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Will a 4WD Lift Kit Fit a 2WD Chevy?

Will a 4WD Lift Kit Fit a 2WD Chevy?

A 4WD lift kit is a suspension or space lift kit that can fit a 2WD Chevrolet Silverado, and it provides a significant improvement in the truck’s height and improves the layout’s appeal. 

Will a 4WD Lift Kit Fit a 2WD Chevy? A 4WD lift kit fits a 2WD Chevy without suspension changes due to similarities of shock absorbers, linkages, radius rod, brackets, and strut design. First, install a spacer lift kit of 1.5 Inches by adjusting the truck in neutral, removing tires, loose upper and lower control arms, nuts, and discarding old struts. Next, adjust a new strut assembly, fix its top end with frame by 10mm nuts, secure them manually, attach it with the lower control arm, tighten the nuts and install tall tires. 

The addition of suspension kits can damage the CV joints and alters their height. However, the CV spacers maintain the performance of the truck’s suspension and all types of joints.

Improved off-road driving, increased truck height, better road view, frame balance, heavy load-hauling, low maintenance, and quick installation are benefits of a 4WD lift kit.

The two-wheel-drive Silverado is smaller and requires less raise in the truck height. 

The 2×2 owners lift their trucks with different techniques that attain several benefits and a few drawbacks. 

What are a 2WD and a 4WD?

A 2WD is a two-wheel drive vehicle in which the engine supplies power to two wheels and moves the automobile.

The resting tires spin without engine power, and Chevy has a front and rear-wheel drive. 

A front WD pulls the truck forward, and the rear one does the reverse.

However, a 4WD is a four-wheel drive, and the engine supplies equal power to all four tires simultaneously. 

It is fuel-efficient because they consume less energy. This is because you swap between the two-wheel drive and four WD.

How is it possible to fit a 4WD lift kit fit a 2WD Chevy?

The four-wheel-drive lift kit installation on a 2WD Chevy truck is quick and convenient.

The shocks in the suspension system do not require any replacement.

The internal structure of the transmission system struts and shocks are similar.

Both have identical components in the suspension systems. The width of the springs is similar on the front.

In a few conditions, front-side suspension springs have a higher spring level but are adjustable in a pickup. The radius rod and bracket are similar on both vehicles. 

The linkages and shock absorbers have identical designs and matching designs. 

The similarities between both wheel drives make the installation convenient without any vehicle damage. 

How do you fit a 4WD lift kit on a 2WD Chevy?

Typically, both 2WD and 4WD share a similar layout, internal configuration, suspension, and transmission system with A few dissimilarities.

The shocks and absorbers remain intact and do not require any alteration. 

Select a spacer kit

It improves the height of a pickup without altering the suspension system and its components.

These are handy items and are cost-effective. However, they increase the height of your vehicle by around 1 to 3.5 inches. 

The installation requires professional help because this spacer adjustment is challenging for a non-skilled person.

A spacer improves the height of a spring pad.

It is a fixed way to increase the height of your vehicle.

However, the internal damage to the coil springs can change the dimensions, but the spacer can last for several years. 

Adjust truck to neutral

Park your vehicle on a stable surface and turn on the neutral model.

Then, adjust the high-quality jack stand under the vehicle frame and fix the jacks under the rails.

Then, remove the front and rear tires with efficient tools.

Removal of struts

Start from the front side of the pickup, loosen the upper and lower control arms, and do not remove them from the frame.

Pull the upper arm away from the truck’s body by loosening the bolts.

Next, access the strut assembly on the driver and passenger sides.

Loose the two fixed bolts that hold the lower control arm with the strut.

Remove the nuts of the assembly and detach them from the frame. 

Install strut assembly lift kit

Insert the assembly of the struts inside the truck frames on the rod-like structure. 

Then, fix the top end of the gadget with the frame by using nuts of around 10mm.

In addition, leave them loose but secure the nuts over their fixation spots by manual rotation. 

Now, adjust the control arm with the lower part of the assembly.

Tighten the nuts with an appropriately sized wrench, rotate them and tighten them in one position.

Follow a similar activity on the other side of the pickup and maintain a balance.

Reinstall the removed tires and adjust them by tightening the nuts and bolts.

You can add large tires because the frame gets enough clearance for tall tires adjustment with wide rims. 

Why would you add a 4WD lift kit to a 2WD Chevy?

The lift kit of a four-wheel-drive Silverado provides several benefits to a 2WD truck.

However, I have explained them according to the kit with the suspension change and a spacer lift kit. 

Both improve the vehicle height, and the addition of struts provides an aesthetic and appealing appearance to the vehicle. 

Adjustment of large tires

Installation of a 4WD lift kit improves the height of your vehicle, and you can install tall tires on it.

For example, a Chevrolet Silverado has around 17 inches to 22 inches factory tires on different variants.

But, you can fit 35 inches tires with 1.5 inches to 2 inches lift kit. These tires can withstand rough road surfaces and provides a monstrous appealing appearance. 

High ground clearance

It provides high ground clearance that protects the truck frame from road hazards.

The suspension kits offer more clarity, but they have complicated installation techniques.

The spacer lift assembly is beneficial to increase the ground clearance, but it is slightly low. 

Improved driving

Driving improves with better control, and you can take advantage of off-road trips.

The lifted trucks are powerful with high-quality engine performance. It provides better steering and wheel control. 

Heavy load hauling

Spacer lift kits increase the height of both sides of a pickup.

In this way, the kit improves the hauling property, and you can transfer heavy loads from one destination to the other without any vehicle damage. 

Moreover, it balances the level of your truck by improving the height on the front and back sides simultaneously. 

Quick installation

You can adjust it without professional help with a DIY technique.

But, learn the components and minor details of the procedure to prevent any loss. These assemblies take less installation time than a suspension kit. 

Low maintenance

A spacer kit can last for several years within the suspension of a Silverado. 

The kit requires less maintenance and provides stable performance. 

Better road view

The kits provide a better and broad view of the road.

As a result, it improves the safety of the driver and vehicle in busy traffic conditions.

The driver can identify the road obstacles and dangers. 

What size 4WD- lift kit is suitable for a 2WD Chevy?

You can fit a lift kit of around 1.5 inches to 3 inches on your 2WD Chevy.

Also, it depends on the height requirements and associated benefits.

You can adjust the 4WD 6 inches lift on a 2WD Chevrolet Silverado. But, it requires several modifications in the suspension system. 

You have to replace the shocks, spring coils, and brackets.

It is a time-consuming activity but provides a high ground clearance.

However, 2 inches to 3 inches of ground clearance is enough for two-wheel-drive pickup trucks.

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