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What is Auto Stop on Chevy Malibu?

What is Auto Stop on Chevy Malibu?

Chevy Malibu is a famous and affordable mid-size car famous among people due to its auto stop mode. Many people are purchasing it because it can save fuel after turning off the ignition in the combustion chamber.

What is Auto Stop on Chevy Malibu? The Auto Stop is the latest feature in Chevy Malibu that turns off the engine when you do not need it. It works with the ECU system to detect when your stop your car. It is beneficial to save fuel costs while standing in busy lanes and at traffic signals. In addition, it is also helpful to stop the release of carbon monoxide from your cars.

The system automatically turns on in your car while driving, and you can turn it off if you do not need it.

In addition, you do not need to check the battery repeatedly because the system restarts the engine when you release the brake pedal.

What is the meaning of Auto Stop, and how does it work? 

It is the latest technology in all Chevy vehicles, including Malibu. The company introduced this new feature to increase the market demand for their cars.

People always prefer and like to buy fuel-efficient automobiles that provide better mileage in less fuel consumption.

When you turn on this system, the needle o the tachometer comes to the auto-stop option. It shows that you have engaged in this mode.

This feature is connected with your car’s ECU (electronic control unit) system to detect several changes.

The sensors are present that detect that you are not moving, and it turns off the engine. The engine automatically starts again when you press the throttle response for forwarding movement.

What are the benefits of Auto Stop in Chevy Malibu?

Many people like this latest feature in new models of Malibu because of their different advantages.

Increase fuel economy

The fuel is the necessary component for the ignition and combustion chamber. You cannot drive your vehicle when its levels are low.

It turns off your engine when you are standing somewhere. However, when the engine remains on, and you are not driving, it consumes excessive fuel.

Many people love this feature because their car cannot burn extra gas when the vehicle is in a still position.

It is beneficial when driving on busy roads and waiting for several minutes in the lane. You can save fuel by turning on this feature while waiting on busy roads.

In addition, it can also turn off the ignition when you have to stop on signals for a few minutes. According to a survey, it can save up to 5% to 10% of fuel economy.

Many of my friends who use this car said it is the best addition to Chevy. It is ideal for driving with heavy traffic on the road because it cannot waste your fuel when you stop on the road.

The roads in urban areas are always busy and messy. You have to stop again and again while driving and at traffic signals.

Driving on highways is comparatively best because the roads are wide, and you do not have to stop there frequently.

You should turn on this system while moving to urban areas to reduce fuel costs and make it cost-effective.

Decrease release of carbon monoxide

A safe environment is necessary for humans and other living things. The emission of toxic gasses from the exhaust system is not good for pedestrians and other people on the road.

In addition, it also disturbs the living environment and makes it unsafe for people and other animals. The continuous release of carbon monoxide from your cars increases environmental pollution.

Moreover, when you stop at signals or on busy roads, the emission of this harmful gas is also unsafe for other people.

You can reduce the carbon monoxide release ratio by using the auto-stop button in your car. It can turn off the ignition when you are in the stop position.

You can decrease the release of this toxic gas when you are not driving.

Stop idling the engine

The engine is the major component for the idling and ignition procedure. 

This feature stops the idle appropriately for air and fuel mixture burning in the combustion chamber.

It can increase the fuel economy by turning off your engine to stop the ignition. You can reduce gas burning in the combustion chamber by stopping the ignition.

This technology cut off the engine’s electrical supply to stop the idling. As a result, it can shut off your engine when you do not need it.

It can save up to 5% to 6% of gas while driving on busy, rough roads.

Is Auto Stop safe for Chevy Malibu?

There are several disadvantages of using an auto stop in your car, which are harmful to some components.

Increase wear and tear in engine

The frequent use of the auto-stop button damages the engine and its various components.

In addition, the frequent turning on and off of the engine produces wear and tear in its components.

It can increase the risk of damage and decreases their longevity. In addition, the wear and tear produce in parts because of the turning off and on of the engine.

Decrease life of starter motor

The starter is also an electrical component of the engine compartment that helps run the engine for power supply.

It helps the engine to suck air for ignition of air and fuel mixture. In addition, it is also beneficial to rotate the internal combustion engine to produce a power supply.

The starter motor consists of a relay and module for its efficient functioning. The engine’s frequent turning off and on damages this starter motor switch and module.

Due to a damaged relay and switch, the starter motor cannot run the engine for the ignition process.

As a result, when your engine turns and off repeatedly on busy roads, it can directly affect the starter motor and make them faulty.

Affect DPF

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter that helps collect the burnt soot from the exhaust system. As a result, it can reduce the emission of this soot into the environment.

It is the ideal component in the exhaust system of all modern vehicles to decrease emissions.

When your engine turns on and off due to the presence of the auto-stop feature, it can directly affect the working of this diesel particulate filter.

The filters become clogged due to more soot production and cause problems for people and drivers.

You can fix it by simply replacing the damaged filters from your car.

How to turn On and Off Auto Stop in Chevy Malibu?

You can turn on and off this feature according to your need. Its button is present on the front side of the dashboard screen.

It is located between the center of two seats. When you engage this feature, the sign comes on the screen to indicate that this system is working.

You can turn off the auto stop by using the same button. In addition, you can also turn it off by shifting the shifter knob to the L position.

Then take the shifter knob to the +6 position to disengage this feature in your car.

Do all Chevy Malibu have auto stop feature?

The Chevy company always tries to introduce their vehicle in the market with new features and designs to increase their demand.

In 2016 Chevy launched Chevy Malibu cars in the market with an auto stop button in the middle of two seats.

The new models that come after 2016 have this feature to improve the fuel cost and make it beneficial and economical for customers.

Its latest 2021 model also has this feature to cut down the ignition when your vehicle is stopped.

This car has four basic trim levels, including L, LS, LT, and RS. In addition, these trim levels have this latest feature to save gas gallons while driving.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed about 251 Chevy Malibu users in America to take their reviews about their auto stop feature.

Of 251 people, 141 (56%) said it is the best car and can easily save fuel costs, which can help improve the fuel economy.

78 (31%) said auto stop feature in the Chevy malibu saves gas economy, but it can also stress engine components due to frequent turning on and off.

32 (12%) said they do not bother with the auto stop feature in their car.

One of its users said: “It is a fantastic feature in the latest models of Chevy Malibu because of saving fuel costs and decreases the release of harmful carbon monoxide”.

Another user mentioned: “I am satisfied with this technology because my car does not burn extra fuel while standing at traffic signals and waiting in busy lanes”.

The third user mentioned: “It is not a good feature because there is a few minutes delay when you start your car again to turn on the engine”.

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