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Why Does my Chevy Malibu Say Engine Power Reduced?

Why Does my Chevy Malibu Say Engine Power Reduced?

Chevy Malibu is a mid-sized car that has a fantastic infotainment system. It is famous due to its design and better fuel economy.

Why Does my Chevy Malibu Say Engine Power Reduced? Engine power reduced warning sign that comes on the dashboard of the Chevy Malibu is due to a faulty TAC system, damaged clutch, poor connection of cables, clogged catalytic converter, overheating in the engine, and misfiring of cylinders. In addition, it also happens due to problems with the oxygen sensor, dirty mass airflow sensor, and damaged acceleration pedal position sensor.

You can fix this issue by taking your car to the expert. The service centers have different tools to identify the problems in your vehicle.

Experts attach the OBD-II scanner and find out the exact cause of the power reduction.

What is the meaning of engine power reduced?

The reduced engine power means that something affects the functioning of the components in the engine compartment.

It also means the reduction or decrease in the performance of your car while driving. The speed slows down suddenly while driving on highways.

The warning light appears on the dashboard screen, and the powertrain control module detects the problem in a system.

Reasons for reduced engine power warning in Chevy Malibu

The warning light of this issue comes on the screen for several reasons.

Faulty TAC system

This system stands for throttle actuator control which is present in Chevy Malibu. It uses the vehicle’s electrical system to adjust the position of the throttle blade.

The position adjustment is necessary for the correct mixture of fuel and air. The accumulation of carbon residues makes this system faulty, and it cannot provide enough airflow control.

The insufficient airflow reduced the working of the engine in your cars. The issue in this component also comes due to dust on its parts.

Moreover, the aging of these components also causes a problem in the movement of the throttle plate. You can resolve this issue by cleaning the throttle components appropriately.

In addition, you also have to replace the TPS in case of severe damages.

Problem with clutch

The clutch is the major component of the manual transmission system to convert the torque from the driving motor to the transmission.

It also plays a significant role in the engagement and disengagement of the crankshaft.

The clutch’s failure can interrupt the crankshaft’s functioning, and it cannot provide a correct ratio of air/fuel mixture for ignition.

Several cables are attached to this system which becomes frayed or broken. The breakage of these cables causes malfunctioning of the clutch.

In addition, excessive use and aging are also the factors that produce wear and tear in its components.

You can fix it by replacing the clutch disc to get rid of oil contamination.

Then, when you feel a burning smell or uneven squeaky sounds from the clutch, you can identify the issue.

You should not use this part in this case to reduce the chances of further damages.

Poor connection of cables

The issue of power reduction comes due to broken or frayed wires. The different electrical systems cannot connect properly due to faulty electrical systems.

The wear and tear in cables also cause difficulty in the interaction between the engine’s various parts. The problem also comes when the connection of wires becomes loose.

The loose connections cause inappropriate signally between different parts. The problem also comes in the whole electrical circuit of the car.

You can resolve this by changing the damaged cables and replacing them with a new one. You should also take a plier or screwdrivers to fasten the connection of wires.

The issue with an oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor is the part of the engine compartment which measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust.

It is also helpful to provide the exact air-fuel mixture ratio for the combustion process. The fault in the oxygen sensor can cause poor acceleration and affect your vehicle’s performance.

These sensors become faulty and out of function due to the accumulation of different contaminants on their surface.

The buildup of silicates that comes from coolant leakage cause issue in the working of this sensor.

The faulty oxygen sensors affect the fuel injection levels and regulation of exhaust gases.

You can fix the problem by cleaning the sensor to increase the mileage. Then, remove the oxygen sensor from its location and soak it in gasoline for 12 hours.

Dirty mass airflow sensor

The mass airflow sensor is the essential component of the electrical fuel injection system.

In addition, it also measures the amount of air that is required for combustion purposes.

The fault in this sensor cannot supply enough air for ignition purposes.

As a result, you feel the loss of power while driving your car due to a malfunctioning of the airflow sensor.

The intake boot and vacuum leaks damage make this sensor bad and cannot work efficiently. Moreover, the buildup of contaminants on their surface is also problematic.

You can also face stalling issues during driving at high speed due to the failure of the airflow sensor. You do not need to replace the whole sensor to fix the problem.

You have to clear the intake system for accurate delivery of air.

Defective accelerator position pedal sensor

The accelerator pedal position sensor is a small device in black color that is connected to the acceleration pedal.

The primary function of this small device is to identify the position of the accelerator pedal and transmit this information to the engine component for air-fuel mixing.

The bad position sensor causes a reduction in power due to an inappropriate mixture of air and fuel. This system’s issue comes from damaged cables and poor ground wires.

The less voltage supply also disturbs its functioning. You can fix the issue by resetting the working pedal position sensor. You have to release the pedal and then turn on and off the ignition to restore the system.

Overheating in engine

The overheating in the engine compartment also causes a reduction in the power supply. The overheating comes due to a bad radiator fan.

The inappropriate functioning of radiator fans cannot help to cool down the system.

The high-temperature cause issue in combustion and also affects the working of different sensors.

The overheating issue also comes from continuous driving on highways at high speed.

You can fix this problem by parking your car in a safe place.

Check the working of the radiator fan and other components. You should also turn on your ac during the day to maintain the temperature.

Misfiring in cylinders

The misfiring from the cylinders reduces the power supply and slows down your car suddenly.

The misfiring in cylinders comes due to low fuel pressure.

The issue also occurs due to the malfunctioning of spark plugs and sticking valves.

In addition, the leakage from the head gaskets also causes the inadequate firing of all the cylinders.

You can also face this issue due to damaged fuel injectors and bad catalytic converters. You can replace the old spark plug to decrease the chances of misfiring.

Clogged catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system to reduce the emission of harmful gasses into the environment.

It also acts as a safety component for the engine to reduce the entry of dust. The clogged catalytic converters cause the accumulation of dust into the engine components.

In addition, it also blocks the entry of fresh air, which is essential to maintain the internal temperature. Finally, you can face the issue of staling and difficulty while starting your vehicle.

The clogging comes from accumulating dust and debris from the roadside while driving on poor roads.

You do not need to replace the catalytic converters to resolve the issue. Instead, you have to clean its components for an accurate air supply.

Is there any recall of Chevy Malibu due to a reduced engine power issue?

There is no specific recall to adjust this engine power issue in various models of Chevy Malibu. However, the company offers special coverage adjustments to satisfy its customers.

In this document, the company extends the warranty of pedal accelerator sensors from about 8 to 10 years to decrease the repairing cost.

You can get free service from the service centers if any issue arises.

What are the disadvantages of engine power reduced on Chevy Malibu?

The reduced engine power is the basic problem, and it affects the functioning of cars in different ways.

Increased fuel consumption

This problem increases the fuel consumption from the engine components.

When the engine uses more power to drive the vehicle and attain maximum speed, it will use more fuel.

You should not drive with a warning light on because it can consume extra gallons of fuel and disturbs your fuel economy.

The excessive power also produces wear and tear in engine components.

Difficulty in acceleration

The inappropriate mixing of air and fuel causes difficulty in acceleration. In addition, you can face the issue of rough idling while starting your vehicle due to less power supply.

In addition, people also complain that stalling can occur while moving on highways. Sometimes you also face difficulty in turning on the ignition again.

Increased emissions

The reduced power also causes the emission of harmful gasses from the exhaust system. These gases are not good for the environment, people and animals.

It can make the environment unsafe for people and disturbs the living conditions. You should not drive your car more after feeling the burning smell.

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