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Where is Toyota Tundra Fog Light Switch?

Where is Toyota Tundra Fog Light Switch?

Toyota Tundra trucks are equipped with fog lights, and drivers mostly turn them ON when roads are covered with heavy snow, fog, and mist. However, it is better to turn them off when the vehicle is parked to save the power. Moreover, the location of their switches depends on the model and year of the truck and their installation.

Where is Toyota Tundra Fog Light Switch? Toyota Tundra fog light switch is located on the turn signal stalk when these are factory-installed. However, their switches are present on the dashboard, underneath the driver-side vents, and on the steering column when you install these devices as an aftermarket addition.

My friend also installed the fog lights in his truck because he lives in a cold area. Roads in his area remain covered with snow and mist during the night because of incredibly low temperatures. He told me he could not see the road markings clearly with headlights.

He installed the fog lights because these are directed toward the road surface and provide better visibility. He installed its switch on the steering column instead of the dashboard because it is difficult to pry it off. Moreover, prying the dashboard plastic is also challenging because it contains several sensors that are vulnerable to damage.

Where is the Toyota Tundra fog light switch located?

Fog light switches are used to turn these lights ON and OFF according to the outside conditions. You cannot keep these lights ON all the time because they drain power from the batteries and make them dead. You have to control their functioning with the switches located in different areas.

Factory installed

Several Toyota Tundra models contain pre-installed fog lights. You do not have to put effort into adding them to your truck, which requires cost and time.

These are factory-installed in trucks that were launched between 2014 and 2018. Manufacturers installed their switches according to their convenience and required electric connections.

You cannot mess up with their wires to change the switch location. You can see their switches at the end of the turn signal stalk.

These are located on the stalk that is used to control the wiper blade and turn signals. It contains oval-shaped lamps with vertical or horizontal lines.

Oval-shaped lamps also have three vertical lines that are intersected by a single horizontal line. You can operate it by using the ring located on the turn signal stalk.

Move the ring to positions 1 and 2 to turn the fog lights ON and OFF. My friend also has the 2015 Toyota Tundra and told me about the green color indicator on the dashboard.

A green color indicator represents the front fog lights in these vehicles. In addition, he also shared his experience that these lights improved the driving experience on snowy days.

He was always afraid of driving on snowy nights because of the low visibility. He said that now he enjoys these cozy nights while driving on different roads because of the improved visibility.

He told me you could clearly see the road markings and every small hindrance on the road surface because of these high-beam, sharp, and non-reflective lights.

Aftermarket addition fog lights

Some Toyota Tundra do not have factory-installed fog lights. You have to purchase the kit of these lights for their installation in your truck.

Their installation requires time, and you have to perform the procedure carefully to connect their wires correctly. Several models of these trucks contain the slots and wiring connections for fog light installation.

You have to connect the lights and their switches with corresponding wires. You can install their switch in different locations according to the model of your truck and personal convenience.

These are located beneath the driving side vents in some vehicles. Many drivers prefer to install them near the driver’s side to increase their accessibility during driving.

Moreover, prying off the dashboard is challenging and risky because of the hard plastic and the presence of sensors, respectively. However, many people mount them on the dashboard because of electric connections in this compartment.

I also installed the fog lights in my truck and mounted the switch on the steering column because of the presence of the corresponding electric connections. I realized that mounting on the steering column is also good because you can quickly turn them ON and OFF while driving according to the road conditions.

I do not have to move my hand away from the steering wheel to turn them ON.

How do you locate the fog light switch in your Toyota Tundra?

Locating fog light switches in your Toyota Tundra is challenging because of the different mounting positions according to their models.

However, it is necessary to know whether your truck has fog lights. You can see the green color indicator on the dashboard if these are equipped with these lights.

It is better to thoroughly read the owner’s manual to get information about the location and functioning of different components of your vehicles.

You can also locate the switches by reading the instructions given in the owner manual. In addition, you can also locate them by getting help from your friends or neighbors who have the same vehicle models.

It is better to contact the dealerships because they have information on every part of different vehicles. Many drivers directly approach the Toyota official website to know the mounting location, working, and presence of various components in their pickups.

Where are the fog lights located in your Toyota Tundra?

Fog lights in your Toyota Tundra are located underneath the headlights. These are present close to the ground surface because their primary function is to aid visibility.

Sharp beam LED lights help to illuminate the roads covered with snow and mist thick layers. In addition, their light is directed toward the lower side and toward the road surface to enhance visibility.

Moreover, you can see 100 meters ahead after turning these own. These are mounted several inches above the ground surface and are vulnerable to road elements.

Their LED bulbs are covered with plastic sheets to protect against water, road salts, and mud splashes.

How do you turn ON fog lights on a Toyota Tundra?

You can turn ON the fog lights in your Toyota Tundra after starting the engine. These are the electric components that take power from the battery.

You cannot turn these ON when your truck’s ignition is off. Start the engine, and you can see several lights on the dashboard screen.

Engage the drive gear of your vehicle because it is not good to turn these on when your truck is parked. Use the round ring located on the turn signal stalk.

Rotate the ring with your hand in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Moreover, you can also press the buttons on the steering column, dashboard, and under the driver-side vents to turn these ON.

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