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What is a Headache Rack on a Semi-Truck?

What is a Headache Rack on a Semi-Truck?

Headache racks are barriers made of steel, aluminum, or other metals. These are mounted on the back side of the driver’s cabin to protect the driver from cargo shifting. In addition, it also secures the cargo hauled on the semi-truck’s trailer.

What is a Headache Rack on a Semi-Truck? The headache rack on a semi-truck is the frame-mounted between the space that separates the driver cabin and trailer. Its main purpose is to increase aerodynamics, add customization, protect in rear-end collisions, keep tools away from the driver’s cab, increase the resale value of the truck, improve appearance, provide storage units, and protect the rear-side window.

It is available in a variety of colors, designs, and options so that drivers can select them according to their convenience.

What are headache racks on a semi-truck?

It is the safety equipment that you can usually mount on the back side of the driver’s cabin so loosely fitted objects in the cargo area cannot come into the front cabin and lead to damage.

It is made up of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel to provide additional protection. It comes in various designs and styles so drivers can select them according to the dimensions of their truck and personal use.

It is named Headache Rack because of its specific use and function. It keeps the cargo in the storage area and reduces its shifting chances, which can cause head injury to the drivers.

Hard or heavy material accidentally shifting from the cargo area to the driver’s cab increases the risk of head injury. In addition, it also minimizes the noise from the cargo area, which comes because of the vibration of poorly fitted cargo.

What is the purpose of a headache rack in a semi-truck?

Headache racks serve various purposes depending on their style and design. My neighbor is a truck driver, and he said he does not go for long hauls at night because of the low visibility and increased chances of accidents. I told him to install this rack behind the cab area and add lights to increase visibility.


Many drivers install these racks in their semi-trucks to make them aerodynamic and improve fuel efficiency for economic benefits.

These commercial vehicles consume more gallons of fuel because of the powerful engines and larger designs.

You can improve fuel efficiency by installing versatile equipment in them. This metal crossbar reduces the air drag that increases when air hits the back surface of the driver cabin.

It covers the back side of the driver can so air cannot hit this surface and produce resistance, which decreases the fuel economy.

Customization of truck

Many people want to customize their semi-trucks for a home-like feeling.

They need unique things to distract their mind and make themselves comfortable. They add interesting things to their life to get rid of isolation stress.

You can also install a headache rack in your vehicle for customization purposes. Many people want to fix them in their trucks for light installation to enhance visibility.

Protection during rear-end collision

They are designed to reduce the risk of head injury, which is common in semi-truck drivers because of different reasons.

In addition, it also provides safety to the driver sitting in the driver’s cab during a rear-end collision. Rear-end collisions directly impact the sleeping compartment and driver cab.

Cab racks provide additional protection by absorbing the impact of collisions.

Increase the resale value of the truck

Many drivers think that they can increase the resale value of their truck after installing the headache rack on it. It is a versatile component that adds functionality and improves the overall appearance.

In addition, it provides additional protection against because of the powdered and rust-resistant paint coating.

Improve appearance

They help improve the truck’s overall appearance by reducing the risk of damage. It keeps the back side of the driver’s cabin free from dents and scratches by reducing the impacts because of its loose securing.

In addition, it also keeps the seat’s upholstery free from damage. Upholstery can get damaged when sharp cargo comes into the driver’s cabin because of shifting during sudden braking conditions.

Damaged upholstery and dented exterior surfaces make your vehicle look old and also decrease the resale value.

Storage units

They are available in a variety of designs, and some of these have storage units.

Storage units increase the functionality of the semi because you can store quick-to-use things in them. My friend also installed this equipment with a storage unit on his truck.

He said he put the tool in the headache rack storage compartment. He can quickly access the storage unit of these racks because of their presence at a suitable location.

Drivers do not have to go inside the driver’s cabin frequently to take out the required tools. You can also install the lights in the storage unit to quickly find the tools.

Moreover, the installation of lights on these metal crossbars improves visibility.

Protection of rear side window

Rear-side window protection against cracking and scratching is common in semi-trucks because of the sudden shifting of cargo. The issue comes because loosely fixed cargo slides forward and directly collides with the rear-side windshield, producing scratches on it.

It is challenging to repair because of the glass material, and you cannot drive with a cracked windshield because of the increased risk of sudden glass material shattering.

Furthermore, its replacement is costly and can also affect your budget. It protects the rear windshield and keeps the cargo away from it.

Metal bars absorb the impact directly from the shifted cargo and decrease the chances of damage to the rear windshield.

Keep the truck’s driver cabin cool

Many people also install headache racks in their trucks to keep the driver’s cabin cool and protect it from direct sun and heat exposure.

Sunlight directly comes into the interior cabin when you park in the opposite direction. The heat from the sun affects the air conditioner’s functioning and fades the seats’ upholstery or plastic trim.

In addition, sunlight or heat exposure also increases the risk of malfunctioning of several control modules and electric equipment.

Cabin racks on the rear side windshield block the direct UV light and heat entry into the interior cabin.

What is another name for a headache rack?

Many truck drivers who look for shiny metal racks for the back of their cabs also call them cab racks. They are called headache racks to decrease the headache that drivers face because of the noise from the cargo area.

This metal-manufactured safety equipment is known as the cab rack because of its mounting position. Driver installs this rack at the back side of the cab area to enhance the safety and protection for hauling delicate material.

It also protects the upholstery of the seats from damage, which can occur because of cargo shifting from the cargo area.

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