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Why Does My High Beam Indicator Stay On?

Why Does My High Beam Indicator Stay On?

The high beam indicator is the blue light that shows that high beam headlights are on to give a clear view of the road for safe driving. The indicator light is blue with a D symbol and 5 parallel lines representing that these are functioning in your vehicles.

Why Does My High Beam Indicator Stay On? The high beam indicator stays On due to faulty sensors and the failure of the switch that remains stuck at the on position. In addition, it happens because of electric connections, like poor grounding, short circuits, corroded wires, faulty relays, and misalignment. 

Many people complain that the high beam indicator remains on in their cars when they turn off the engine or the ignition switch. It shows that there is some problem in its systems that cause hindrance in their shutting off.

High Beam Indicator Problems Solutions
Faulty sensors Replace sensors
Problem with switch Install new switch
Short circuits Inspect wires with voltmeters
Faulty relays Change relays
Corroded wires Change the junction box and clean the wires
Misalignment Hire an experienced mechanic for the correct installation

Faulty sensors

Sensors are present on the front side of the windshield to identify road conditions and upcoming traffic.

These are delicate in their functioning and become bad. For example, the failure of sensors causes the transfer of wrong information to the system, and the high beam lights stay on.

It cannot turn off after detecting the upcoming vehicle, which can cause accidents. In addition, the high lights decrease the drivers’ visibility and cause crashing and hitting.

The sensors become faulty due to broken or defective internal components. The system cannot turn off when you do not need them.

Exposure to dust and humidity in rainy seasons also makes these sensors bad. Sensors are connected to the system through wires or electric connections.

These connections become faulty and cannot deliver the correct information. You can only fix the issue by changing the sensors or checking their electric connections.

Protecting them from direct sunlight and rain interrupting their functioning is also essential.

Take your car to the mechanics if you do not have enough knowledge or skills about the replacement procedure.

Problem with switch

In some automobiles, the high and low beam lights are connected with sensors for their shifting.

Some of the old cars have a shifting switch or button to go from high to low beam light. The indicators remain when the shifting switch gets stuck in the ON position.

The switches become faulty because of mishandling and poor maintenance of your vehicle. In addition, the problem also comes when these buttons become old and lose their functionality.

The blue light remains on parallel lines, and it can increase accident risk by decreasing the visibility of upcoming traffic.

Switch becomes faulty when you use them frequently for shifting while driving on poor roads. This is because the frequent use broke their internal spring, and it cannot maintain the specific position.

It is impossible to change the switch urgently on the road because it is a time-consuming procedure, and you have to purchase the new button or call a mechanic for the correct installation.

You can turn off the lights for safe driving using battery terminals. Then, disconnect the battery’s terminals to cut off the electric supply and call the towing company.

You can reach the nearby service centers by taking help from towing vehicles to resolve the issue.

Short circuits

Short circuits between the connected wires also cause these high beam indicators to remain in the ON position, and eventually, headlights also stay on.

A short circuit issue comes when two connected wires come close to each other and make a new connection.

The poorly connected wires supply the power to these indicators, and you cannot turn them off with a switch.

The issue comes due to the poor and inaccurate installation of wiring harnesses. Moreover, the poor and loose connections between the cables cause this problem.

The wires meet with each other when these are not appropriately bound, and their connections are loose. You can identify the short circuits by connecting them with batteries or voltmeters.

Connect one headlight with the positive and the other with the battery’s negative terminal. Turn them on, and you can see the heat and spark coming from them because of short circuits.

The heat, burning smell, and spark show that you have to inspect the wires and install them incorrect order.

Faulty relay

Many people complain that the blue indicator remains on in their vehicles because of the faulty relays of the high beam light.

There are two separate relays or fuses for each of the headlights. These relays control the functioning of the button and their shifting by providing electric connections.

You cannot turn them off when these relays become bad and cannot control the functioning of the switch.

It disables the function of switching in various modes, like from high to low beam lights. This is because the relays become bad due to their frequent usage during driving.

In addition, the surge in power supply from the battery also makes them bad. You can resolve the issue by locating and replacing them with the help of an experienced mechanic.

These are present in the fuse boxes that are present under the hood of the cars. Remove the old and faulty ones from there and correctly install the new ones.

The high beam indicator automatically restores its function and starts working when you replace the faulty relays.

Corroded wires

The corroded wires and poor grounding cause this issue, and you can face problems during driving. In addition, the electric connections become corroded when moisture seeps into the internal system.

The rust on wires causes hindrance to the smooth flow of electric current and disturbs the system’s normal functioning.

You can face the problem because inaccurate grounded wires cause voltage and electric current degradation.

The short circuits in ground wires also cause the high beam indicator to get stuck in the ON position, and you cannot turn it off.

You can fix the issue by locating the junction box on the driver’s side. The junction box contains the wires of all the lightings system.

It is better to replace the whole box if it becomes faulty due to corrosion. Then, select the new one from the electronic store and add the clean wires.

Remove the rust from the wires with cleaning sprays and add it to the new junction box to reduce further damage.

Misalignment of high beam light

The incorrect installation and poor alignment of the high beam headlight cause their indicator to stay on. In addition, the lights won’t turn off with the switch o sensors because these are not installed correctly.

The issue comes when you use this part as an aftermarket addition to your vehicle. Moreover, you can face this if you install them at home and do not have any previous experience with them.

The hiring of inexperienced mechanics for their installation also causes this problem. Switches cannot turn them off because of their incorrect alignment.

You can turn them off when you turn off the ignition or engine. However, it is better to call the mechanics to inspect their alignment.

Do not drive with these headlights ON because they can increase accidental damage in rainy and foggy seasons by decreasing visibility.

Park your car on the safe side of the road and call the mechanic for help.

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