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Kia Sorento Tailgate Problems

Kia Sorento Tailgate Problems

Kia Sorento contains a height and speed adjustable tailgate. In addition, these SUVs also provide a lot of cargo space for the adjustment of luggage when you are going on a trip and doing groceries for your home. This SUV contains a power liftgate, so you do not have to open it with your hands.

Kia Sorento tailgate problems include an irresponsive tailgate, a stuck tailgate at one position, challenging locking and unlocking, corrosive parts, and poor alignment.

The power liftgate is beneficial for people using the cargo areas frequently to load and unload their luggage. It opens after detecting the presence of a key fob. These contain sensors on their rear side that detect the presence of a key fob and transmit the signal to the control unit.

Problems Solutions
Irresponsive tailgate Replace key fob batteries
Stuck tailgate Close the tailgate slowly
Not locking Lubricate the locking mechanism
Corrosive parts Apply wax or sealant on the tailgate surface
Not opening properly Arrange luggage in the cargo area properly

Irresponsive tailgate

Many people complain that the power tailgate in their Kia Sorento is not working and becomes irresponsive, which means they are not opening and closing when you operate them with buttons.

These become irresponsive because of the power supply issues. These are connected with several wires and electric connectors that supply power to the motors for their opening and closing.

You cannot open and close them when there is a lack of power from the vehicle’s electric system. Batteries are used to power their electric motors for their smooth functioning.

The damaged and corroded electric wires cannot provide sufficient power to their motors. These contain the actuator motor on the rear side, which allows their opening and closing.

Motor only works when they receive sufficient power from the batteries. Actuator motor also wears out because of their age and frequent use.

In addition, these can also become irresponsive because of the sensors that are present on their rear side. You do not have to open them with your hands manually.

It is a beneficial feature for people holding a lot of luggage and grocery bags in their hands and having difficulty opening the cargo area. They do not have to put their bags on the floor to open the liftgate manually.

The tailgate opens when you come near them because of the presence of the sensors. It only opens when the key fob is present in your pocket.

Sensors detect the radio signals emitted from the key fobs. Sometimes, they stop functioning because of the dead battery of the key fob.

Sensors cannot detect the signals and open the cargo area when radio signals from the key fobs are weak. These also become irresponsive when you are standing at a far distance from the tailgate.

Sensors cannot function because of their faulty wiring. Wires connecting these sensors also get damaged, and they cannot give the correct signals to the system.

It is necessary to check the power supply and ensure that the batteries of your SUV are working fine. Inspect the electric connections of the sensors.

Replace the key fob batteries if these are dead and maintain the correct distance for their smooth working.

Stuck tailgate

Many people complain that their tailgate gets stuck in the open and close position because of the poor alignment and damaged latch. I also faced the same issue in my Kia Sorento because of the misalignment of the striker plate and latches.

I pressed the power button to open them, but it could not open. I wiggled it by grabbing them from the handle to resolve the problem.

These can get stuck in one position because of the faulty latch mechanism. The latch mechanism is present at the end of the tailgate, with latches attached to the vehicle’s body.

These latches allow their proper opening and closing when you press the power button. The alignment of the latches and striker plates becomes bad because of regular use and their age.

In addition, these can also become bad because of road accidents and physical impacts. Moreover, many people add extra luggage in the cargo area, making it difficult to close the tailgate properly.

The latch mechanism becomes bad when you push them hard. Moreover, extra luggage also puts pressure on the power liftgate, which eventually disturbs the alignment of the striker plate.

It also gets stuck in one position because of dead batteries and damaged electric connections. Liftgates contain a button on their interior side for height adjustment.

You have to press this button for at least 3 seconds to lock at a specific height. Sometimes, these buttons become bad, and the liftgate gets stuck at a certain position.

These buttons can get damaged when you press them for a longer time. Moreover, excessive force and mishandling increase the chances of breakage of this button.

You cannot close them manually because it can damage other components. These also get stuck in a closed position because of a dead key fob battery.

Dead key fobs are not transmitting radio signals necessary for their opening. It is necessary to close the tailgate slowly to decrease the risk of misalignment of striker plates.

Moreover, operate the height adjustment button carefully and avoid pushing them hard.

Challenging to lock

Locking the Kia Sorento tailgate is necessary when adding valuable things to the cargo area. Locking the cargo area is essential for the safety of passengers and luggage.

In addition, it is also necessary to lock them so your luggage and shopping bags cannot drop on the road. Sometimes, the tailgate opens by itself while driving on bumpy roads because of a poor latching mechanism.

You cannot close them properly because of the faulty locking mechanism. These contain a locking mechanism that engages when you press the button to close them.

The locking mechanism becomes faulty because of frequent use. Moreover, the locking mechanism also becomes defective because of the misalignment of their components.

The misalignment issue comes when you slam the liftgate frequently for locking purposes. You cannot close them properly because of the damaged actuator, latch, and linkages.

The locking system also becomes faulty when you overload the cargo area, which stresses the locking mechanisms. In addition, dead batteries of the key fob also interrupt the locking mechanism.

You cannot lock them properly because of electricity faults and blown-out fuse. Check the electric parts and replace the blown-out fuse. Avoid overloading the cargo area because it puts pressure on several components.

Replace the batteries of the key fob and ensure that all their buttons are functional. Lubricate the locking mechanism for their smooth functioning.

Corrosive parts

Corrosion is the major problem on the Kia Sorento tailgate pats, interrupting their smooth functioning. Corrosion comes on their part from exposure to environmental factors and corrosive elements.

Moisture is the leading cause of corrosion on their parts. Moisture can come on them when you park them outdoors during the rainy season.

In addition, the issue comes during the humid season because of the increased humidity. Corrosion can come on their metal surface because of rainwater and snow accumulation.

Moreover, road salts can also come on their parts while driving on icy roads. Scratches on their exterior surface damage the paint coat and trigger an oxidation reaction.

Lack of maintenance and poor cleanliness can also make their parts corrosive. Inspecting their parts daily and repainting the chipped area to coat the metal material is necessary.

Apply wax or sealant layer on the tailgate to protect their paint from exposure to environmental elements. I also prefer deep-washing my vehicle after rainy weather to remove mud splashes and road salts from their surfaces.

Not opening properly

Many people complain that they cannot open the Kia Sorento tailgate after pressing their button. The issue comes from the misalignment of the striker plate that is not releasing the liftgate, and it stops working.

The latch gets stuck in the striker plate because of its damaged structure. In addition, the issue also comes because of poor lubrication and corroded parts.

Physical obstructions because of the placement of luggage and grocery bags also hinder their opening. You cannot open them because of the failure of the locking mechanism.

Arrange the luggage and bag in the cargo area properly so they do not cause obstruction and interrupt the smooth functioning of the tailgate.

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