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Silverado Tow Haul Not Working

Silverado Tow Haul Not Working

Many truck drivers turn on the tow haul mode when towing a trailer behind their pickup or loading a heavy cargo on the bed.

Silverado Tow Haul mode stops working due to a defective switch or blown fuse. Moreover, the wires can lose connection due to the frequent shifting of gears. The button does not respond to pressing when there is dirt at the contact points. You can fix the problem by replacing a switch with a new one. Remove the casing and an old switch after disconnecting it with wires. Then, attach a new tow-haul switch and connect it with the clip. Check whether the tow haul symbol is illuminating on the dashboard or not. You can also reconnect the broken wires with the heat shrink method or connectors.

 The towing and hauling are responsible for changing patterns in the vehicle’s transmission. In addition, a lot of power is required to pull the heavy load, so this mode can protect the transmission from failing.

What is the tow haul mode on Silverado? 

The tow haul mode allows you to deal with heavy hauls without compromising safety. You have to press a button for shifting to lower gears.

Furthermore, it enables you to control the vehicle and maintain power of the Chevy Silverado. In addition, it protects the transmission from overheating that can occur due to frequent shifting.

In addition, it is better to turn this mode on while driving in hilly areas when you are towing a trailer behind your pickup.

Why is Silverado tow haul not working?

There are a few reasons behind non-functional tow haul in a pickup, like problems with the damaged switch and the wires.

Defective switch

This issue can occur due to a defective switch. A connection with a switch can break due to the continuous shifting of gears. Moreover, you can easily replace the switch with a new one to make it operative again.

Broken wires

The wires are present under the dashboard and control the button connection.

These wires can break easily due to the shifting mechanism. In addition, there can be degradation of the insulation of wires.

So, the reason can be broken wires when the button is not responding, or the tow haul flashlight does not appear on the screen.

Dirty connection

The buttons become unresponsive to pressing actions when there is an accumulation of dirt at the contact points. These dirty connections can be the reason for the non-responding button.

Check the wires and assess the condition of the switch; if there is no problem with these connections, then clean the contact points.

Use a cleaner to remove dirt and grease from the switch, and then put everything back into its place. It is enough to fix this issue probably, or you can allow compressed air to clean these points.

How to fix tow haul mode on Silverado?

It is easy to fix the problem after diagnosing the root cause. So, you can choose any one of these methods to tackle the problem and make the button functional.

Replace tow haul button

You can replace the button with a new one to fix the issue. It works well if the switch is defective and broken.

Open the casing

A casing of the dashboard is fixed with screws, so you need to remove the cover to access the wires. You have to remove the covering from the whole panel to view it completely.

Remove the rubber

A rubber is present on the end of the tow haul handle that can interfere with the replacement. Moreover, pull it over near the upper end of the handle or take it out.

Remove the old switch 

You have to remove an old switch to attach a new one in its place. Therefore, you have to disconnect all the wires with the switch and take it out.

Fix this button

Attach a new button after removing an old switch. The new switch contains an orange wire hanging outside on the end. Connect this wire with the system by using connectors.

Check tow haul mode 

It is essential to check the working of a new button to avoid problems while driving a vehicle.

Press the button and look at the panel area to see if this option illuminates. So, the connection is accurate if it appears on the board; otherwise, recheck it.

After checking the functionality of the switch, cover the dashboard and screw it up. It is better to put on the casing after checking because sometimes the connection can go wrong.

Reconnect broken wires

When a connection between wires disrupts due to the shifting of gears, you can reconnect them again. Moreover, you do not have to make some extra effort for it because the process is straightforward.

Get access to the orange wire connecting the button to the clip present inside the dashboard. Then, use a wire connector and attach both the wire ends together.

You can also use heat shrink, a tube of rubber or plastic material instead of connectors. When you apply heat over the tube, it shrinks and sticks to the wires permanently.

In addition, it helps in decreasing the short circuit issues and keeps water out of it. After that, inspect the functioning of the switch by pressing the button.

A tow haul mode appears or lightens up on the dashboard of Silverado when you press a button. Therefore, it ensures that the connection is accurate.

Professional inspection 

Take your vehicle to a mechanic when you find yourself stuck in a position where you cannot figure out the way to fix this issue.

You have to spend some money on your Silverado and allow the mechanics to inspect the transmission line.

Chevy Silverado tow haul mode fuse location 

The fuse for the tow haul mode is present behind the Silverado steering wheel, particularly on its left side. 

You can check the fuse condition when the light is not turning on in the symbol present on the dashboard. Furthermore, this fuse controls an indicator light and its switch.

The fuse can break, which leads to problems in activating this mode. So, you need to inspect the fuse health and look at the wires of orange color to find the problem.

Can you turn on tow haul mode while driving? 

It is easy to turn on the tow haul mode while driving your Chevy Silverado by pressing the button close to the steering wheel.

This action does not require more effort, and you can activate it with a single click. However, it is better to keep this mode off when driving on a highway.

Shifting an engine to lower gears can make it easy for you to apply brakes. The Silverado consumes extra gas when moving at high RPMs.

Therefore, you can switch this mode off to reduce gas consumption. However, it is better to turn it on when you move to a hilly area or come down through a slope.

How do you turn on tow haul mode on Silverado?

You can use a driver mode control (DMC) for activating the tow haul mode. DMC knob is present on the left side of the steering wheel, which makes it easy to access.

Keep rotating the knob until it appears on the instrumental cluster. It will take a few seconds to illuminate the symbol.

This knob can also help turn it off by rotating to the normal mode. Moreover, it improves the truck’s performance by keeping an engine cool when there is a heavy load on its rear end.

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