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What is a TWIC Card For Truck Drivers?

What is a TWIC Card For Truck Drivers?

TWIC card is for the truck drivers for escort-free maritime transportation without an investigation. Trucks are the only transportation units to pick and deliver the goods in and out of the USA. 

What is a TWIC Card For Truck Drivers? TWIC is Transportation Worker Identification Credential Federal ID card according to the 2002 Traffic security act for truck drivers to access sensitive ports, maritime vessels, and merchant boats without restriction. It is essential for truckers due to the policy of the hauling companies, rules of the shipment harbors, size for the truck with towing weight, access to the boats and marine areas, protection of time, shipment through sensitive locations, and work without interference. You can get it in 36 to 47 days by filling out an application, submitting it to the TSA center, and providing identity and residential proof.

It grants permission to skilled and authorized persons to enter secure locations. With it, the hauling companies can do business with sensitive vessels. 

What does the TWIC card mean, and how does it work?

TWIC stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credential that the Transportation security administration provides to the truckers.

According to a traffic security act of 2002, truck drivers must have this federal identification document to work and approach sensitive areas and maritime.

The act added other regulations, and truckers can access the vessels with this license.

The authorities provide this document to the guard of USA coasts and workers to preserve time consumption and unnecessary investigations.

For the versatile shipment and business, the employees should qualify for the license through a test and interview.

With the possession of this card, the driver provides security evaluation to the traffic security administration within seconds.

The guards escort the workers before accessing the maritime ports without a valid license.

The presence of valid documents secures the transportation workers from fines, suspicious searches, and other such problems.

It facilitates a legal right to approach maritime vessels and sensitive locations. Its laws remain similar across the states of the USA. 

It is an entry license for the workers, and the drivers can access the restricted areas due to permission from the Federal government.

Several professionals can use this license with a validity of about 4 to 6 years. Exceptional cases exist, but the employees of maritime must have these permissions.

The driver enters the harbor and visits ferries, confidential warehouses, boats, and customer offices.

For an unaccompanied approach to the coast guard, get a card and approach all the merchant ships and sensitive shipment vessels. Biometric validation is not essential due to the presence of TWIC.

It has a verification procedure with a tiny chip. Its magnetic bar contains the identity, personal data, work experience, and confidentiality.

The entering person can swipe or scan the license through the biometric machines. The equipment produces a beep to show the incorrect information on these cards. 

What is the importance of the TWIC license for truck drivers?

The hauling companies hire professional and skilled truckers to transfer fragile, hazardous, and heavy material.

The company enrolls employees to pass the TWIC interview to get a valid license. Then, the authorities check the criminal records and citizenship of the applicants. 

They also check the residential status of the worker. The residents of the USA can get the validation earlier due to non-complicated history. 

These workers can drive their vehicles in the hidden areas. However, the local citizens cannot approach these places with it without a license. 

The truckers can pick up and deliver the cargo material from sensitive locations. Furthermore, they can coordinate with the authorities due to an authentic document. 

They keep track and accountable for the cargo material in the warehouses. They can drive the trailers to the recommended destinations with the loaded material.

With the entrance facilities, these employees can drive the trucks within the harbor without a particular restriction.

Why do truck drivers need a TWIC Card?

The truckers need this authentic license to access the boats, and vessels without an escort. They require the official and verified license due to the following reasons. 

New drivers with less skill

The non-skilled and new drivers cannot enter sensitive locations without this valid document. They should get a TWIC in the early stages of their job because it is a time-consuming procedure.

The testing authorities check, verify, and validate driver skills to handle trucks in maritime vessels. 

The policy of the hauling companies

The hauling portals hire these drivers with sufficient skills. But, they require a certificate to enter the shipment ports with the help of authorities.

A few portals submit the applications of their workers according to their policies.

Sometimes, they compel the workers to fulfill an application to get a license. Then, the qualified drivers can drive these trailers within and outside the ports. 

Rules of the shipment ports

The coast guards are security workers that protect the shipment ports from unnecessary mishaps. They restrict the entrance of truckers without valid cards. 

The security guards follow and inspect the entering drivers and take severe actions against them. 

Size of the truck with a towing weight

The expert drivers can handle and drive the larger trailers with massive loads in the cargo. However, they cannot enter a commercial vehicle in the marine ports without having a TWIC.

The local authority contacts the TSA authorities and suspends the license of these drivers. The truckers cannot violate the standard limit of the trailer towing weight. 

Access to the boats and marine areas

The shipment carries out through boats and marine vessels. Therefore, the export and import require time and effort. 

With the verified documents, you can approach all the marine areas without a significant problem. 

Protects and saves time

The employees can save time due to authentic documentation in sensitive areas. They protect themselves from the local police, guards of the ports, and hidden escorts.

With the document, the internal authorities do not stop these vehicles and their drivers within the confidential area. 

Shipment through sensitive ports

These ports have standard transportation policies which keep the system intact. However, the hauling companies work with the authorities of these ports with verified agreements.

The companies enter their material in the coast guard list, and shipment happens with the visual inspection. 

Work without interference 

The workers of hauling companies load and unload the heavy objects at these ports without restriction or investigation.

The security never disturbs the workers and provides facilities to complete the task.

How can a truck driver get a TWIC card?

The trucker can apply for the TWIC by fulfilling the requirements. USA citizens are eligible for these applications with authentic documents, legal residency, and appropriate identities.

The laws and procedures are slightly different for refugees and immigrants. For example, the TSA can delay or restrict the application due to insufficient documents.

The authorities can reject the applicants due to suspicious history and unauthorized identities. Criminal acts and worst tracking records result in disqualification of the applicants.

The authorities provide reasons for the rejection through an email, and the trucker can question these causes.

A preliminary Determination of ineligibility is a rejection letter that consists of all the reasons for disqualification.

It has instructions about the reapplication procedures with precise information. 


Approach the website of traffic security administration and download an online form. Fill in all the clauses according to the legal documents and submit them.

Access the nearby service center, ask for an application form, fill out the fee and submit it. 

Meet the representative

Fill out a brief application online and confirm an appointment with the representative of the TWIC center. Then, you can call their helpline during working hours and get an early appointment.

Reach the center on time and consult the front desk employee. The workers of the center prioritize the appointments over sudden visits. 

Show documents

Bring all the documents related to identity, citizenship, clean criminal records, and residential status.

Take the unexpired passports of the USA, and show alternative documents to the representative.

For a five-year validation, the authorities offer non-refundable charges. You can pay it through bank accounts or authorized credit cards.

The representative takes the photo, fingerprints, and verified documents. Then, they paste the picture on the form for further evaluation and encrypt the fingerprints.

You can get the card at your home after the successful certification. Pick up the validation documents from the service centers to prevent a loss. 

What is a TWIC canceled card list?

The TSA cancels the possessed cards due to an error in rule modifications. They enter the names of cardholders in the canceled list.

The representatives send these lists to the coast guards and port authorities. The truck does not qualify for the TWIC and its policies with a sudden change,

The list includes the identification numbers of stolen and lost documents. The authorities and applicant cannot remove the added names due to the policies of a State.

The TSA does not add expired licenses to this list. 

The worker should return the canceled licenses before the new application. These are property of the federal government, and the applicants cannot confiscate non-valid cards.

The local centers send these documents back to the TSA authorities. The list contains the Smart credential numbers by the Federal agency.

It is a separate list from the visual documents. It includes the Credential Identification Numbers with printed pins. 

How long does it take to get a TWIC card?

The time to get a TWIC card depends on the completed documents, verified identification of the applicants, and appropriate proof of residency.

The average time to achieve this card is about 36 to 47 days after the completion of the procedure.

The procedure prolongs due to errors in the provided information. Moreover, it makes the authorities suspicious, and they inspect the applicant’s history.

The procedure can take up to 50 days due to complicated analysis and critical verification methods. Therefore, according to the policies of portals, the applicant must apply in advance.

Submit it before 11 to 13 weeks to get a license for truckers. The traffic security administration informs the applicants about the successful registration.

Their representatives notify the applicants about its delivery through messages, emails, and phone calls. According to preference, the trucker can change the delivery mode.

After the notification, the card reaches the relevant person within 9 to 11 days. In case of non-arrival, the drivers can submit a report against the authorities within two months.

The non-receiver can contact the website of Universal enrollment and call the authorities on weekdays.

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