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What is a B16 Service on a Honda Ridgeline?

What is a B16 Service on a Honda Ridgeline?

Honda Ridgeline is a famous pickup truck in America due to its good towing capacity. In addition, the B16 service is a reminder to schedule maintenance of different components to reduce the risk of damage.

What is a B16 Service on a Honda Ridgeline? B16 service in Honda Ridgeline is the maintenance service that helps to increase its warranty. B16 service package includes engine oil change, filter change, rear differential fluid replacement, and inspection of tire rotation. In addition, it also includes checking suspension components, front and rear brakes, brake fluids, steering gearbox, and parking brake adjustment. 

The regular maintenance of the specific parts also increases their longevity. In addition, the warning light alerts you that your pickup truck needs repair services.

What is the meaning of B16 service on Honda Ridgeline?

The B16 is the maintenance package that Honda offers for the ease of customers. It provides different services for various components of the pickup truck.

The company provides a maintenance package after specific mileage to decrease the chances of damages.

In addition, the automobile industry included this opportunity to increase the vehicle’s warranty.

You can receive services from dealerships or service centers.

What services are included in the B16 package?

Different services are included in this package. It covers various components of pickup trucks for their maintenance and durability.

Engine oil

There are several parts of engines that are performing their function continuously to drive your vehicle smoothly.

These components are made of metal material and cause friction during their movement. The engine oil is used in these parts to reduce friction and uneven sounds.

In addition, the oil also acts as a lubricant and decreases the production of squeaking sounds.

The reduction in friction also reduces the chance of wear and tear in various parts.

When your trucks need oil replacement, then the indicator comes on the screen to show the engine life in percentages.

You must replace the oil and always use high-quality oil for refilling purposes free from impurities and contaminants.

Filter change

Four types of filters are present in the trucks to reduce the entry of dust into different parts.

These include air, cabin, fuel, and oil filters. The presence of dust, dirt, and other contaminants in the fuel blocks the fuel and oil filters.

The entry of impure oil into the engine damages its parts and produces wear and tear.

In addition, the dust from the outer environment also clogged the cabin and filters.

The presence of grease and certain leakages also blocked this filter and decreased functionality for several systems.

You have to change the engine oil filters when they become old and out of function to increase the longevity of engine parts.

Rear differential services

The rear differentials are an essential component of the trucks for rotating the rear wheels.

It connects the driveshaft with the transmission system or transfer case.

The primary function of rear differentials is to transfer the power from the transmission system to the rear tires for their appropriate movement.

The components of the rear differentials also need oil to lubricate their parts.

The rear differential fluid is also known as gear oil.

It is helpful to lubricate the gears, transmission system, and bearings of the rear side for their appropriate working.

You have to change this fluid after every 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

Parking brake adjustment

The parking brakes are present in most of the latest vehicles for stoppage purposes.

In addition, the use of parking brakes also reduces the pressure on the transmission system and its components.

Moreover, you can also apply this brake in case of an emergency to stop your trucks. It also protects your trucks from rolling when you suddenly apply brakes.

The parking brake adjustment means you must check the cables because they can damage their age and frequent stretching.

Front and rear brakes service

The front and rear brakes help stop heavy-duty pickup trucks. The rear brakes are also necessary when you tow something with your vehicle to decrease the chances of accidents.

You have to maintain both the brakes for their efficient working. In addition, the front and rear brake services mean you have to check the rotors.

Replace the old and damaged rotors to reduce uneven sounds. The braking pads also reduce the friction and contact between metal parts.

These pads become old, and you must change them for efficient functioning.

Inspection of the steering gearbox

The steering box is the major component and contains the gears for power transmission. It is helpful to transfer the output from the steering column to the steering linkage.

The steering linkage is beneficial for transmitting the power from the steering linkage to the tires for their movement.

You cannot move your truck forward if there is an issue with the steering gearbox. This is because the gears are present in this system for the movement of vehicles.

You must also check the power steering fluid for appropriate steering wheel movement. You have to inspect the components if you feel steering heavy while driving.

The problem with this system also causes issues during the movement of the steering wheel.

Suspension components

The suspension components of the pickup trucks matter a lot for safe and comfortable driving. It is ideal for reducing the risk of bumps while driving.

The company checks the suspension components after specific mileage to identify the wear and tear.

The wear and tear in its parts come due to continuous driving on uneven terrains and poor roads.

The drivers cannot maintain stability while driving due to worn-out suspension parts. Therefore, inspecting the suspension system is also necessary to increase control over the vehicle.

Brake hose and fluid check

The brake hoses are of rubber or steel material that is important to transmit the forces using fluid.

You have to change the brake fluids after covering specific mileage. This is because the use of old fluids can damage the parts of the hydraulic components.

The fluid levels also become low, which can cause difficulty when applying brakes. The leakage from the hoses also reduces their levels.

You have to change this fluid every 2 to 3 years for accurate working of brakes. The braking performance also reduces when you do not change the fluid for a longer time.

Exhaust system 

The exhaust system is present in the pickup trucks to reduce the overheating in the engine compartment. In addition, it also reduces the production of harmful gasses.

The company inspects the catalytic converter’s working for the engine’s appropriate functioning. Moreover, it is also suitable to check the blockage in this system.

It is also beneficial to check the exhaust leaks for efficient working of different components. You should also check the damaged parts of the exhaust system.

How to know if your Honda Ridgeline needs B16 services?

When your pickup trucks need B16 service, the warning light appears on your screen.

You should not ignore this light and check the engine fuel and filter.

It makes you aware of the problem in different components to timely resolve the issue.

It also indicates that its tires need rotational services for good alignment and a smooth driving.

How to reset the B16 code on the Honda Ridgeline screen?

You have to reset the warning light when it appears on your screen. I have added two methods to disappear the B16 code on your screen.

Use of scanner tools

You can reset this message using scanner tools to identify the exact problem. Then, take your truck to the dealerships or some experts.

The experts attached the scanner tools to your truck’s computer system, and the specific codes will appear on the screen.

The presence of these codes helps make you aware of the component that has an issue. In addition, you can quickly resolve the issue by reading fault codes from the scanner tool.

Use of cluster screen

You can also reset the code using the cluster screen on your Honda Ridgeline.

You have to turn on its ignition before performing this procedure.

Turn on the screen and go to the oil life screen using the steering wheel’s left and right arrows.

Click and hold its reset button on the oil life screen for a few minutes to restart the system.

How much does the B16 service cost?

The B16 service cost varies in Honda Ridgeline according to its different components.

The maximum price for replacing the rear differential fluid is about $250 to $260.

The cost for an engine oil change or inspection of tire rotation ranges from $100 to $120.

It also depends upon the extent of damages in various components.

In some service centers, the minimum cost of changing oil is also $80 to $95.

You can also reduce this cost by changing the oil at your home without taking help from experts.

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