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Operating Power-Adjustable Pedals on Ford F150

Operating Power-Adjustable Pedals on Ford F150

If you’re driving a Ford F150 with power-adjustable pedals, you have an added convenience that many drivers don’t have. Adjusting the position of the gas and brake pedals can make your driving experience more comfortable and safer.

You can operate the power-adjustable pedals on Ford F150 by pressing the controlling switch with a pedal symbol on it on the left side of the steering column. Pressing its top side will move the gas and brake pedal away from you, and the bottom side will move them closer to you.

I will explain the location of the pedal adjustment switch, how to operate and save their positions, their benefits, and whether you can adjust them while driving.

The function of power-adjustable pedals on Ford F150

Power adjustable pedals are a special feature available in the high-end trim levels of the Ford F150. It allows the driver to move the brake and accelerator pedals far and close to him according to his requirements.

With a push button, both pedals simultaneously move farther or closer to you with the help of a motor.

Therefore, it is named power adjustable pedals. This feature is helpful for a pickup truck that is in use by several family members, as each one has its comfortable pedal position and wants the settings accordingly.

Therefore, this feature allows them to save the settings according to their comfort. Moreover, it also has a memory function to preset the positions, and you don’t have to redo the adjustment every time. 

Ford F150 models and trim levels with power-adjustable pedals

Power adjustable pedals have been available on various models and trim levels of the Ford F150 over the years. The availability of this feature depends on the specific year of the truck, as it is standard on some trim levels while optional on others.

However, some examples of Ford F150 models and trim levels with power adjustable pedals include the 2021-2022 model Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trims. At the same time, it is optional for the XLT trim level.

However, this feature is unavailable for XL, the truck’s base variant. You will also find it in the 2018-2020 Ford F150 on Lariat, Platinum, and Limited trim levels.

Other examples of truck models with power adjustable gas brake pedals are 2015-2017 models on specific trims.

Location of power pedals adjustment switch

The typical location of the power pedal adjustment switch is on the left side of the steering column.

You can identify it by a small symbol resembling a gas pedal with an arrow pointing far on one end and close on the other.

You have to bend to clearly look at the button as it is at a bottom position. Some earlier models or retrofitted models can have the switch on the dashboard or the center console, so consult your vehicle’s manual if you’re unsure where to find it.

Steps to operate the power-adjustable pedals on Ford F150

There are a few easy steps to operate the power adjustable pedals to move farther away or closer to you. Ensure that your vehicle is in the parked position (P) on the shifter lever.

This step is imperative for your safety to prevent any personal injury. Next, you have to locate the power pedal adjustment switch, usually on the bottom left side of the steering column.

After finding the control button, you have to push its top or bottom side to make pedal adjustments. Pressing the top side of the switch will move both pedals away from you while operating the bottom side will move them closer to you.

Keep on adjusting until it is your comfortable driving position. After completing the adjustment stage, you have to test that it is according to your driving preferences by going for a test drive. Then, start the engine and press the pedals to make sure they are in a comfortable position.

How to save the pedal positions on Ford F150?

Once you’ve adjusted the power pedals to the desired position, There is also an option to save them so that you don’t have to readjust them every time you get into the truck.

You can save up to 3 different pedal positions and access any of them by pressing a button. To do this, you have to follow a few simple steps:

Adjust these to the desired position using the power pedal adjustment switch and following the abovementioned steps.

You will see 3 buttons on the driver’s side door with the number 1,2,3 marked on them. Press any of the 3 buttons according to your choice and hold it until you hear a confirmation tone.

It indicates that you have saved the pedal adjustment settings, steering column position, and memory seat position on your preferred preset button.

You will also see a confirmation message on display. You can confirm it by turning the Ford F150 ON and pressing the preset button. Now these should automatically move to your desired settings.

Benefits of power-adjustable pedals

Power adjustable pedals’ benefits are clear and desirable for most drivers, especially if you are using Ford F150 as your family vehicle.

Not only do they make it more comfortable to drive your pickup truck, but they can also make it safer. When they are in the proper position, you don’t need to reach for them.

Additionally, having the pedals in the right place can reduce the risk of fatigue or discomfort during long drives.

Moreover, with the memory feature, you can save your preferred settings for different family members and don’t have to waste time making settings every time another person drives the vehicle.

Can you adjust the power pedals while driving?

The manufacturer has not recommended adjusting the power pedals while driving as it can lead to an accident and personal injuries.

While driving a Ford F150, if you try to make an adjustment, you have to look down at the control button, distracting your attention from the road. It can lead to any serious mishap.

Moreover, you must lift your feet off the brake and gas pedal while adjusting. It means you lose control of the truck, and in heavy traffic or at high speeds, it is a potential risk for an accident.

Can we manually control the power-adjustable pedals?

You cannot manually control the power-adjustable pedals on Ford F150 trucks.

Instead, they have electronic control through a button present on the left side of the steering wheel.

It controls an electric motor that moves both the accelerator and brake pedals.

Applying force to move both of these manually can damage the motor gears or the attached mechanical assemblies.

Therefore, if you cannot move them electronically, consult an authorized workshop or expert mechanic to troubleshoot the fault.

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