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What Does Engine Code P0603 Mean?

What Does Engine Code P0603 Mean?

Many car owners complain about frequent P0603 codes when the KAM system malfunctions. KAM (keep Alive memory) learns the driving style and provides optimum driving efficiency by regulating the car’s specifications and performance.

What Does Engine Code P0603 Mean? Engine code P0603 on your car is due to the Keep Alive Memory circuit defects, battery faults and discharging, and the effect of moisture on KAM. Its symptoms are engine stalling, faulty transmission, variable combustions, malfunctioning ignition, and slow acceleration.

KAM system malfunctions and does not send signals to the PCM of the car. As a result, it loses recorded information and cannot improve the performance of car parts.

What are the causes of engine code P0603?

Cars have several component-based and technical failures. However, a malfunctioning Keep Alive Memory causes P0603 due to the mentioned reasons.

Keep Alive Memory circuit defects

A car has a built-in computer or Powertrain control module. The PCM sends information to the Keep Alive Memory system of the vehicle.

However, KAM stores all the information because it has a memory-integrated electric circuit. It is a small chip with an electrically working circuit. 

It can store information about driving conditions and the performance of cars. Then, it uses the information and increases the component efficiency when they malfunction. 

The KAM compensates for the different performance of car parts. It has continuous electric current flow when you turn off the ignition.

Its electric circuit malfunctions and triggers this error code. The faulty and broken cords and loose connections modify the power flow inside its electric circuit. 

In such circumstances, it cannot store the information. As a result, its compensation abilities decrease for variable component performance. 

The malfunctioning circuit reduces the efficiency of the Powertrain control module. P0603 on cars indicates the defects of the KAM module. 

It cannot record the road and driving conditions. As a result, the driving comfort decreases, and you cannot handle the vehicle at high speeds. 

Battery faults and discharging

The car battery supplies electric power to the Keep Alive Memory (KAM) circuit. The circuit requires maximum and continuous voltage flow for optimized efficiency. 

However, excessive use and internal battery failures reduce the ampere flow to its circuit. Old battery undergoes vibrations that damage their components, terminals, ground wires, and connectors. 

Heat and short circuits cause internal defects in the battery. A malfunctioning battery cannot supply power to the Keep Alive Memory circuit. 

In such circumstances, the code illuminates and indicates the battery defects. The short circuits of the battery modify the electrolyte flow when the ground wires break.  

The damaged ground wire leads to excessive battery drainage. Early discharge of the battery affects the performance of KAM.

It cannot store power for standard performance. The battery cannot send power signals to the KAM.

It cannot store the road conditions and driving specifications.

Moisture effect KAM

The moisture affects the performance of the Powertrain control module. In addition, water droplets cause short circuits of cords on the PCM. 

The PCM has several electrically operated components. The moisture can damage these components due to short circuits and power loss. 

Then, PCM cannot stabilize the efficiency of KAM (Keep Alive Memory system) and its electric circuit. As a result, the electronic control module loses power stability. It loses electric current and spark. 

The injectors malfunction when the PCM cannot regulate their performance on the cars. The engine shows intermittent performance, and the fuel pump fails. 

The Keep Alive Memory system cannot store the performance of the engine. It cannot compensate for the variable performances of different electric components. 

PCM cannot connect with KAM when moisture damages it. This is because the KAM in the PCM required continuous voltage flow. 

But, moisture affects PCM, and it cannot stabilize voltage flow to its electric circuit.

What are the symptoms of the P0603 code?

Various warning signs appear and indicate the malfunctioning of the KAM system on a car.

Engine stalling 

Debris, variable amperes, and broken cords can damage the ECM. The ECM malfunctions and cannot regulate the default specifications of an engine and car.

The blown fuses and damaged wires can result in malfunctioning electronic control modules. In such circumstances, the ECM cannot regulate the power flow to the Keep Alive Memory system. 

Faulty transmission

The Keep Alive Memory system does not compensate for the variable performances of transmission. 

The gears lose their lubrication, and the friction level increases. You cannot change the gears because their shifting becomes challenging. 

It affects the ignition and speed of the vehicle. The friction of transmission shifters increases, which leads to gearbox failure. 

KAM system cannot maintain and regulate the transmission according to the standard stored information. Challenging gear shifting is a prominent sign of the P0603 code on the engine.

Variable combustions

The malfunctioning keeps alive the memory circuit, and a drained battery affects the overall performance of the Powertrain control module. 

The electronic control module cannot control the performance of the injector system on the car. As a result, the fuel consumption changes when the KAM system cannot regulate it according to the recorded information and parameters. 

The patterns of fuel flow vary, and combustion changes. As a result, the engine misfires and loses its spark for proper combustion. 

The irregular combustions and excessive fuel consumption are signs of a malfunctioning KAM system.

Malfunctioning ignition

This error code illuminates when the Keep Alive Memory cannot regulate the standard ignition system of the car. The PCM malfunctions and cannot stabilize the power flow for instant ignition. 

You cannot start the engine, and ignition becomes challenging. Variable fuel flow in the injectors and fuel pump are signs of challenging ignition. 

It indicates KAM system failure and internal defects. Challenging ignition is a sign of this code and damages of Keep Alive Memory system. 

Acceleration decreases

The KAM system regulates the speed through recorded information and stored parameters. In addition, it learns the driving style and road conditions. 

You can identify the reduced acceleration of the car.

Poor handling and reduced control become prominent. You cannot drive the vehicle at a steady speed. 

The acceleration decreases, and you cannot enhance it according to road conditions when the KAM system malfunctions.

How to fix the P0603 engine code?

You can troubleshoot and fix the P0603 code on your car. An OBD-II sensor is one of the best options for troubleshooting the code. 

You can use check the battery terminals and remove rust from their surroundings. However, it is better to inspect the ground wire of the KAM system. 

You can troubleshoot the electric circuit of the battery that provides charging. Testing the KAM system, voltage, connections, and wires is essential. 

Troubleshooting the PCM indicates moisture-related damages. However, you can replace the damaged and corroded cords. 

It is better to tighten the loose connections and replace the malfunctioning connectors. You can replace the battery when it drains and discharges. 

Upgrading the software of the Powertrain control module is essential for fixing this error code. Also, you can change the defective PCM and fix this error code.

Replacing the PCM is challenging and complicated. However, you can fix it by replacing the PCM and repairing the broken battery terminals. 

Then, the KAM (Keep Alive Memory system) learns driving specifications and records different road parameters to compensate for the variability of components by improving their performance.

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