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Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Not Working

Tesla Model 3 Phone Key Not Working

Tesla Model 3 is an electric car with a phone key to operate various functions. For example, you can open and close the windows or doors of your vehicle by connecting Bluetooth.

Tesla Model 3 Phone Key does not work when Bluetooth is disabled, the phone is in airplane mode, and the software of both devices is not updated. You can also face the issue when you add the smartphones twice, and the phone is connected to multiple vehicles. The connectivity problem comes when the app is not running in the background, and you limit the feature in settings. 

You should use the key fob or key card when the phone key is not working accurately. Moreover, it is beneficial because you can connect it with your apple and android phones.

Bluetooth disabled 

You need to connect these devices via Bluetooth for their appropriate functioning. It cannot work when Bluetooth is not connected to it.

The pairing of devices is necessary to control the various features of your vehicle. Sometimes people forget to turn on the Bluetooth of their phone and face the problem.

In addition, the issue also occurs when you forget to turn on the Bluetooth from your car’s touch screen.

The problem with Bluetooth also comes when there is more than one phone nearby your location. The system cannot recognize the real one and keep disconnecting.

The issue also comes when your device is not paired or added to the Bluetooth setting. People mostly face this issue with apple phones.

In the iPhone, you should turn on and off its Bluetooth several times so it can recognize nearby devices easily.

You should turn on Bluetooth from your touch screen and add your specific phone. The Bluetooth icon on the touch screen is present on the top side.

Turn it on and select the option of adding devices paired with your specific phone. You can also get a confirmation message on the screen when the phone is connected to your car.

Software not updated

It is necessary to update the phone’s software to enjoy its new features. You cannot connect your phone to your vehicle if the software is not updated.

Most people complain that they connected their devices 2 days ago, and now it is not working with this system.

The most common issue is with the software that is not updated in your system. However, you can also face this problem when you update the software of Tesla Model 3.

It is necessary to update the app when a notification alert comes on your touchscreen to avoid any problems.

The updated software is not recognizing your devices at the moment. So the best solution is to tap on the Bluetooth option, remove the device and add it again.

Moreover, it is also better to check the latest update in our system frequently to keep the app updated. Tap on the control button and then the software to check the availability of any update.

You can also fix it by installing or reinstalling the app and adding your device.

Airplane mode activated on phone

Most of the time, people turn on airplane mode to avoid any disturbance of phone calls and text messages.

You can do this to save the battery so you can use it for a longer time without charging. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth got disconnected when you turned on airplane mode.

Many of my friends do this because they are unaware of this problem. You should check the airplane mode on your mobile phone before connecting it with Tesla.

Make sure that airplane mode is turned off while pairing. You can also reboot the app if the issue persists in your vehicle.

Turn on the ignition switch and put your car in parking mode. Press and hold the brakes with your feet for a few minutes.

Press the two buttons on the steering wheel, and the screen will reboot. You should keep your foot on the brake pedal until the screen restarts completely.

Phone is added twice

Sometimes people add the phone to the touch screen two times. It creates confusion to recognize both of these devices and keep disconnecting.

The people added the devices two times due to connectivity issues. Moreover, sometimes you do this unconsciously and do not even know about it.

You can also face this problem in Tesla Model 3 when more than two devices are added, which can cause a recognition issue.

It is necessary to remove one from the system to decrease confusion while connecting. Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your touch screen and remove all devices from it.

Turning on the location for better connectivity and access is also better.

Tesla account not log in

It is necessary to log in to the Tesla app to keep it connected with your device. Many people turn it off and face connectivity issues.

It is necessary to keep the app running in the background while using your phone as a key to operate the vehicle.

Most of the time, the account also logs out accidentally, and you are unaware of this. In addition, the problem also comes due to poor internet connections.

You should download the Tesla app and log in by adding the account credentials. Then, log in and you can use it on Apple or android phones using your email address and password.

Connection with multiple devices

You can face the problem due to the connectivity of more than two devices. The confusion comes when you add more than one device to connectivity options.

Moreover, the problem comes when there is an issue in the app and a bug is supported. It does not recognize or access the right device.

You can face this when you connect your phone with multiple vehicles. You should remove the ones which are not in use and add the current.

You should redownload your app and install the previous ones to fix it. Redownloading is necessary to restore the connection.

Unlock your smartphone and click on the app icon for a few seconds. You can see the X option after clicking the app and pressing it to delete the app.

Open the play store from the settings and download the app again.

Limited settings of a smartphone app

People often turn off the features in the Tesla mobile app without knowing about it. The connectivity issues come when you turn off features.

The problem comes when you limit the setting without having enough information about it.

In addition, these features are mostly turned off by default. Moreover, you can also do this while scrolling through the settings options.

You can fix it by unlocking your phone, going to the setting, and scrolling down. Make sure that all of the features in the list are set to one position.

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