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Will 33×12.50 Fit On Stock Silverado?

Will 33×12.50 Fit On Stock Silverado?

Many people add 33×12.50 on their Silverado trucks. They have more width than the factory wheels and require modifications for their adjustment.

Will 33×12.50 Fit On Stock Silverado? You can fit 33×12.50 a Stock Silverado by installing a lift kit of 3 inches, stabilizing it on jack stands, removing the old leaf springs, adding steel stock, strut spacers, and coil springs, and adding the U-shaped bolts, tightening them, adding extra nuts and fixing the springs. They improve road visibility, driving position, better traction, road grip, and better handling. The biggest tire size for a stock Silverado 1500 is 33.5 inches, and you need 2.5 to 3 inches to lift for 33-inch wheels.

 The frame trimming depends on the width of the wheels because the 33″ can adjust without surface changes. For these installations, take professional help for better results and stable truck performance.

How to fit 33×12.50 on a stock Silverado?

Tires less than 33 inches can fit the stock Silverado without a lift kit or trimming. But, the 33×12.50 are higher than the factory tires and require frame modifications for their adjustment. 

A few people fit them without adding a lift kit which leads to frequent flat tires. Also, the frame does not support the aftermarket tires without elevated height modifications.

You can install a 2 to 3 inches suspension lift on the Silverado 1500. However, you can add a front-end leveling kit to this truck. 

However, I have explained a detailed method to install a 3-inch lift on your pickup truck with defined modifications.

Power off the engine of your pickup truck and stabilize it on a stable ground surface. 

Then, lift the truck with a hydraulic jack and adjust the jack that stands under its frame. Select two pairs of high-quality stands that can handle the weight of a massive truck. 

Then, lay down on the floor and move underneath the frame. Access the leaf springs that are vital parts of the suspension system. 

They support the weight of your truck and help in its distribution on the overall frame. The kits regulate and maintain the tire’s grip on the roads.

Moreover, they directly attach to the bottom side of the frame. Therefore, you can access the springs on both or one side according to the design of your vehicle. 

Check their built-in configurations and count the bolts.

In such conditions, access the U-bolts and measure their current lengths. Then, add the measurement in the total lift, increase around five inches and make a layout.

The U-shaped bolts connect to the axle’s top. Also, always leave a space of one inch that helps to select appropriate bolts.

You should arrange a grinding tool and cut a section of around 5 to 6 inches on the steel stock.

Now, add the piece of steel to the frame and weld it. Next, repeat a similar activity on the other side of the tuck. 

Moreover, hold the leaf springs and approach the bolts. Adjust a wrench on them and remove them with anti-clockwise movements. 

Then, lift the truck frame and removes the leaf springs from the axle. Now, slide the welded piece of steel stock between the axle and springs. 

Then, add the new U-shaped bolts and tighten them in the mounting points. Add additional nuts and fix them to stabilize the springs in an intact position for better fixation.

It is better to follow a similar procedure for the other side of the frame and follow the specifications without any mistakes. 

You can purchase a comprehensive leveling kit to fit these tires. These packages include shocks, coil springs, and sway bars. Also, you can use the new track bars and brushings with these kits. 

It is a time-consuming procedure due to the complexity of the suspension system. However, you can install a suspension kit in around 4 to 7 hours with professional expertise. 

However, an experienced mechanic can perform the procedure in 5 to 6 hours. The spacer kits take around 2 to 4 hours due to non-complicated procedures. 

Do the 33×12.50 tires require excessive trimming on the stock Silverado?

The 33 inches tires do not require frame trimming and cutting. But, the 33×12.50 wheels have a width of around 12.5 inches. They are more vast than the factory-built components. 

In such conditions, the mechanic trims the fender flares and makes a vast space for the wide objects.

A few professional people remove the mud flaps to increase the adjustment space. The width varies according to the quality and size of the rims. 

However, it has wide rims and is different from the factory objects. They require more space on the front and rear axle. 

Can you fit the 33×12.50 on-stock Silverado without a lift kit?

You cannot install them on a Stock Silverado 1500 without a lift kit of appropriately 3 inches. A few people adjust them without height elevation.

In such conditions, you cannot turn the wheels after such additions. The higher wheels excessively rub against the fenders. 

The distance between the mud flaps and wheels decreases. It results in a frictional force that can damage the frame surface. 

The constant rubbing of components damages their appearance. Moreover, they produce loud and unwanted sounds during turns. 

They rub against the wheel well, shred the metallic parts and damage the fenders. Also, the wheels enclose in tight areas and affect the driving conditions. 

How much does ground clearance 33×12.50 add to a Silverado?

The ground clearance is the distance of the truck frame from the road surface. However, people add higher wheels with more widths on their pickups to improve the standard height.

This truck has factory tires of around 31.6 inches. However, you can add up to 33 inches wheels on these vehicles by adding a front axle lift or a suspension kit. 

These objects add a ground clearance of around 2.5 inches to 3 inches. The range is low because the factory wheels facilitate enough ground clearance. However, the lift kits add a few inches to the stock values.

Why would you add 33×12.50 on a Stock Silverado?

Bigger tires make the pickup truck attractive and improve off-road driving. I have explained six benefits of adding these wheels to your Silverado. 

Better visibility

The higher tires elevate the truck’s height and increase its distance from the ground. They improve the driving visibility by providing a clear road view. 

Moreover, the driver can identify unusual turns, road obstacles, and other objects from a specific distance. The visibility prevents accidents in foggy and rainy weather. 

Moreover, the driver can access the surrounding service stations without a particular problem. In such circumstances, the driver can approach the side mirrors without a problem. 

Extra carriage

These tires have more height and width than the factory wheels. They provide a monstrous appearance, and the truck withstands in the parking spots. 

Moreover, it can increase the distance between the ground and the undercarriage of your pickup. In such circumstances, the driver can run it on off-roads without frame damages.

The off-road riders require extra space due to structural modifications of the pickup.

Moreover, they clear the rough terrain and provide high ground clearance. The driver can see in all dimensions at high-speed conditions. 

Improved traction

Traction is a frictional force between the road surface and the drive wheel. It provides road grip, prevents free rolling, and protects the frame. 

However, the higher wheels improve the traction of a truck due to more distance of ground and wheel well.

In such circumstances, the driver can control the steering wheel, tires, brakes, and suspension system at higher accelerations. 

Primarily, they improve the road stability of a vehicle on wet roads. They prevent the sudden slippage of pickups and save them from accidental conditions. 

Better handling

They have a width of around 12.5 inches. The wider tires improve the handling of a massive pickup truck on different roads.

These vehicles have non-challenging maneuvers in tight parking spots. The wide wheels can cover an excessive space on the road.

In such conditions, the road grip increases and stabilizes the pickups. As a result, they can run with maximum stability, and the driver can handle the suspension. 

You can handle these vehicles at sharp corners, edges, and turns without abrupt swaying. Also, they reduce the over steering and stabilize the frame with additional weight. 

High driving position

People add them to their trucks to achieve a high driving position. They improve the road view and make the driver secure. 

The appropriate high position protects from the fatigue of long hours of driving. Also, it provides more control over the steering wheel. 

The higher objects secure human bodies from painful injuries and swallowing of muscles. Also, they protect travelers with maximum visibility and comfort. 

What is the biggest size tire for a stock Silverado 1500?

 The biggest tire for a stock Silverado 1500 is 33.5 inches. It is a default size due to the manufacturing specifications of the truck frame and the available space of the wheel well.

However, the 275/60/R20 is the significant wheel for these trucks. But, you can add a margin of 0.5 inches to these tires and adjust them by upgrading the suspension. 

The 3rd and 4rth generations of Silverado 1500 are advanced pickups with several design modifications.

But, you can add the 33.5 inches tires on these variants by removing the factory built 265/65/R18.

You cannot change the default settings because the wheelbase cannot adjust the higher tires with extensive widths. 

What size lift do I need for 33-inch tires on Silverado?

Silverado comes with 31 inches to 32 inches tire settings. These tires have an average width of around 9 inches to 9.2 inches with an offset of 24mm. 

A 3-inch leveling kit is suitable to fit the 33 inches tires on this vehicle. However, you can add a 2 inches suspension upgrade to elevate the frame. It can also accommodate these slightly bigger wheels.

In addition, 2.5 inches and 3 inches kits are preferable for maximum ground clearance.

However, the procedure requires multiple modifications for better adjustment of wheels in the factory wheel well.

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