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Will a Dodge Truck Cap Fit a Ford?

Will a Dodge Truck Cap Fit a Ford?

Several variants of Ford have different, non-curved bed designs with a flat surface and cannot fit a vast and long Dodge cap. However, a canopy is a camper shell that comprises fiberglass and protects the cargo area from environmental problems. 

Will a Dodge Truck Cap Fit a Ford? A Dodge truck cap does not fit a Ford due to different bed dimensions, non-identical shapes, differences in rail designs, different cab styles with variable approach angles, and changes in the truck design. In addition, it is not adjustable because a Dodge truck bed has an average size of 6.7×5.7 feet, while a Ford has 6.3×4.1 feet cargo.

In addition, both variants have different cab styles with structural and dimensional dissimilarities. 

It leads to challenging installations of different fiberglass caps. However, Dodge caps are attractive due to their fiberglass composition, windows with zips, and a lifespan of around 8 to 10 years.

Why You Can Not Fit a Dodge Truck Cap on a Ford?

You cannot install a topper of Dodge on any model of Ford because they have different dimensions, designs, and built-in specifications.

Differences in bed lengths

The lengths of beds are different on different variants of Dodge and Ford. The Crew Cab of Dodge Ram 1500 has an average bed length of around 5.9 feet. However, its Quad Cab is 6.7 feet long with a specific width and height. 

The Super cabs have a cargo length of around 8.2 feet, and regular cab beds are 5.7 feet long. Also, it has a bed length of around 6.7 feet with a Crew Cab style. 

Ford F250 facilitates two-bed sizes with an average length of around 6.7 to 8.2 feet. 

Moreover, it has a small cargo that has a length of around 6.9 feet. A Ford F350 has a bed length of 5.2 feet with a width of around 3.9 feet. 

However, other styles provide a 6.3 feet long bed with a cargo space of 45 cubic feet. 

They have a dimensional difference, and you cannot install a canopy of Dodge on your Ford. The topper cannot fit on the rails due to inappropriate fitting spots. 

Moreover, the Ford cargos have a different width that does not adjust this canopy. The average width of Dodge beds is around 5.7 to 5.8 feet. 

However, it slightly varies according to the trim level, design, and manufacturing features. However, its variants have an average bed width of around 4 to 4.1 feet.

It shows that it has more width than the bed of Ford models. You cannot appropriately fit the edges and corners. 

Also, the excessive material remains unattached, and you cannot protect the cargo area from harmful weather effects.

Both pickups have a cab style with an 8.2 feet long bed. However, you can not do this due to the variation in the design and composition of the tailgate. 

Non-identical shapes

The installation of this particular canopy is not possible because the beds of both trucks have different shapes. Moreover, the Dodge beds are curved at the endpoint. 

They have curved tailgates with specific toppers of appropriate sizes. According to manufacturing specifications, the rails have semi-curves that move rearward. 

As a result, they improve the driving control with better stability. However, Ford pickups have straight beds with enough cargo space. 

Their tailgate has defined edges without any curves. Moreover, they have linear rails with specific adjustment points.

In such circumstances, you cannot fit a curved canopy on a straight cargo because the folded edges do not adjust appropriately. You cannot unfold the corners of the topper.

Moreover, excessive stretching can tear the covering materials and results in expensive repairing procedures. 

Dissimilarities of rails

The rails are long metal components on the side top corners of the beds. Furthermore, they run along the length of the cargo walls.

They have holes and other attachment points. Moreover, you can tie down heavy transportation objects with rails for their protection and stability. 

However, the Dodge trucks have metallic and handle-like rails that protect them from dents and damage. They have split after a particular gap and exist on both sides of the cargo. 

However, Ford rails are a single rod-like structure with a metal composition. They have a different design with a close attachment to the wall of the truck bed.

Finally, in a few circumstances, the covering material cannot pass through the rails because they have a narrow design. 

A different angle of cabs

The approach angle of a pickup truck is the difference between slope and horizontal surface. However, the Ford trucks have an approach angle of around 25 to 25.1 degrees.

But, Dodge has an angle of around 19.1 degrees to 19.3 degrees. The variability of angles does not allow the adjustment of a canopy over the cargo.

It has two cab styles with different dimensions. Moreover, they are available as Quad Cab and Regular Cab. 

However, they have regular, Crew, and Super Cab variants. The difference in cab styles prevents their adjustment on a Ford bed. 

What happens if you add a Dodge truck cap to a Ford?

The installation is challenging because it can change the appearance and design of your pickup truck due to several modifications. However, I have never adjusted a Dodge canopy on my Ford due to several differences. 

Faulty coverage

The cap has irregular coverage over the bed surface of a Ford. Moreover, the curved edges cannot hide the end of the cargo and tailgate. As a result, the rainwater and debris can enter the cargo compartment.

In such circumstances, the stored objects become filthy, and water accumulates on the bed surface. 

As a result, a layer of corrosion accumulates on the metal parts of these boxes.

It hides one corner, and the other sidewall remains open due to inappropriate installation. 

These parts remain exposed to sunlight and other dirt particles for a long time. Moreover, you cannot stretch or reduce the size of the canopy because it can damage it.

People cannot access the stored material during driving because the covering material hides them. 

Movement over rails

Dodge trucks have irregular, old, traditional, and long caps that cannot fit on the bed rails of a Ford. It cannot fix on the sidewalls due to a lack of tie-down points.

As a result, the covering material moves forward and backward on the rails because they have no middle handles. They lose stability during off-road driving and in high-speed conditions.

Moreover, they can remove at any time without any significant sign. Frequently, the canopies tear and fall on the bed during driving.

As a result, environmental hazards like sunlight and rainwater affect the pickup truck bed. In such circumstances, you can lose the storage material, and the canopy requires repairing.

Insufficient protection

The toppers are non-adjustable due to multiple dissimilarities in design, length, and edges. They cannot protect the cargo area due to inappropriate coverage. 

Moreover, the cap cannot hide the bed entirely, and a thief can access the stored material.

As a result, it increases the risk of material loss, and you cannot park the pickup truck anywhere. 

They have no built-in locks, and open spaces provide access to the storage compartment.

Moreover, it results in fear, and the driver cannot stop the truck at a gas station. In such circumstances, people do not store their expensive materials on beds and resolve such problems. 

Modification of design

A curved topper cannot fit a flatbed with a tailgate of square edges. A long or short canopy changes the factory design. 

However, a few people install these caps because these are high-quality protection materials for the cargo area. In such conditions, the edge of the canopy does not fit on its bed.

Moreover, it swings due to wind and changes the design of the entire truck. The rear section of these trucks does not seem correct due to the inappropriate width and length of the canopy.

After such installations, the driver cannot use the cargo space appropriately. Its variants lose the unique and versatile properties that make them stand out among similar models.

Also, modification of built-in features reduces the ride quality, and the driver loses control over the cargo compartment.

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