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Will an S10 Topper Fit a Tacoma?

Will an S10 Topper Fit a Tacoma?

Tacoma has a short bed configuration and cannot adjust a lengthy and vast S10 canopy. However, it can adjust the canopy of a pickup truck with similar bed dimensions.

Will an S10 Topper Fit a Tacoma? An S10 topper does not fit a Tacoma due to different bed sizes, non-identical cab style, and old topper design. The different truck bed rails resist the installation, and it can damage the original truck design, provide low protection, develop a gap between bed and cabin, and hide tail lights. In addition, a Tacoma access cab’s short bed is 5.3×3.8×1.9 feet, and a double cab’s long bed length is from 6 feet to 6.3 feet. Therefore, S10 is not suitable for Tacoma due to the cab styles and dimensions differences.

A camper shell is a canopy that hides the truck bed, comprises aluminum, and fiberglass as a manufacturing material, and keeps the beds waterproof. 

However, the used items are cost-effective, but they have different fitting problems.

What is an S10 topper?

The S10 is a series of compact pickup trucks by Chevrolet, and manufacturers launched it in 1982.

The first-generation Chevy S10 is from 1982 to 1993. The manufacturers launched a second-generation truck series from 1994 to 2004. 

Currently, Chevrolet Colorado has replaced these classic and domestic vehicles. In addition, it is long and short cargo beds have a camping shell known as a topper. 

It protects the stored items on the truck bed with sidewalls and a significant design.

Moreover, the topper completely hides the bed surface and resists environmental hazards.

Why would an S10 topper not fit a Tacoma?

You cannot install a Chevy S10 camper shell on any variant of a Tacoma due to the following reasons.

However, people prefer this canopy due to its extraordinary design and associated properties. 

Different bed size

It has an access cab with an average bed length of 5.1 feet to 5.3 feet. Moreover, it has a width of 3.7 to 3.8 feet with a height of 1.9 feet.

However, its Double cab has a longer bed with 6 feet to 6.3 feet in length, and it is around 3.7 to 3.8 feet wide. 

But, the Chevy has a standard shot bed with an average length of around 15.1 feet to 15.2 feet. In addition, the long cargo bed is 16.4 feet to 16.5 feet. 

The difference between dimensions prevents the installation of an S10 topper on Tacoma access and double cab beds. 

Moreover, they have different widths, and this topper is vast and deep. As a result, the edges move out of its bed, and you cannot fix the corners inside.

Its access cab is around 4.6 feet to 4.7 feet wide with a depth of 2 feet to 2.1 feet.

Therefore, it cannot accommodate a camper shell with a width of 5.3 feet to 5.4 feet with a depth of 2.2 feet to 2.4 feet. 

You can adjust the S10 canopy on your Tacoma bed with different cab styles and access the dimensional differences. 

Non-identical cab styles

The pickups have different cab styles with standard, short, long, double cab, and extended styles.

However, the difference in design and other built-in specifications does not allow the installation of an odd camp shell on its bed. 

The access cab has a small cabin with fewer accommodations space. Also, it is a 2-door model and has a bed length of around five feet.

The significantly short bed is different from the four-door double cab S10 that provides tetra doors with extra space.

You can not interchange these parts due to the style difference, and their toppers never fit on each other.

Old topper style

The bed cap of the S10 is old and rare because the company stopped making these vehicles in the year 2004.

They have a different layout with fewer protection properties and cannot secure cargo items. 

Moreover, they require multiple installation hours with complex fitting properties.

However, it is a leading pickup with two-bed sizes and different cabin properties. 

It has a basic design with no automatic control facilities. Moreover, the aftermarket camper shells have a low lifespan with less durability.

They cannot withstand the long-distance driving and hazardous environmental effects.

People with the latest versions of pickups avoid this old and classic canopy to protect their bed storage items. 

Different shapes of bed rails

Pickup truck bed rails are metal components and exist on the top side of the vehicle.

Also, they run with the length of the truck bed and secure the sudden falling of a person. 

In addition, they protect this bed from external damage and prevent the sudden falling of the camper shell.

Finally, it has cage-like bed rails with an efficient control property. 

However, the bed rails on a Chevy S10 have a different shape with a handle-like appearance and exist on both sides of the bed wall. 

What happens if you install the wrong topper on a Tacoma?

I have never adjusted an S10 camper shell on my Tacoma because it has several dissimilarities. 

It is a challenging fitting procedure and can damage the entire layout of your pickup truck. 

Hides the lights

Compulsive installation of an inappropriate canopy on a truck can hide the taillights.

In addition, the extended edges and corners of the shell hide the indicators that result in different accidental problems.

Damage to the original design

Truck variants have specific bed caps according to bed size and style. The long and deep canopy damages the design of the pickup.

Also, it irregularly hides the cargo area, and you cannot access the storage items. Finally, it looks strange and does not withstand similar variants. 

The gap between bed and cabin

The Chevrolet’s old and extensive bed cap never adjusts on access and the double cab of a truck. As a result, it remains flexible and slips on the bed rails.

As a result, the rainwater, dirt, and debris can penetrate the cargo section through the open space. 

Instability on roads

The Chevy S10 series have different bed caps that cannot fix on Tacoma bed rails and sidewalls.

As a result, they move on the rails during off-road driving and lose their stability. 

In addition, they collapse suddenly and require immediate repairing and replacements. 

Lack of cargo protection

A non-adjustable, irregular, and traditional S10 canopy cannot protect its truck bed. A thief can access the stored items due to open sections of the topper.

The Chevy camper shells have no appropriate locks, and anyone can open them in a few minutes.

It leads to fear of theft, and people avoid truck beds as a storage space. 

How do you measure a truck bed for a camper shell?

Clear the cargo of your Toyota Tacoma, use a measuring tape, and measure the length of your truck’s bed. 

Start the measurements from the area between the cargo and its bed.

Then, move the measuring tape along the bed rails and move it inside the top side of your tailgate. 

Collect the inches and write them for a record. You can calculate the dimensions in feet with an online calculator or divide the measurement by twelve. 

Also, check the height of the truck bed from its floor and record the measurement for the canopy.

Leave a distance of around 7 to 8 inches to adjust the topper appropriately. 

In addition, move the measuring tape from the own wall of the bed towards the other.

Measure the width and select an appropriate bed cap for your truck.

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