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What is the Code P0014 for a Chevy Malibu?

What is the Code P0014 for a Chevy Malibu?

Many Chevy Malibu owners find code P0014 on the OBD-II scanner. It is a diagnostic code connected to malfunctioning vehicle PCM and ECU defects.

What is the Code P0014 for a Chevy Malibu? Code P0014 for a Chevy Malibu shows clogged oil flow passages, camshaft over advancement, and its broken actuator. In addition, it shows poor oil efficiency, malfunctioning ECM, and poor sync between the camshaft and crankshaft.

P0014 is a warning that the power control module has lost the efficiency and compatibility to work with the built-in car engine. In addition, it shows camshaft problems that require quick repair for PCM stability. 

Code P0014 Problems Solution
Clogged oil flow passages Clean the passage and wipe the solenoid
Advancement of camshaft Use compatible camshaft with correct advancement.
Broken camshaft actuator Replace the broken actuator
Poor efficiency of oil Use clean and compatible oil with high levels.
No sync between the camshaft and crankshaft Lubricate the spinning parts and stabilize a synchronization.
Malfunctioning ECM Remove rusting and remove software corrupted information.

Clogged oil flow passages

The variable valve timing motors have specific oil for their optimized work. The oil has separation passages for continuous and uninterrupted flow. 

Due to the flow, a specific pressure generates, which can regulate the movement of the valve. It can handle the airflow inside the rotating motor and help it to remove the emission vapors.

Sometimes, the oil passages clog due to contamination and poor-quality oil. It is a critical condition because it can cause the damages of variable valve timing solenoid. 

A few times, the passages undergo clogging due to poor control, cleaning, and maintenance. It leads to blockage of passage which restricts the oil flow, and it cannot approach the functional parts. 

In such circumstances, the warning light blinks, and you can identify and get a P0014 code on your OBD-II scanner. The code indicates problems with oil lines which require troubleshooting. 

With cleaning, you can prevent these passages from suddenly clogging. Also, you can clean them with expert help.

You can clean the solenoid of variable valve timing by removing it from the mount. Then, you can spray commercial cleaner on its top parts and rub it for thorough cleaning.

As a result, you can re-adjust it inside the mount by following the manual or taking external assistance. 

Advancement of camshaft

The engine of several vehicles has a specific variable valve timing system. The variability indicates the fluctuation of rotations per minute. 

Due to these work conditions, the engine can facilitate various fuel consumption levels. However, each engine has a specific camshaft, and you cannot add a highly advanced system during the replacements.

A few people install an advanced system due to negligence. In such circumstances, the engine rejects the advanced camshaft and causes a P0014 code to appear. 

However, you can troubleshoot the code with an OBD scanner and access its type and advancement level. You cannot use the VVT from one manufacturer because it is distinct for every automobile. 

You can change it on your vehicle and make it compatible with the engine and variable valve timing system.

For its installation, you can park the Chevy Malibu on a stable surface. You can block the rear side tires with different techniques and stop their movement. 

Then, you can slightly lift the automobile and find the timing belt. You can pull it and remove it from the adjustment area. 

You can pull the upper cover of VVT and remove the coils from the system, which causes ignition. You can add its gear and adjust the connection bolt. 

You can fix it with the proper tools and tighten it in one area. Moreover, you can adjust the new equipment and fix it with the bearings. 

Finally, you can adjust the torque level and fix the compatible option to remove the P0014 code. 

Broken camshaft actuator

The engine has a built-in camshaft with a tiny actuator and has a mechanical function. Sometimes, it has electric-based properties and can adjust the gear of the camshaft. 

It can regulate the valve timing and closes it according to the requirements. Moreover, it can boost the valve opening and closing speed. 

It can handle the valves of the emission system. But, the actuator breaks due to old age and internal obstructions. Also, it can damage due to worn-out and clogged valves. 

It becomes vulnerable due to damage, and additional torque reduces its performance. As a result, the broken actuator can cause a P0014 on the scanner, which shows solenoid defects. 

You can change the actuator or replace the defective cords. You can find this actuator on the upper side of the cylinder head. 

Around it, you can find the bolts which keep it in one position. You can loosen them and pull the actuator.

Then, you can install a new actuator over the head of the cylinder and fix it through the connecting bolts. Sometimes, the code appears on the OBD II scanner due to cracked wires of the solenoid.

The malfunctioning harness can trigger the warning code. In such circumstances, you can change the solenoid wires and stabilize the wattage.

Poor efficiency of oil

It indicates the low quality and ineffective oil of the engine in the Chevy Malibu. In addition, the reduced oil level can cause P0014 which can decrease the internal pressure.

Due to reduced levels, the lubricant cannot flow faster. Instead, it slows down, which leads to restricted engine work. 

You can clear the code by filling in the lubricant according to the recommendations. A few people use low-quality and incompatible oil for the system, which causes the code.

In such circumstances, you can add compatible lubricant for faster and better fluid flow. Also, you cannot use the contaminated lubricant because it can break the built-in filter.

During such clogged conditions, you can fill the clean and filtered oil in the equipment. 

No Sync between the camshaft and crankshaft

The engine camshaft is part of the combustion motors that can monitor the fuel flow and emission of gases. With cams, it has a radial shape and works with automobile exhaust.

Moreover, it can regulate the valves for better fluid flow. With a long and durable belt, the camshaft connects with the crankshaft. 

Sometimes, a gear can combine them with variable manufacturing properties. However, a crankshaft is a spinning rod that can change the liner energy to rotational force. 

Inside the combustion motor, you can find a crankshaft that has a specific synchronization with the camshaft. The timing belt or specific gears can produce this synchronization. 

As a result, both spin at a stable speed with sync. Sometimes, they lose sync due to friction and high heat. It causes the P0014, which requires diagnosis and repair. 

Lack of synchronization is dangerous because it can affect solenoid efficiency. You can check both components and lubricate the spinning areas. 

Also, you can increase the lubrication to repel the friction impact. Due to quick lubrication, they get the synchronized spinning and clear the code.

Malfunctioning ECM

The electric control module is a specific system that organizes and controls various Chevy Malibu functions. The engine monitoring or electronic control unit is known as ECM due to its regulation and control properties.

The ECM coordinates with power suppliers and works for electric-based equipment. Moisture can affect the performance of ECM because it leads to excessive rusting, which damages the metallic sections.

You can identify a P0014 on the scanner, which shows a malfunctioning electric control unit (ECU). To solve the technical problems, you can remove the software errors.

Also, you can diagnose the electric system and alter the connectors and cords. You can assess and troubleshoot the corrupted information and removes these files from the vehicle computer and software. 

Corrupted information is dangerous because it can disable the injectors which cause the code. 

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