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Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems

Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems

Spartan motorhomes chassis are famous due to their high-quality manufacturing material and durability.

Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems include cracked mounts of the steering wheel, which can cause heavy steering. In addition, it also has an air suspension issue due to leaked or damaged airbags. The ball joints that attach the steering knuckles with control arms also become loose and disturb the vehicle’s stability. The radiator also fails and leads to fluid leakage due to the presence of dust. The shock absorbers of this chassis are also of low quality and become out of function after some miles. 

It has some issues with its chassis structure, but people buy them because they are easy to fix and do not cost too much.

Cracked mounts with steering wheel

Steering is the part of the chassis structure that helps control motorhomes’ stability and movement.

The steering column is attached with these frames for the movement of wheels. The mounts are specifically used for their appropriate attachment.

When these mounts get damaged, it will disturb the stability of the steering wheel, and your vehicle is more vulnerable to accidents.

Moreover, it will disturb the stability at high speed and on bumpy roads. These mounts are made up of rubber material that gets damaged with time.

In addition, the general wear and tear during driving will also break these structures, and you can feel difficulty in controlling the vehicles even on smooth roads.

The cracks will also produce in these mounts due to increased friction between their parts because of lack of lubrication.

The cracks appear on their surface when you drive them on uneven road surfaces for a long time, affecting their durability.

The frequent turning or movement of the steering wheel will also decrease the life of these mounts and make them more vulnerable to cracks.

You can resolve this issue by changing these mounts when you feel poor alignment and your motorhome moves towards one side.

You should also check the steering box to sort out the problem for a better and more comfortable ride.

Air suspension issues

An air suspension system is a significant part of the Spartan motorhomes chassis structure. This company manufactures the frames of the vehicles with an air suspension system to act as cushions during driving on bumpy roads.

The air suspension system replaces the metallic spring system, which gets rusty early. Instead, it contains rubber bags that are inflated using valves, and they act like springs or coils.

The electrical compressor is the part of this system that the compressor fills the air into these bags to provide a smooth and comfortable ride without any bumps.

These airbags have a specific life span, and they can become out of function after 55,000 miles to 75,000 miles and cannot work accurately.

When these bags get damaged, you cannot drive the vehicles on bumpy or uneven roads because it can also become harmful for other parts.

Failure of the air suspension tubes that supply the air to these bags will also make them out of function and cause issues.

I feel this problem while using Spartan chassis in my motorhomes. The airbags sometimes also become leaked, and you think more jumps on the road, and it is an uncomfortable situation.

You can fix it by changing the airbags after their limited life span, that is, after 55,000 to 75,000 miles.

You should also prevent the air struts and bags from corrosion and other physical stresses to reduce the risk of damages.

Loose ball joints

The ball joints are the crucial part of the chassis structure that connects the steering knuckles with control arms.

The steering knuckles and control arms are helpful to control the movement of wheels, and they are present on the lower side near the tires.

These ball joints will get damaged due to dust and grime. In addition, the presence of dust and dirt will also cause rust there and disturb its functioning.

In addition, the continuous movement on hilly areas during long trips with uneven surfaces can affect these ball joints.

They will also become loose when you do not tighten them and cannot maintain their care.

The damage to these joints will produce a rattling sound during steering. Moreover, the steering cannot maintain stability, moving towards left or right.

It will also cause unbalancing situation and increase the risk of accidents. It will also makes the steering heavy during driving of motorhomes.

You can fix this problem in Spartan motorhomes chassis by adequately lubricating these ball joints to reduce dust and rust, primarily for smooth movement.

You should also stop the vehicle if you feel heavy steering during movement and vibrating sound in the front side of the suspension.

Lack of lubrication

The lubrication is the necessary part of the Spartan chassis for its different components’ smooth and correct running.

Moreover, it also acts as a sealant and prevents moisture and the accumulation of rust.

The different parts and joints of the Spartan chassis structure are not appropriately lubricated. The poor lubrication will lead to clunking and other uneven sounds from different regions.

Due to increased friction, it will also produce general wear and tear in different parts. The general wear and tear will affect the functioning of these parts, and they fail to perform their work adequately.

The lack of lubrication will allow the rust to grow entirely and jam its parts. When the regions near the steering system get clogged, it will cause an issue in the movement of the steering wheel, poor control, and stability.

In addition, poor lubrication will increase the maintenance and repairing cost of the motorhomes.

You can fix it by lubricating the different parts with high-quality lubricants that remain on their surfaces for a longer time.

You should grease the front suspension, especially ball joints, control arms bushings, steering knuckles, and steering rack for their appropriate movement without the production of rattling noise.

Radiator failure

Many people complain that the radiator attached to the Spartan chassis is of poor quality and becomes failed after some use.

It helps reduce the vehicle’s heat and maintain the internal temperature.

The fan is also present in radiators, which helps cool the motorhomes by maintaining the temperatures.

The radiator fan is also beneficial to reduce the entry of dust and debris into the system. Dirt and debris will enter the inner side and cause fluid leakage.

The leakage is a big problem that can also damage these parts, failing to perform its function.

Due to the failure of the radiator in the Spartan chassis, the engine present near this system overheats and causes the idling issue.

The radiator will also fail to perform its specified work due to corrosion on its surfaces. They also need proper care and regular maintenance; they will lose their function when you do not do this.

You can resolve this problem by properly lubricating the radiator to reduce the chances of corrosion on its surfaces.

You can also fix this problem by preventing the entry of dust and debris and use of high-quality coolant.

Low-quality shocks

Shock absorbers are the main component of the Spartan chassis structure and are beneficial to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

In addition, it also absorbs energy from air suspension or spring to produce fewer bumps.

Many people who use this frame in their motorhomes complain that it has low-quality shock absorbers that become damaged and lose their function.

The damage to these structures will occur due to sudden accidents or hitting with potholes or road hurdles.

It also helps to prevent the swaying issue in the motorhomes for the comfortable trip of people. Leaking fluid on these shocks and damage to plastic material because of overheating will also cause this problem.

You can find this issue when you feel instability and poor control at high speed. They also have the specific life after which they become out of function.

You should replace them with new ones after every 55,000 miles for their adequate working.

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