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Is Mercedes Discontinuing the G Wagon?

Is Mercedes Discontinuing the G Wagon?

Mercedes G wagon was launched in 2018 as an icon of luxury, technology, and performance. It had gained social recognition and high sale value for a few years.

However, many people are talking about rumors related to the discontinuity of the Mercedes G wagon, but a few people know about the accuracy of this information revolving on many forums.

Is Mercedes Discontinuing the G Wagon? According to our sources, Mercedes is discontinuing the G wagon due to supply chain issues leading to a shortage of chips required in the production of this SUV. Moreover, they want to introduce changes in the external parts like the hood, grille, bumper, and taillights. In addition, the steering wheel and dashboard require redesigning, and the infotainment system needs an update. So, they are adding the MBUX system in its New Hybrid Model and working on the trim levels. Furthermore, reliability issues need a crash test to develop customers’ confidence. 

Mercedes-Benz has never compromised on the quality of their automobiles, instead of a loss to their business as their top priority is quality, not quantity.

Their recent step for discontinuity of G Wagon confirms their reliability and makes them a reliable automotive company that tries to provide updated features and technology in their vehicles.

What makes the Mercedes G Wagon special? 

This SUV is named for its extraordinary capabilities to move on different terrains, making it an ideal vehicle for off-roading.

Moreover, G stands for Gelandewagen, a particular vehicle made for off-roading and capable of handling different climates.

Most commonly, it is owned by only rich people as it is expensive due to the presence of the latest technology.

Mercedes-Benz deals with the selling process of this G wagon, but Magna Steyr manufactures it.

The use of high-quality leather, the presence of a powerful engine, and the incorporation of high-tech systems make it one of the most amazing SUVs in the automotive industry.

Is Mercedes accepting new orders for G Wagon?

Many online platforms or forums have played a role in spreading fake news about the Mercedes G wagon that they are not accepting orders for it.

This fake news originated from the forum where people discussed the company’s denial to accept their orders.

Moreover, they have claimed about acceptance of orders for the G wagon. However, accepting orders does not mean they will deliver to you soon.

You have to wait a long time until they prepare a new series of SUVs.

In addition, they have informed people that bringing changes or modifications to this SUV is a time-taking process.

Therefore, it is clear that they have frozen the sales and delivery of the SUV, but they are willing to book orders for their newer upcoming hybrid model, which is more advanced and efficient.

Why is Mercedes discontinuing the G wagon?

They have stopped producing their highly demanded SUV due to several reasons, such as shortages of essential components and alterations in its internal and external features.

Supply chain issues

The spokesperson of Mercedes has appeared on social media to inform their customers about the discontinuity and told them that they are facing issues in the supply chain.

They are facing problems of chip shortage and need time to overcome this issue, so they have stopped their production line.

They have mentioned that this shortage will continue for the year 2022, and they are trying to tackle the issue as soon as possible to facilitate their customers.

This shortage occurred due to the high demand for electrical components globally, affecting many automobile companies.

So, this chip shortage problem is responsible for the discontinuity and forced the owners to stop working on further orders.

Introduce structural changes

It is discontinuing the 2021 G wagon to bring structural changes in its exterior parts. They have targeted the rear or front bumper and the grille to improve their structure.

Furthermore, the rear tail headlights are also expected to be modified in addition to the rear LED taillights that can give a new look to this SUV.

They have also worked on structural changes to update the style by redesigning the exterior parts in the past years.

In 2019, they replaced a 7-speed transmission with an automatic transmission of 9-speed that had provided a bump of almost 14 hp.

They are no hybrid stickers and charging ports on the exterior side, so you can see all the mentioned modifications in their hybrid model as they are working on all the flaws that need to be fixed.

Update interior

It has planned to update the interior structure of the SUV to make it more luxurious.

Their tagline is ‘Stronger than time,’ which indicates that their priorities are to introduce such vehicles that are durable.

Similarly, they brought alterations in the digital cockpit in 2021 that have become standard.

Its exterior design looks archaic, but despite its indestructible aura, some modifications will be done to the interior parts.

Furthermore, you will see a new steering wheel design because the older one was not working well at a low speed.

Add MBUX system

The infotainment system was not updated and contained an older marque’s infotainment system that needs special attention to beat other competitive vehicles in the market with high-tech systems.

Other Mercedes automobiles do not contain an outdated entertainment system except the G Wagon, which shows owners’ concern.

They have announced a facelift in their interior designs and planned to change the dashboard by adding a new multimedia design.

Moreover, they plan to redesign the center console, which includes the installation of a giant touchscreen that is not present in their C-class and S-class of vehicles.

Lesser reliability

The 2021 G wagon by Mercedes-Benz was not considered reliable because it was not tested by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other related authorities about its reliability.

However, it has several advanced safety features, including park assist, cruise control, automatic headlights, collision warning indicators, etc.

There is no confirmation of its reliability by passing it through a crash test. So despite their high-tech features, there is still a gap in reliability tests to gain people’s confidence in driving it.

Poor quality engine

They are planning to improve the V8 engine when they have encountered several issues from their customers regarding trim levels.

They have introduced only 2 trim levels for their G Class vehicles, including AMG G 63 and G 550, in 2021.

AMG G 63 has a more robust engine than baseline trim and contains a wireless device charging option. In addition, it was better in style, braking system, and includes off-road modes.

However, they plan to introduce a newer trim to their V8 engine to make it more potent to tolerate stress and work efficiently while off-roading.

Their primary goal is to provide a high-quality vehicle that can make you enjoy the riding experience.

So, they compromised on quantity until they found themselves capable of delivering better quality.

Is the Mercedes G wagon still available?

Mercedes has discontinued their G Wagon due to some quality issues in the material, structure, and design that need to be fixed to improve its reputation.

They are working to improve Suv’s overall design and luxurious features. Their inventory contains only a few G wagons, so they only entertain their old orders.

The inventory is expected to end in 2024, and they can facilitate their old customers only for the next 2 years till they have full stock.

Moreover, this automobile company is accepting new orders, but all of its customers are on hold. They are informed about the discontinuity of the vehicle for an indefinite time.

However, some interested customers booked their orders for this SUV when they introduced it into their stock after tackling all the issues.

So, the Mercedes G Wagon is unavailable, and therefore, you cannot buy it for almost the next 2 to 3 years.

What year did Mercedes discontinue the G wagon?

Mercedes do not prefer to compromise on the quality of their vehicles as it directly impacts their brand reputation.

They have discontinued production of their G wagon or G class vehicles due to some reliability and technical issues in the structure.

They are preparing for something new and more powerful by bringing alterations to this SUV’s internal and external structure.

They have a small stock of these automobiles that will end within the next 2 to 3 years. However, you can expect them to refill their stock with an upgraded model as soon as possible.

Is there any chance of the Mercedes G wagon coming back?

There are some chances for the Mercedes G wagon to come back into the automotive industry within a few years as many customers are keenly waiting for its return.

Their claims of booking new orders indicate they have thought about re-entry the vehicle into the market.

A hybrid version of the last two models, including AMG G 63 and G 550, will be launched soon. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz has announced its comeback in 2023.

This elegant model of SUV by Mercedes-Benz is known for its luxury and impressive off-roading capabilities.

Its discontinuity has raised concerns among people, and confusion is on a massive scale.

So, they will fulfill your expectations from the new hybrid model by returning them into the lineup after a noticeable variation.

What do people say about the Mercedes G Wagon?

I surveyed 749 people to know about the discontinuity of the Mercedes G Wagon and whether people agree with this news or not.

Out of 749 people, 546 people (73%) said it is true that Mercedes-Benz has stopped the production of this SUV because they are only booking orders for their new model.

However, 157 people (21%) said this SUV would not discontinue because they are delivering the orders and still facilitating their clients.

While the remaining 46 people (6%) said, they had no idea about the discontinuity because they had not placed orders by themselves.

Mercedes recently stopped producing their high-quality and amazing SUV and informed their customers about it.

“I came to know about the discontinuity of this SUV when I tried to contact them to place an order. Instead, they informed me about the booking of orders for the upcoming Hybrid G Wagon.”

They are serving their old customers to free up the stock of vehicles in their inventory.

“I was confused about its unavailability on the online forum because they have contacted me to deliver my G wagon in the next week.”

“I have seen the news in a magazine about the shortage of products used for making G class vehicles that had forced Mercedes to stop receiving orders for next 1 or 2 years.”

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