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Why Are Pickup Trucks So Tall?

Why Are Pickup Trucks So Tall?

Americans love pickup trucks and other large automobiles. The size of each vehicle depends upon various factors. The purpose for which it is being constructed can dictate its dimensions. Like an automobile, a car for household use is smaller than a semi-truck that is used for towing loads.

Why Are Pickup Trucks So Tall? Pickup trucks are made taller to increase the ground clearance to accommodate bigger suspensions. It provides better visibility on roads and has high horsepower. It gives an aggressive look to the truck and protects the frame from damage.

On average, a pickup truck can be 20 inches long, 82 inches wide, and 78 inches tall. Its overall dimension can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Increased ground clearance

Today’s trucks are much bigger and taller than old vehicles. There are multiple reasons for them getting taller. Height is beneficial for them in different ways. Increased ground clearance is one of the reasons behind the taller body frames.

Ground clearance is the distance between the lowermost part of the body frame and the ground. Ground clearance differs in different vehicles like trucks, cars, and SUVs.

The pickups require more ground clearance than other automobiles. High ground clearance means the frame or chassis is far from the roads. It allows the manufacturer to install large shocks and suspensions.

They require bigger tires to tow heavy loads. Higher ground clearance will allow the manufacturer to install taller tires for better performance. Higher suspension is equipped with larger coil springs to increase its weight capacity.

Better visibility on the road

They are usually driven on highways and roads with heavy traffic. Accidents are more likely to happen on these roads. They are generally bigger than other automobiles like motorbikes and cars.

The pickups have larger blind spots than smaller vehicles. Truckers driving small trucks cannot see all the automobiles on their front and behind.

Vehicles present on the front can block their view of the road. Higher height makes the scene clear for them. They can have a better eye on what’s going on around them. They can adjust their speed by having a clear look at the road.

It allows them to maintain a safe stopping distance from other vehicles. They will be aware of all the things present in their blind spots. The taller trucks are less likely to collide with other vehicles on the road.

Increased towing capacity

They have large beds to accommodate all the goods for transportation. They require greater payload capacities than other vehicles to tow heavy loads from one place to another. Increased height can increase the towing capacities of these vehicles.

A bigger frame can accommodate parts with high tensile strength. Stronger suspension chassis and taller tires can increase the overall strength of the truck. It allows the driver to tow heavy loads in the beds. Heavy loads can cause the back to bend down from its actual position.

It poses a threat to the stability of the vehicle on the road. The chassis and bed can maintain their position and shape. It also eliminates the possibility of a vehicle rolling over on slippery roads.

Improved off-road driving

The pickup trucks travel through different terrains. Sometimes, they have to go through uneven or rocky roads for transportation. It is challenging to drive on these rough terrains. All manufacturers aim to provide better driving in on- and off-road conditions.

Smaller vehicles are not able to stay stable on these roads. They can skid or roll over on rocky roads. That’s why the manufacturers intentionally manipulate the dimensions of the vehicle to overcome this issue.

It has a better grip on the road due to taller and stronger tires. The heavy weight of the tires makes it difficult to slide on wet roads.

Stronger body frames and other parts can improve the overall traction of the truck on the road. A higher front hood with a strong tailgate can prevent unnecessary collision with mounds.

More horsepower

Towing heavy roads from one place to another requires a lot more energy. Engines are the power-generating tool of a vehicle. They should have high horsepower to run it on the road.

Pickup trucks require highly efficient engines to produce large amounts of energy. This energy is crucial to tow and haul heavy loads through different terrains.

They can accommodate heavy and larger engines to produce power. The fuel tank to provide necessary fuel is also large.

The fuel consumption in driving big vehicles is way more than that of small automobiles. But people still prefer to own tall trucks to get other benefits.

The truckers and manufacturing companies are trying to make up for the loss of fuel by using lightweight metal to construct the body frames. But installing bigger suspension tires and shocks is necessary for driving and towing heavy-weight goods.

To look aggressive

There is no doubt that taller pickups are better in many aspects. But besides all the functional advantages, it also has something to do with the looks of the vehicle. We all have heard a proverb saying the bigger the better.

Height and bigger size give an aggressive look to the truck. It can attract the attention of all the customers in the market. The manufacturing companies have earned a massive profit by increasing the height in recent years.

The tall frame and chassis give the vehicle a more attractive and elegant look.

Protect the body frame from road filth

Driving the pickup truck in small puddles can cause the body frame to come in contact with water. Humidity and filth can cause the fame material to get corroded and deteriorate. Rust can cause the metal to lose its beauty and functionality.

The moisture and humidity can also damage other parts of the vehicle. That’s why they constructed taller to keep them away from all the dirt and filth.

They can also cross uneven roads without scraping off the frame with other hard objects. It can protect the overall integrity of the pickup. There are fewer chances of collision with rocks in mountains or hilly areas.

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