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What is ECT Power in a Toyota Tacoma?

What is ECT Power in a Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that can tow and haul heavy loads from one place to another. Electronically controlled transmission power is an innovation in these trucks with many benefits.

What is ECT Power in a Toyota Tacoma? ECT power is an electronically controlled transmission that controls the shift points to increase power. It has clutches and bands to hold changes in shift points to increase RPM. Use it to tow and haul the loads uphill and on rocky surfaces.

ECT power button is very durable and electrically wired to the transmission. There is a rare possibility of it going bad. But it can happen in some cases. It causes the ECT mode to remain all the time or does not activate at all. In such conditions, check the fuse of the button to troubleshoot the issue.

What is the meaning of ECT power in Toyota Tacoma?

Innovation and advancement are key to the success in the field of automobiles. Toyota Tacoma manufacturer has also introduced many new features in their pickup to improve its performance.

ECT power is an excellent feature that can drastically change the overall performance of these vehicles.

ECT stands for electronically controlled transmission, in which you can change the shift points of the transmission to get more power. It also allows the drivers to reach higher RPM before changing the gears. It manipulates the shift points of the transmission to increase power temporarily.

You can use it in different circumstances to elevate your driving experience. It is present mainly in Tacoma with automatic transmission. It is more efficient than the normal driving mode in many ways.

Mostly, the 3rd generation Tacoma comes with this feature. 1994 to 2004 and 2016 to 2023 models are also equipped with an ECT power feature. Models launched in other years do not have it.

How does the ECT power feature work in the Toyota Tacoma?

The ECT power feature comprises solenoids and clutches that can control the shift points in the automatic transmission. When this feature is activated, it activates a series of hydraulics that control all the clutches and bands. The hydraulics hold the gears shift for a longer period.

It allows the Toyota Tacoma engine to increase the RPM until the shift point changes. It gives the vehicle a temporary push that feels like power. It uses the extra torque produced due to the higher RPM of the engine.

This system does not actually produce extra power from the engine. It just manipulates the transmission to get a quick boost of power from the automatic transmission. It also gives better control of the throttle position and truck speed.

How to activate and deactivate the ECT power mode in the Toyota Tacoma?

ECT power feature is beneficial for the drives in many situations. They can turn it on and off whenever they need to do it. It is an easy process to activate and deactivate this feature.

Toyota Tacoma has a button for activating and deactivating the ECT power feature. You have to locate the power button to turn it on.

This button is located on the center stack below the Toyota Entune infotainment system. You can check the truck’s manual to find its exact location.

You can turn it on by pressing the button. The indicator light of the ECT power feature will turn on. This indicates that the power feature is on. You can turn it off by pressing the button again. The indicator light will turn off at the same time.

When to use the ECT power feature in the Toyota Tacoma?

The ECT power feature will help the vehicle accelerate faster in emergencies. Heavy loads on the truck tend to cause the vehicles to lose traction on the bumpy roads.

If you are trying to tow and haul the load uphill, this feature will help you get better control of the throttle position and gain more speed.

It is also helpful to overtake or bypass another vehicle on heavy traffic roads. It allows the truck to be handled more efficiently on rocky surfaces. The roads are slippery in cold or snowy regions, and the vehicles can lose traction due to a thin layer of water.

This feature provides more traction to the Tacoma on slippery and uneven roads. Some drivers want to enjoy the experience of driving a sports car. This feature will enable them to speed up and accelerate the vehicle in a better way to get that feeling.

Can you turn on the ECT power feature all the time?

You can use it while driving your Toyota Tacoma. Using it for a prolonged time can cause various problems in the truck’s performance.

Accelerating or decelerating vehicles unnecessarily can cause accidents on the roads. You should use it for productive purposes like hauling and towing.

Do not use it more often to enhance the driving experience. It is better for the safety and security of the truck and driver.

What are the disadvantages of using ECT power?

ECT power is an excellent feature for the towing and hauling loads, but it also poses different threats to the vehicle.

It is not harmful to use it occasionally. But using it more often without any valid reason can get the truck into trouble. It can put a lot of strain on the transmission and engine.

Toyota Tacoma engine will have to revolve at a higher speed, and the transmission also makes extra effort to provide a push to the vehicle.

It can cause faults in these parts and shorten the normal wear and tear process. The engine can get damaged due to overheating. It can cause the transmission and engine to go bad or fail soon.

It also decreases the fuel economy of the pickup, besides causing all the damage. On average, truckers have to spend 5 to 10% more fuel in ECT power mode than in standard mode.

The trucks spend more fuel to get a temporary boost of power. You have to spend more money on refilling the fuel tank during driving. So it is wise to use it occasionally to avoid all these troubles.

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