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What to Do If Two Cars Block You In?

What to Do If Two Cars Block You In?

Many people complain that two cars from the front or rear side block their vehicles in the parking area. You have to leave space between them for easy reversing and opening trunks or doors.

What to Do If Two Cars Block You In? According to our experience, if you have parked your car and two cars block you in, you should call towing companies, nearby police stations, and local authorities. You can take help from passersby to drag the wrongly parked vehicle, use the horn to notify the vehicle owner, or wait for some time.

You can call the police if your car is damaged when two vehicles block you in. However, the wrong person will pay the bill according to repairing cost.

What Can You Do If Two Cars Block You In?

You have to take the following steps if some cars block you in. However, it is better to park wisely to prevent this situation.

Call for towing company

It is due to the wrong parking direction can cause a problem. Sometimes people stop their vehicles behind and in front of you.

You do not have keys and access to other people to operate their automobiles.

The different towing companies working in America help the drivers in emergencies. These towing companies contain heavy-duty vehicles that are specially used for hauling purposes.

It is better to call your nearby towing company to make the way. These companies carefully tow the automobiles present behind or in front of you.

Contact police officers

It is better to call police officers of nearby stations when your car gets stuck between these spots. You can call police officers or local authorities of the specific parking area for your ease.

Moreover, it is a rule that you cannot stop or stay between the roads according to your will.

The police representatives of this area will charge you tickets and arrest you for not following the rules of highways.

You can only park your vehicles on your private land according to your will because it is not the local government’s property.

The police officers help you because the road’s obstruction and traffic movement also become difficult.

Politely talk with drivers

You must talk with nearby drivers in a friendly and polite way. Sometimes people block your passage and stop their vehicles on your backside for personal grudge and aggressiveness.

You can also paste friendly notifications on the side windows. For example, add messages like “Hey friend, do not block the driveway; otherwise, I will call the towing company.”

Take help from a passerby

It is not a legal or reliable method to take help from passersby because no one knows about your pure intentions.

Some people take help from their surroundings and move the cars slightly to make the way.

It is not good to take help from pedestrians and other nearby people for back-and-forth movement of parked vehicles to some steps.

When the owner of this automobile comes to the spot, he can recognize you as a thief. You have to pay fines, and no one can believe in you without proof.

Use a horn to call a person

People often park their leave on your backside a few times because they know about this problem.

You can only do this when you want to take water bottles from stores or use ATM.

When you find your stuck car, it is better to use your horn to call the nearby person. Many cars keep honking at least 5 to 8 times so the person in the surroundings can easily hear and return.

The driver may come back after hearing the sound of the horn.

Wait for sometime

Using someone’s parked car is illegal and against the rules. The police can also arrest you if someone complains about it, and you have to pay the fine.

It is better to wait for some time if you do not have an emergency. You can also show some courage and patience and not become aggressive.

Give some time and chances to other people and sit in your vehicles waiting for a purpose. However, it is also possible that the owner of these automobiles can be in an emergency and wrongly stop it at this point.

Write warning notification

You can prevent the blocking issue in parking areas or roads by pasting warning notifications. It is suitable to rake white paper and add your comment on it using the black marker.

The black marker is more prominent and bold, and other drivers can also see it. You have to paste this notification on the side glass window.

The pasting at the window site is beneficial because drivers can easily see them near your vehicles.

You can write comments like do not park on the backside. It also looks fantastic and is a warning sign when you write, “Be aware, and do not stop your car behind me.”

Use different signs in the parking area

Many people also place warning signs of no parking in the driveway to protect against the blocking issue. This way, no one can stop their automobiles behind you and not block your way.

A traffic deterrent is also a suitable and legal way to stop drivers from wrong and illegal parking in different areas.

Put the traffic deterrent in specific areas for ease of other people. Traffic signs also become beneficial because it seems like warning notification.

It makes the drivers aware that towing companies can tow their vehicles, and police can also charge fines for not following the right directions.

Install security cameras in the parking area

Check the security cameras that are present in parking areas to identify the owner of a parked car. Moreover, you can also see the clear footage and warn the person.

You can also install these cameras to identify these automobiles for safety purposes. In this way, you can use this video for later investigation and evidence.

What are the problems that come due to the bocking of cars?

Several problems come due to the blocking of different cars. It can block the traffic on the road and cause issues for other drivers.

The issue in an emergency

It is problematic in emergency conditions when your vehicle gets stuck in the parking area. No one is here to help you in challenging situations.

Sometimes it is bad when a patient is inside, and you must move urgently. You cannot tackle the condition after getting ill accidentally.

Sometimes you have to go somewhere in an emergency without wasting a minute.

It can cause an issue in this situation because you have to weight for towing companies.

People get late

It is also bad because people are getting late while waiting for police officers, regulatory authorities of that specific area, and towing companies.

The representatives of these organizations do not come early, and you have to wait several minutes to resolve the matter.

You can get late when you are waiting for these representatives. In addition, some people get late from their office jobs and duties, which is also problematic when you must catch a flight or bus.

Damage to cars

This issue can also cause damage to their different car parts. When you slightly move your vehicle back and forth to get the way.

It starts to hit nearby cars, and dents appear on its surface. The appearance of dents and scratches decreases their resale value in the market.

Moreover, when you open doors and windows, it can also produce dents. As a result, hitting nearby vehicles while opening doors is problematic.

Is it against the law to block a car?

Parking your vehicles randomly on the road is illegal and against state law. Furthermore, you cannot stop them according to your own will because it can cause an issue for other traffic.

The towing companies also charge you tickets when you call them to make way. 

How to stop other cars from blocking your car?

I have added four effective and suitable methods to prevent future blocking issues and prevent any difficulty in emergencies.

Park cars wisely

You have to park wisely in different areas so they cannot cause problems for others. Moreover, you can also take them out whenever you want or at any time.

Your vehicle should be at some distance from each other for safe opening and closing of doors and trunks. It is better to stop two vehicles in a parallel direction.

You also have to maintain distance from the rear and front sides to prevent the chances of hitting front and rear bumpers.

Do not use streets parking

It is illegal in some states of America to park your cars in street areas because of less space and ease of residents.

Leaving your vehicle on the street can block the way of other automobiles, and people face difficulty while moving there.

It can also cause issues during the night because of darkness. For example, the collision between two vehicles also occurs due to darkness at night.

Use paints for parking lines

Use colorful lines to make a boundary for each vehicle in the parking area to prevent blockage issues. Mark various lines with different colors to alert drivers.

These lines make people aware that you should not keep your automobile at these points. You can use bright color paint for marking lines that remain prominent for a longer time.

Mark these paints in a parallel direction to resolve the blocking issue.

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