low-quality wires cause the issue of turning on the screen.

The infotainment and other systems cannot work appropriately due to poor connection. Most of the time, the broken and frayed wires also cause problems.

In this condition, you have to replace it with a new one.

Use compatible apps

It would be best if you also used compatible apps on the projection screen to decrease the number of faults. 

You can only use some apps with this software on the display system. You can use WhatsApp, Messenger, Pandora, amazon music, calendar, telegram, skype, and iHeart radio.

When you try to use other apps, it can cause issues and do not turn on. The screen also shows an error while tuning on these apps with android auto.

Moreover, the latest model of Toyota corollas is compatible with Android Auto.

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