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Is a Diesel or Gas Truck Better for Towing?

Is a Diesel or Gas Truck Better for Towing?

Some people use diesel trucks for towing, while others prefer gas trucks to tow campers, trailers, boats, caravans, etc. Adding these things makes the trucks heavier, and the truck needs more energy to pull them.

Is a Diesel or Gas Truck Better for Towing? Diesel trucks are better for towing than gas trucks because they are more powerful. In addition, diesel trucks do not have spark plugs, so there is no chance of overheating. Furthermore, these are more efficient than gas trucks due to the higher viscosity of diesel. The torque output is also more in them, which helps haul the heavier vehicles. Diesel trucks provide better mileage and produce less wear and tear in engines. In addition, there are also better than gas trucks because they do not emit toxic chemicals and gases into the environment. Moreover, the modern diesel trucks also produce less noise and make the trip comfortable.

For heavier hauling, you can prefer diesel engines because they can provide more energy and power to the engine to pull the excessive load.

Why are diesel trucks better for towing?

Some people prefer to use diesel trucks for towing because of their multiple benefits. The working principle is that the first engine compresses the air, and after that, fuel produces hot air.

The hot air is beneficial to producing more torque and more power which helps tow heavier recreational vehicles.

No chance of sparking

The diesel engines are better for towing than the gas ones because of fewer chances of sparking. On the other hand, the gas needs a spark plug for ignition.

The issues mostly come in spark plugs like overheating due to continuous driving for a longer time. The overheating in this compartment increases the chances of misfiring and burning.

You cannot use gas in this situation because it can cause misfiring in the spark plug due to a heavy load.

Many of my friends who travel in hilly areas always use diesel for towing to reduce the chances of misfiring.

Low maintenance cost

The maintenance costs of the diesel truck is low in this way that they do not need any spark plugs and wirings for combustion.

The wiring and spark plug go bad after some time while towing heavier weight. The wiring also becomes damaged due to overheating in the engine compartment.

In addition, there is also the chance of more wear and tear in diesel trucks. Therefore, when you want to change the damaged wires, it will automatically increase the maintenance costs of the pickup truck.

The diesel ones do not have any wiring, ultimately decreasing your repair costs. In addition, the maintenance cost will also decrease due to fewer parts.

Fewer fuel costs

Fuel costs matter a lot while towing any vehicle with your pickup truck. It is necessary to make them economical because the fuel is also needed to run the other components.

The towing of heavier vehicles will ultimately need more fuel, so you have to select which one is better.

Many of my friends tried both ones for hauling, and they told me that the diesel truck is the better one. It is less consumed as compared to gas while towing heavy recreational vehicles.

It will also save your cost for fuel and make it cost-effective for you. For example, diesel will provide 15% to 20% better fuel economy than gas.

Diesel is also more expensive than gas ones, but its consumption during driving is less, which can increase their demand.

In addition, it will also reduce your stoppage at different service stations and saves your time and effort during refilling.

Furthermore, the diesel also has to burn less to provide power to the engine for the movement of pickup trucks; that’s why they are economical for people.

More efficient

A diesel truck is also more efficient than gas truck while towing a vehicle. When you add extra weight with pickup trucks for hauling, you need the efficient ones that can provide consecutive energy.

They are more efficient and convert more fuel into energy for the smooth movement of trucks. Their efficiency is also more due to their increased thickness and viscosity.

In addition, they have high temperature and high cylinder pressure, which can produce more thermal energy, which is essential for hauling RVs.

According to the surveys of different companies, diesel is 20% to 30% more efficient for towing heavier loads than gasoline ones.

More torque output

Torque is the capability of the engine to generate power for the hauling of heavier vehicles. Therefore, the more torque output will represent that it is suitable for this purpose.

Diesel trucks will produce more torque output than the gas ones, and hence they are suitable for towing heavier vehicles.

More torque will produce in them due to the high compression of air in the engine.

The increased amount of compressed air will also increase the pressure, and as a result, more torque will produce.

In addition, due to the high torque output, they can also make the towing easy and comfortable.

It cannot stress any component, and you do not feel that you are carrying something heavy with your pickup truck.

More mileage

The mileage is essential while driving because it is necessary to see your economy. Therefore, people always prefer the ones that give them better mileage in less fuel consumption.

The mileage of the diesel trucks on highways is much more than gasoline while towing heavier RVs like trailers.

I surveyed 367 truck drivers in America who use trucks for towing trailers, campers, boats, etc.

I asked them what type of engine provides better mileage on highways and do they prefer diesel or gas trucks for towing.

239 people (62%) added that they prefer to use diesel trucks because of their more power and better mileage, and they do not have to stop again and again while traveling.

60 (16%) people added that they prefer to use gas trucks on highways because it can increase their acceleration.

While 68 (18%) people said that both trucks work fine for them.


The use of diesel while towing will also increase the engine’s life compared to gasoline. It can increase their durability and decrease the chances of wear and tear in them.

You need to take proper maintenance and care for their longevity and do not add excessive stress on them that is more than their capacity while adding trailers.

 A truck with a diesel engine can last for about 100000 miles to 1400000 miles. In addition, the engines that use diesel for towing have a much large bearing size which ultimately increases the oil clearance.

When more oil is provided to the other parts, their wear and tear will decrease. In addition, they are also gears driven which can reduce the risk of damage.

The gas trucks contain timing belts and other parts, making the engine vulnerable to damage.

More engine power

The diesel is also better for towing because of more engine power while driving. More engine power will also makes your ride smooth while on bumpy roads.

On uneven terrains that, trucks do not have to face stressful situations because of pulling heavy loads. The engine power will increase because diesel produces more energy.

More energy will produce due to more twisting force and more rotations per minute, increasing the torque.

Environment friendly

People prefer to use diesel ones for towing because they are more environmentally friendly than gasoline.

While hauling heavy vehicles can reduce the production of toxic gasses and reduce environmental pollution.

A safe environment is a basic necessity for everyone, and you can make it by doing some modifications.

In addition, diesel trucks are also environmentally friendly because the fuel used in these engines has a high compression ratio which produces less smoke than the gasoline ones.

Moreover, the carbon dioxide emission rate during driving is less and keeps the environment safe for people.

It is better to use efficient diesel trucks; these are modern ones and reduce emissions and improve living conditions.

Less noise from the engine

The noise from the engine side while driving is irritating and can also cause a distraction for the driver. It will also disturb the people that are driving on the same road.

The old diesel trucks are much louder than gas trucks because of their specific design. So, the manufacturers added the new design and installed new features.

The common rail injection will reduce the noise from these trucks and make it better for towing large vehicles.

Why do some people use gas trucks for towing?

Some people prefer to use gas trucks for towing because they think it is better.

More acceleration

The people use gas trucks to haul the trailers, boats, and campers with their pickup trucks. They think that the use of fuel will produce more horsepower.

More horsepower directly increases the vehicle’s acceleration, and they can drive at high speed on highways.

Driving at high speed will achieve through gas, but it can overheat the engine compartment and produce a burning smell.

More payload capacity

People are also using gas trucks to increase the vehicle’s payload capacity.

The payload capacity will increase due to their size and less weight, increasing the cargo capacity.

The diesel ones are already heavier, and you cannot add an extra thing to them. In these, you can add excessive luggage to the cargo space for your trip.

Easy to refill

Gas trucks are reliable because their service stations are widely available on the roads. Therefore, it cannot cause refilling issues, and you do not have to wait for a longer time.

When your vehicle is out of fuel, you can move towards a nearby station for refilling.

The easy access service and refilling stations will also make them better for towing so people can utilize this service in an emergency.

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