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How to Use Upfitter Switches on Ford F250?

How to Use Upfitter Switches on Ford F250?

Ford F250 comes with Upfitter switches. Here is a detailed guide that explains how these switches work and their functions.

How to Use Upfitter Switches on Ford F250? The Upfitter switches present in the overhead console of the Ford F250. You can activate them by flipping them, and the flashlight in them turns on. The switch has different amperage numbers. They use separate circuits and can be used to control the functions of accessories.

How to Use Upfitter Switches on Ford F250?

The ford f250 contains four to six onboard switches that provide distinct functions it. These buttons attach to the upper console region of the ford.

The previous models’ ford comprises four buttons, and a new model of ford f250 contains six switches.

They connect with the relay center to performs quick functions. They are used to do the work of winches, lighting, radio, and other necessary devices.

 This truck is equipped with up-fitter buttons powered by using an up-fitter switchboard.

The switchboard contains four to six circuits. This switchboard gives the power required by these switches to perform their functions.

You can use them by turning them ON in the overhead console region conveniently.

Working of Upfitter switches

They are present in the overhead console region to provide comfort. You can easily find these buttons without any difficulty.

Their number rise to provide increased functionality by turn on and off these switches. Every switch is distinct for its function and can work on a specific voltage given by the fuses. 

The fuses act as the connection between the battery and the button. It provides the distinct power a switch needs to do its function.

They switch to perform the work of winches, lighting, radio, and other electrical components.

These fuses have different power capacities. In the new variants, the power capacity of this fuse increased.

The four switches have the power of 25 amp, and the other two contain the power of 40 amp. The two 40-amp switches are referred to as hot switches and can work all the time.

In older models, these switches provide different power such as 8, 12, 20,30 amp to give current to distinct electrical components. 

This specification of power depends on your model of ford 250. All this switch can get current from the blunt cut wiring that is insulated.

The blunt-cut wires are present in the instrumental panel. You can find them on the left side of the steering column.

There is no need to run the engine because these switches work by only turning the ignition in ON position.

It is beneficial to keep your automobile engine running to maintain battery power when using them for a longer time.

Usage of fuses without battery drainage

You can convert the hot 40-amp switch to work without battery use. The work performs in the following steps. 

Position of relay box

The first step is to find the location of the relay box. This box is usually present under the engine hood near the fender of the driver’s side. 

Finding the specific fuse

Remove the covering of the relay box by pressing the clip. You can lift the hood effortlessly. Now find the 5-amp fuse in the relay box.

You can also locate it with the help of a manual. For taking the 5 amp relay out of the box, use rubber gloves, and turn off the vehicle power.

Take the fuse out and push the spacer to place the fuse in its position. Set it in such a direction that its left prong is present in the far-left space, and its right prong is in the center of the slot. 

Testing the process

Now keep the covering of the relay to its original location. Turn the switches on and now check that your 40-amp circuit works on battery power or not without using a key.

The flash on the button turns ON. It will tell you that the switch is functional. So, you can turn them OFF manually. 

 Wirework of up-fitter switches

 The cable detail of these buttons mentions in the manual of every truck.

They are four switches having different powers in older models. In the newer model, six buttons contain increased power capacity. You can install or run electrical devices in them.

These six buttons can get their power by a separate circuit that has distinct wiring colors. You can find their wiring detail in the manual of the truck according to the switch number.

First, four switches are 25 amp, and five and six are 40 amp in 2020 F250. Their wiring is present below the relay box that contains fuses of these switches. The clump of the wire comprises six wires and the other wiring also. 

You need to match the wiring color of these switches with the manual. You can not disturb the other components’ wiring. 

Functions perform by Upfitter switches on Ford F250

The switches can control the lightning, auxiliary system, winches, rear lights, fog lights, arb air compressors, etc.

Another benefit of these switches is that you can install any accessory of the vehicle with them. You need to carefully consider the amperage of the electrical device and then match it with the switch.

You can connect the arb air compressor with a 40-amp switch i-e switch number 5,6. The reason for connecting arb air compression with them is that they can pull the power of 40 amp.

You cannot attach the accessory of higher amperage to them because it can damage the fuses and the wiring. 

The wiring capacity of these buttons is only ten gauges. You cannot attach things with them that draw more power than their potential.

Relay can help in controlling the overflow of power and protects from damages to the whole circuit. You can label these wiring and switch according to their functioning.

While wiring down for any of the components, keep in mind that you do not pass the wiring to the parts that produce heat.

The friction can also cause damage to the wiring keeps in mind the route of the wiring. You can build the accessory with the assistance of a professional.

If your truck does not contain this panel of up fitter switch, you can install them. They are easy to install and can perform different essential tasks with power. 

They are cheaper; their prices range between $140 to $170 maximum. They have easy-to-use a panel like flip the switch and the system turn ON and off.

They provide enough amperage for different beneficial accessories that makes your ride smoother and more convenient.

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