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Lexus NX Kick Sensor Not Working

Lexus NX Kick Sensor Not Working

Kick sensors are located under the Lexus NX’s rear bumper, allowing you to open the tailgate without using your hands and pressing the key fob button. You have to wave your foot under the center of the SUV’s rear bumper. These motion sensors detect objects’ presence from the signals that bounce back. These antennas emit signals to detect foot movement and bounce back to send information.

Lexus NX kick sensor not working can be due to physical obstructions, disabled kick sensors, incorrectly aligned sensors, dirt and debris accumulation, broken sensors, incorrect foot movement, key fob issues, damaged antenna, and interferences from the surrounding objects and devices.

I had the Lexus NX two years back and faced the same issue. I had bags in both hands because I was returning from the grocery store. I was not able to open the tailgate with my hands. I waved my foot under the center of the SUV, but the gate could not open.

I tried it for 10 to 20 seconds but faced the same problem. I thought I had forgotten the key fob on the cash counter of the grocery store. I checked my pocket, and the key fob was inside it. I placed the grocery bags aside and opened the tailgate manually.

Problems Solutions
Physical obstructions Carefully install sticker and towing vehicle
Electric faults Replace frayed wires
Disabled kick sensors Enable the kick sensor from the settings menu
Incorrectly aligned sensor Visit dealerships to correct its position
Dirt and debris accumulation Cleaning with a dry cloth
Broken sensors Replace broken sensors
Incorrect foot movement Maintain distance of 3.9 inches
Key fob issues check the key fob to ensure its functioning
Damaged antenna Install new kick sensors and remove the old ones
Radio interferences Turn off the radio and electrical devices

Physical obstructions

Kick sensors in your vehicles stop functioning because of physical obstructions that do not allow the antenna to reflect the signals.

You can face the problem when you install the bike racks with the rear bumper of your SUV to tow bikes or bicycles for trips and their transportation from one place to another.

In addition, many people prefer to install stickers on the rear bumper for a cool and sporty exterior appearance. These stickers and bike racks obstruct the functioning of these sensors, and they cannot detect the foot’s motion.

The issue also comes because of the incorrect installation of bike racks and other towing vehicles. Moreover, many people do not know about the correct installation of the rear bumper sticker, and they unintentionally adhere them to the sensor surface, which causes obstructions in their functioning.

It is necessary to install the stickers carefully and away from these devices. Furthermore, getting help from the mechanic for the correct installation of towing vehicles is better.

Electric faults

kick sensors are connected to your vehicle’s electric system. Their antenna takes power from your SUV’s battery to send signals and detect the presence of an object when it bounces back.

They stop working because of electrical faults, and you cannot open the tailgate while waving your foot under the bumper.

Electric faults come from dead Lexus NX batteries that cannot supply sufficient power to the electric parts. In addition, you can also face issues because of frayed electric cables that power these devices.

Check the electric wires that run from your vehicle’s electric system to this device. Replace the damaged wires with new ones and ensure their secure connection with sensors.

Disabled kick sensors

You have to enable the sensors from the main menu of your vehicle. Use the touch screen and go to the settings to activate this feature.

People often deactivate this feature and then forget to activate it again. You cannot open the tailgate by kicking your foot when the system is deactivated.

You have to activate the kick sensors from the settings menu. In addition, you can also read the owner manual to get information about their method of activation.

Incorrectly aligned sensor

Kick sensors become irresponsive in Lexus NX because of their incorrect alignment. The issue comes because of its wrong factory installation.

These cannot detect the movement of a foot because you are waving it in a particular place. Moreover, rear-side collisions and accidental impacts also affect their alignment.

I experienced the problem while opening the tailgate because of the incorrect alignment of the sensor. Last night, my SUV collided with road hurdles, and I ignored it because there was no major scratch or damage.

The next day, I tried to open the tailgate by kicking my foot, and it did not work. I waved my foot back and forth several times, and it started functioning. I realized that the rear-side impact affected their alignment.

I moved to the dealership for their installation at the correct position.

Dirt and debris accumulation

Kick sensors are mounted close to the ground surface and are more vulnerable to road elements and water-related damage. Water and mud splashes from the wet and muddy roads respectively come on their surface and affect their normal working.

Mud splashes leave the dry mud layer on their surface, interrupting the signal transmission, and they cannot identify the moving objects.

In addition, dust can also come on them because of off-road trips. Poor maintenance also makes these parts dirty and grimy. Moreover, water splashes from wet roads also come in contact with these devices, increasing their chances of malfunctioning.

Use a dry cloth to keep these devices clean, and avoid using a damp cloth. Damp cloth increases the risk of electrical faults because of water-related damage.

Broken kick sensors

Broken kick sensors cannot function correctly because of their damaged components. In addition, these become dead and cannot recognize the foot movement.

These devices can break during accidental cases and rear-side collisions. These can also wear out because of their regular use for extended periods and age.

The issue can also come when the rear end of your Lexus NX hits the road hurdles during reversing. Furthermore, minor collision with curb surfaces also damages their components.

You cannot repair the broken sensor, so you have to replace it with a new one to restore its functioning.

Incorrect foot movement

These are motion sensors and function after identifying your foot movement. These cannot function when you incorrectly wave your foot under your SUV.

You should not touch your vehicle while opening the tailgate. Maintaining a significant distance between your foot and the exterior body panel is necessary.

In addition, you have to kick your foot at the location where these sensors are installed. You should maintain a distance of about 3.9 inches from your Lexus NX to use this feature.

Key fob issues

You have to keep the key fobs in your pocket while opening the tailgate with kick sensors. The key fob sends radio signals to the receiver devices, so they allow the opening of the latch.

They stop working and do not allow the tailgate latch to disengage because of dead and faulty key fobs.

The dead key fob cannot transmit radio signals to the computer system. Check the key fob when these devices stop functioning and ensure they are not dead.

Damaged antenna

These sensors contain antennas that transmit the signals for identification of moving objects. When they collide with your foot, the signals reflect, allowing the tailgate latch to open.

You can hear the buzzing sound when you move your foot back after the tailgate opening. Damaged antennas of kick sensors do not allow them to transfer the signals.

You have to replace these devices with new ones when their antenna gets damaged. Its replacement requires $500 to $800, depending on your vehicle and its model.

Radio interference

Kick sensors stop functioning because of radio devices and metal object interferences. Radio devices emit radio signals that cause interruptions in signal transmission from the antenna.

In addition, metal objects also disrupt their normal working because of electromagnetic fields. It is necessary to turn off the unnecessary devices from your Lexus NX that release the radio signals.

Moreover, you can also face issues because of electrical component interferences. Turning off the windshield wiper and heaters is better to fix the problem.

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