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Tesla Model 3 Ambient Light Not Working

Tesla Model 3 Ambient Light Not Working

The ambient lights are also known as the interior lights and are present inside the cabin. The lights give a sporty and luxurious appearance to your Tesla Model 3 at night. These are present on the sides of the seats, dashboard, and doors.

Tesla Model 3 ambient lights do not work due to damaged wires, poorly grounded wires, loose connections, limited power supply from the circuit breakers, damaged buttons, low battery charging, burnt-out bulbs, and the use of low-quality interior lights as an aftermarket addition.

Many people prefer to use them at night while parking their cars. These are beneficial for long trips because you can enjoy the outside weather while sitting in the luxurious cabin of your vehicle.

Blown out fuse

These small lights have a fuse that controls the electrical supply and protects them from the power supply surge.

The blown-out fuse cannot resist the electric current, and a surge in the power supply damages the ambient lights, and you cannot turn them on.

The damaged insulation electrical wires due to overheating come in contact with the metal parts causing the fuse to blow out.

The issue also comes due to overloaded circuits and inadequate power supply. As a result, people often use multiple plug outlets to charge or connect their phones.

The multiple outlet and connection of more than one device at a time draws too much power from the system and leads the fuse to blow out.

The issue also occurs in Tesla Model 3 due to poor ground wires that cannot resist the current’s overflow. In addition, short circuits are also common in electrical circuits.

The overcharging of the batteries of electric cars causes this problem. You should open the vehicle’s hood and check out the blown fuse when the lights are not turned on.

Take out the damaged fuse and install the new ones of correct amperage. You can call a mechanic for its accurate installation because faulty insertion is also problematic.

Damaged wires

Several wires are connected to this ambient light to supply the electric current to the whole system.

The wires get damaged due to their long-term usage or aging. Many people complain that lights on the door side suddenly stop working.

The issue with the door side comes when you hardly open and close the door. Moreover, the frequent opening and closing of the powered doors also cause breakage of electrical wires.

The broken electric wires cannot supply or receive the current from the electrical system. In addition, the loose connection of cables with the electrical circuit is also problematic.

The connections of electrical wires with circuits become loose when you drive on bumpy roads frequently.

The loose ground wires cause the small LED bulbs to flicker, which irritates passengers. The blinking is also problematic for driver and cause distractions.

You cannot detect the damaged wires at your home because only an experienced person can perform this procedure.

Take your car to the dealerships and replace the frayed wirings. Moreover, the professional also tightens the loose connections with pliers for an accurate, current supply.

Limited power supply

The limited power supply from the system often causes the ambient lights to stop working.

The circuit breaker is present in these Tesla cars to control the current flow. It is the safety feature that protects the electrical systems from overloading.

The circuit breaker automatically turns off the light with a surge in the power supply. The voltage fluctuations can cause complete damage to the whole system.

You should check the circuit breaker when the light is not turning on to fix the problem. Turn on the circuit breaker if it is off to turn on the interior lights.

It is also necessary to check the voltage supply with a voltmeter before turning on the circuit breaker.

Problem with button

The ambient light button is present on the center console unit to control its functioning. You can not turn them on because of a faulty button.

The button is not working correctly to illuminate the interior lights. The button’s fault comes from wear and tear in its internal components.

In addition, frequent use can also cause malfunctioning of the button. 

The drivers use this button more at night to turn them on and off according to their driving experiences.

Moreover, the hard push of the button can also make them faulty. The inappropriate handling and care during their usage cause this problem, and you cannot control the functioning of ambient lights in your Tesla.

The ambient light button is present on the screen, and you can press and hold it for some seconds to reset the system.

Turn off the car, disconnect the battery terminals, and wait for a few minutes. Then, turn it on and hold the interior light button for 2 to 3 seconds for resetting purposes.

Low battery charging

The low charging of the battery is a big problem in Tesla Model 3, which limits the various functions during driving.

The battery becomes low due to poor maintenance and inappropriate usage. In addition, the frequent long drives with these Tesla cars drain power from the battery and weaken them.

The weak batteries are not able to run the electrical equipment. The interior lights are also electrical accessories and need a power supply.

The less charging of the battery is problematic because it cannot supply the current to these systems. Therefore, you should remove the dead battery and replace it with a new one.

You can recharge them from the charging stations if your car’s battery is rechargeable.

Defective bulbs and Low-quality connections

These interior ambient lights are equipped with small LED bulbs that provide illumination. The LED bulbs also burnt out when you turn on the lights for the night.

The overheating issue occurs when you use them for a longer time. The sudden power supply surge due to a blown-out fuse also makes the bulbs faulty.

Moreover, the overloaded circuits, loose ground connections, and damaged wirings also cause voltage fluctuations.

The durability and longevity always depend on the quality of these lights. Many people add them as an aftermarket addition, which is not of good quality and quickly becomes faulty.

You should always purchase high-quality interior lights for your Tesla car if you want to add them as an aftermarket addition.

Remove the defective bulbs and install the new strip there.

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