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Will Chevy 2500 Mirrors Fit a 1500?

Will Chevy 2500 Mirrors Fit a 1500?

The mirrors of the Chevy 2500 provide a rearview with extended visibility and facilitate convenient towing conditions. They are adjustable on all variants of a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with minor modifications.

Moreover, the add-ons upgrade the frame of a Chevy 1500 instantly by providing electrically controlled movements.

Will Chevy 2500 Mirrors Fit a 1500? Chevy 2500 mirrors can fit on a 1500 due to similar design, identical cab styles, and similar door sizes. Also, they can adjust due to similar internal features, matching wiring patterns, same bolt patterns, and duplicate folding properties. Moreover, the retractable, manual, power heated, extendable Chevy 2500 mirrors have an average size of 25x19x16 inches.

Across the USA, the state laws and legal policies suggest the addition of extended towing mirrors on a truck.

People use Chevy 1500 for towing trailers and heavyweights, and the addition of foldable and heated devices makes it a quick activity.

After such additions, the driver can see a 3 to meters wide area from the truck side according to the legal instructions.

Things to consider while fitting Chevy 2500 mirrors on 1500

The fitting is possible due to the similarities of both models and the different factors involved in this activity. I have mentioned 6 things to consider before you add these mirrors to your truck.

Similar design

The mirrors of a Chevy 2500 have a similar body style that matches the body frame of a Silverado 1500.

As a result, the matching designs increase the compatibility of mirrors for the frame and structure.

They are quickly adjustable due to the same body design. In addition, the Chevy 2500 HD side mirrors are compatible with multiple variants of the Chevy 1500. 

You can fit already used and new products on your pickup truck according to the external appearance and working efficiency.

Same cab style

The regular cabs of both pickup trucks can interchange their different parts, but mirror swap is one of the most prominent activities. 

The size, shape, and structure of a regular cab Chevy 2500 mirrors are similar to the models of Chevy 1500. They are adjustable from a regular Cab to an extended design. 

But, it consumes a lot of time with challenging bolts arrangement and excessive drilling.

However, they have quick fittings for similar year variants of both pickup trucks. 

Identical door size

A Silverado 1500 can fit the heated, powdered, and manual mirrors of the Chevy 2500 due to the identical door size. In addition, the manufacturers offer compatible mirrors with similar internal properties. 

They never look oversized on the doors of a truck. In addition, they have compatibility with the door panels and window glass.

However, you have to fit the passenger side mirrors of a Chevy 2500 on the passenger side of a 1500. Follow a similar pattern for the driver sides of these pickup trucks.

Similar internal features

The manufacturing companies provide powered, manual and retractable mirrors for the pickup trucks. Therefore, both vehicles can have these exceptional properties and access the powered to manual control. 

But, during the interchange, the powdered mirrors of a Chevy 2500 can adjust on a powered variant of a Silverado 1500.

However, the electric wiring and harness fitting are possible, but it consumes time and effort. 

Also, a non-skilled person can damage the structure and external surface of the truck.

Matching wiring and bolt pattern

They have similar bolt patterns with a matching number of holes. It prevents excessive drilling, and the adjustment becomes quick. 

The wiring adjustment becomes convenient with a stable electric connection and durable performance. 

The holes for bolts and nuts arrange on each other. You can cross the nuts and tighten them in less than 2 to 3 minutes. 

Duplicate folding properties

The heated and foldable mirrors of a Chevy 2500 attract Silverado 1500 users.

You can manually fold them, and a few of them have an electric switch. The electric connection can fold the mirrors and prevent damage. 

These retracting and foldable gadgets are adjustable on a Chevy 1500 due to similar mirror properties.

But, make sure the variants collaborate in terms of powered or manual controls for better fitting and usage.

What is the method to fit Chevy 2500 mirrors on 1500?

I have explained a step-wise guide for adding the mirrors of a Chevy 2500 on a 1500 and upgrading the entire body frame of the pickup truck.

Remove the mirrors of the Chevy 2500

Access the manual and check the connecting points of your truck mirrors. Then, use trim tools or remove the panels manually. Also, use the appropriate-sized screwdrivers and sockets.

Loosen all the nuts and screws after removing the external covers. Then, detach the nuts and hold them firmly.

Next, remove them from the truck frame from the driver and passenger side and keep them aside.

Remove the mirrors of the Chevy 1500

Open the driver’s side door and access the trim panel. Insert a flat screwdriver, pull the lid, and remove the 7mm screw with a screwdriver. 

Insert a trim tool and remove the cover under the door handle. 

Loosen the screws with a 7mm socket and remove them. Next, pull the pins and clips of the door panel from the bottom side.

Also, repeat the pressurized activity for the top corner of the door panel of your Chevy 1500, and remove the cable.

Also, hold the wiring harness, push the clip and release the wiring harness. Set the pliers carefully under the plug and loosen the panel near the already existing mirror. 

Remove the connectors and disconnect the power supply. Next, remove the wiring harness clips and detach the tow mirror.

Fit the mirror

Take the help of an assistant and hold the mirror on the outer side of your Silverado 1500.

Adjust them on the holes and make it stable. Check the size of holes according to the new and upgraded mirror. 

Increase their size with a drill machine while keeping them aside. Then, adjust the gadget on these holes and add the four 10mm nuts.

Tighten them with a ten-millimeter socket and fix the mirror. Next, fix the pliers inside its frame and fit them on the truck frame. 

Now, cross the harness from the drilled holes and push it towards the truck dashboard. 

Then, connect the electric connectors back together and make a stable electric connection. 

Finally, reinstall the screws and nuts of the trim and door panels.

Is there any difference between Chevy 2500 mirrors from 1500?

The Chevy 2500 mirrors have plug and play installation on a Silverado 1500. 

But, a few have a turn signal with a separate electric connection, a switch, and a plug. 

These require complex electric wiring with the plug and turn signal. 

What are the average size of Chevy 2500 and 1500 tow mirrors?

The size of mirrors varies by a few inches according to their design and internal specifications. On average, the size of heated powered Chevy 2500 mirrors is around 18x10x14 inches.

But, a few extendable designs have average dimensions of 25x19x16 inches. They are adjustable on a Silverado 1500 due to identical dimensional frames and similar connecting properties.

What are the different types of mirrors on a Chevy 2500?

They look similar, but their features differentiate them. 


They are manually adjustable in vertical or horizontal directions. Also, these provide visions at different heights according to the position of the seat.


They are electrically powered side mirrors that produce heat. The high temperature melts the snow and wipes the moisture by providing excellent visibility in winters.


They can retract and fold put with power controls. As a result, they provide extended visibility and safer towing conditions.


You can increase their length during towing conditions. In addition, they provide an extended view through their telescopic properties.

How much time does it take to fit Chevy 2500 mirrors on 1500?

The door and trim panels removal is a challenging procedure that consumes time. Also, a non-professional person faces more difficulties.

The customized and extendable mirrors take time of around 30 to 35 minutes.

However, you can fit the manual and powered-heated mirrors in 22 to 25 minutes.

The electrically empowered devices with wiring harnesses take a time of 40 to 45 minutes.

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