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What Does a Snorkel Do on a Truck?

What Does a Snorkel Do on a Truck?

Snorkel plays an essential role in preventing the blockage of an engine from dust particles. They are directed upward facing the front window and produce humming sounds at high speed.

What Does a Snorkel Do on a Truck? A snorkel helps your truck wade through water by using clean air from above the water to make your truck breathe properly. It performs the function of air filtration and takes in the purest air whether you are on dusty ground or moving through water. It makes a water seal to prevent the entry of water into the truck to maintain the engine’s efficiency. Snorkels positively impact fuel economy and increase your vehicle’s overall performance.

They also help in increasing the power and effectiveness of an engine. Although they are protective in water, their electrical components are damaged if you move through deeper water.

What is a Snorkel?

It is a tube-like device that runs from your vehicle’s engine up to the top of your pickup truck. They are made up of either hard plastic or stainless steel.

This allows your vehicle to breathe while passing through the water. In addition, it helps prevent the sucking of water into your engine to prevent its damage.

They also provide the best way to get the purest air, either on the dusty road or off the road.

How does a snorkel on a truck work?

Fuel and air are two essential components for your truck’s engine, which is part of the air intake system.

All engine cycles work with the air and fuel to complete the combustion cycle. Therefore, your vehicle will work more efficiently if the air is cleaner and oxygenated.

They are the main devices to improve the performance of your truck because they provide cleaner air and prevent dust.

Normally, a pickup takes in air through valves present in the engine blocks, but they are blocked by driving the truck through the water.

As a result, the water can reside underneath the bonnet and destroys the engine in its absence.

It is designed in a way to create a water-tight seal to prevent the accumulation of water in the engine. They take clean air from the upper surface of the water to let your vehicle breathe.

A splash guard is a molded piece of plastic typically present on its top opening and helps keep water out from water waves and splashes.

The air at roof level is cooler and cleaner as compared to air present closer to the engine. Therefore, a truck snorkel is thin and tall, reaching up to the top to pull in less disturbed air.

All trucks have air filters that remove dust, pollution, and other inborn air particles from the air before reaching the engine.

It plays an essential role in saving your air filters from overworking because they feed the engine the same way as the air filters do.

Air filter and air ram are their main parts, and they use the ram effect to increase airflow to your engine in a forceful manner.

What is the purpose of a snorkel?

It is worth getting a snorkel for your truck because it has several advantages. Here are the details:

Water crossing

It is usually not effective for your pickup trucks to pass through water because it can cause damage in many ways.

For example, it can enter the engine, and the engine stops working in water.

Your unprotected pickup trucks stop you from reaching your destination if they have to wade through water bodies.

But, a snorkel helps your pickup can pass through the deep water to some extent without any dear of damage to the engine.

It is designed to protect your truck from water because it makes a protective seal around to prevent the entry of water.

As a result, you can quickly pass through the water with your vehicle.

Improves efficiency of the engine

The other most common advantage of snorkel is that it improves the efficiency of your truck’s engine. An efficient engine needs to gain enough oxygen to complete the process of combustion.

In the absence of enough oxygen, the engine will fail to burn the fuel, and it can disturb its overall functioning. But, they are efficient enough to maintain the integrity of engines.

The lesser will be wear and tear, the greater will be the efficiency of engines.

Every engine demands to breathe openly to operate effectively, and they are the best option in this regard.

It also prevents your engine from dust and grime because it helps get clean air and is a more effective choice for dusty environments.

It uses an internal fan to refine the dust particles from the air, positively impacting fuel efficiency.

This improved fuel consumption will increase the performance of your vehicle.

Prevent water and dust from blocking engine

Your truck’s engine is highly susceptible to water, dust, and other uncontaminated particles. They can enter the engine and block it easily, causing massive damage.

A cooling system is present in the engine that is activated during fuel combustion to maintain the performance of internal components.

The dust accumulates in the engine, and it can destroy its cooling system.

It will also block the air filters reducing the airflow to the engine. All this will lead to overheating your engine and internal components.

But, snorkels are designed to prevent your vehicle from this scenario, and it is better to install them in your vehicle to maintain the efficiency of the engine and truck.

Time to time inspection is essential for your engine to make it work for a longer time.

In addition, the trucks with this device reduce the worry of regular inspection because these engines require less maintenance.

Does a snorkel make your truck louder?

Some factors determine the noise of a snorkel, and this can make your truck louder.

Position of snorkel

Their position is the main factor due to which the drivers can hear the loud noise. Therefore, they are installed to face upward towards the front window of the driver’s side.

The wind alone is also a source of noise when you are driving, which increases with the use of air filters.

They are installed in the air filters to purify the air, and these filters act as nose inductors.

This filtration process produces humming sounds, and the driver can hear the noise clearly and causing irritation.

On the other hand, this can be less irritating for the riders sitting on the other side of the driver.

Moreover, they can also make a noise if installed correctly on the truck. Over time, they become loose due to faulty installation and cause a disturbance.

Constant exposure to snow and dust can also block them and produce additional noise when trying to filter the air further.

Type of engine

The engine type is also the main factor determining a snorkel’s noise. This is more audible if you have a diesel engine in your truck.

The diesel engine produces a lot of noise while burning the fuel. This is because the molecules of a diesel engine are much bigger than the petrol molecules resulting higher compression ratio.

There is higher combustion pressure in the cylinder, and the burned gas moves out with high velocity to create noise.

The diesel engines also do not use spark ignition processes contrarily to the gasoline engines.

Therefore, the diesel engine makes a louder noise transmitted to this device. On the other hand, trucks with gasoline engines do not make noise.

Speed of truck

Noise from a snorkel also depends on the speed of your truck. At lower speed, the air is smooth as compared to higher speed, and they are also quiet.

You can hear the whirling wind-like noise because the air remains no longer smooth over it at a higher speed.

This is because they suck the air and produce hissing sounds. Moreover, the vibration produced by air molecules also makes them louder.

Do snorkels increase power?

They help to increase your truck’s performance at most engine speeds. They improve fuel efficiency and, ultimately, the power of your engine.

The diesel engines have a higher compression rate and cause the snorkel to increase the engine power.

Increased engine power will also increase the rate of acceleration, which will enhance the overall functioning of the engine.

Do snorkels reduce power?

Usually, they increase the engine power, but they decrease it too due to some reasons. A low-quality snorkel will not be effective enough to increase the power.

Moreover, they will also decrease the power if they become blocked or damaged due to some reasons. So, to increase the engine power, it becomes essential to replace them.

How to put a snorkel on a truck?

First of all, tape the provided template and mark the drilling location at the installation site. Now, drill the holes with a drilling machine.

Now use a hole saw to punch large oval-shaped holes for airflow intake into the engine. Next, remove the airbox to expose the inner guard port and install an air intake hose.

File the edges of drilled holes to remove any extra material, and now install the studs into the snorkel to secure it on the truck.

Remove the inner lining of the wheel to access between the outer and inner guard. Now, install interconnecting pipe and hose while re-fitting the airbox.

Now use sealants on the studs placed in the snorkel and mount them onto the vehicle.

The last step is to fit the air ram and reinstall the inner arch lining of the wheel. Finally, secure all the bolts to install it correctly.

What are the disadvantages of a snorkel?

There are several advantages of this device, but also they have some demerits. The biggest disadvantage lies in its installation part.

Its installation requires drilling holes in your pickup truck, and it leaves bad marks on it that will make it look ugly.

Although they let your vehicle wade through the water, they can also damage its electrical components if water is deeper than its wading capacity.

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