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Will Mercedes Wheels Fit Audi?

Will Mercedes Wheels Fit Audi?

Many people try to add Mercedes wheels to their Audi cars without knowing their differences.

Will Mercedes Wheels Fit Audi? Mercedes wheels will not fit Audi due to different center bore sizes, non-identical wheel well, distinct tire sizes and offset, and variable frame heights. However, a few Mercedes wheels adjust in Audi variants due to identical lug patterns, with a lift kit and similar center bore size.

For their adjustment, their lug pattern is not the problem because the Mercedes models after 2006 have a similar lug pattern as Audi. The differences are their distinct bore sizes and variable offset. 

Why will Mercedes wheels not fit Audi?

Their tires are different due to their designs and structural modifications. Due to the following reasons, their swap is impossible.

Different bore and wheel well

The center bore of a tire is the central opening that can fit the wheel with the vehicle frame properly. Their correct positioning can reduce the number of vibrations and provide smooth driving conditions. 

All the variants of Mercedes Benz have broad wheels with a center bore size of 66.56mm. However, several variants of Audi have a center bore with a measurement of 57.1mm. 

The wheel with a big center bore cannot fit in a small rim. With drilling, you can increase the center bore size on rims. 

To remove the calculation errors, you can measure the center bore dimensions. Then, adjust the rim on a flat surface and protect it from cracks.

With a tare caliper, you can check the dimensions or diameter. Then, before measurement, you can calibrate the caliper at zero for precise results.

With the caliper top, you can measure its internal diameter. 

Different tire size

The wheel size of the Mercedes Benz is different from the wheels of the Audi. Generally, Mercedes comprise variables size wheels due to several variants.

It has tire dimensions of 175/70R14 (23.7 inches), 205/55R15 (23.9 inches), and 185/65R15 (24.4 inches). A few variants have tires of about 225/45R16 (23.9 inches), 225/50R16 (24.9 inches), and 195/55R16 (24.4 inches). 

Also, you can assess the wheels of 235/35R19 (25.5 inches), 265/35R19 (26.3 inches), and 215/40R18 (24.8 inches).

However, Audi A3 has 225/45R17 (25 inches) and 205/60R15 (24.7 inches) tires which are smaller than the standard wheels of Mercedes. 

According to research, the stock Audi A4 has 235/40R18 (25.4 inches) wheels. Moreover, its stock frame comprises 18 inches rims to adjust the wheels. 

Non-identical offset

The offset determines the adjustment position of the car wheels inside the wheel wells. The Mercedes Benz comprises wheels with different dimensions due to various models and their designs.

Its tires have an average offset of about 37mm to 58mm. However, the offset can reach 62mm due to broader wheels.

The Audi tires have an offset of 38mm to 45mm. However, the range can reach 51mm due to variable tire size. 

Due to offset differences, the swap is not possible because it interferes with adjustment. 

Different frame height

The frame height of a car determines the size of the wheels. The broad wheels can adjust in vehicles that have more ground clearance.

Both automobiles have slightly different frame heights due to their manufacturing standards. In addition, due to the difference, both cars have different ground clearances.

Mercedes comprise a frame height of about 56.57 inches with massive tires. However, the Audi and its variants have a height of approximately 56.41 inches.

It is lower than the counter vehicle, which makes the wheel adjustment challenging. However, these cars have a minor height difference, but it can interfere with the adjustment procedures. 

How can you fit Mercedes wheels in Audi?

The fitting procedure is challenging, and you can perform it with different modifications. However, due to the following reasons, you can install them on a few Audi variants.

Drilling holes in rims

Both vehicles can have identical bolt patterns, but they have different center bores. To adjust the tires, you can change the bore size with drilling. 

On the Audi rims, you can make holes with drilling procedures. You can increase the measurement of the bore with different techniques. 

Without modifying the center bore, you cannot swap them on both vehicles. In addition, the modification can permanently alter the shape of the rims. 

Drilling and bore size modification are challenging because a crack can damage the rims. 

Spacers and lift kit adjustment

You can adjust the Mercedes wheels on Audi by adding spacers or a lift kit to the vehicle suspension. The lift kit and installed spacers immediately improve the height of the automobile. 

The wheelbase height increases from the standard limit, and you can fit the broad wheels. The lift kit installation in the stock frame modifies the overall configuration. 

Spacers can increase the frame height by a few inches, and their installation is complicated. Both vehicles have a minimum height difference which is removable through these lift kits.

Due to frame height enhancement, Audi provides more space for bigger tires. 

Maintaining 1-inch difference

Both vehicles have different tire sizes according to their standard properties. You can keep a one-inch difference between the wheels with the bore and offset modifications.

You can add one-inch small tires on a one-inch smaller wheelbase. However, it is not an ideal adjustment because the fender flares and mud flaps can rub over them. 

As a result, you cannot turn the vehicle at closed corners. The constant rubbing of tires with fender flares reduces vehicle safety. It can damage the paint of the fender flares and reduce the vehicle’s look. 

Compatible lug pattern

You can fit the Mercedes wheels in Audi A4 because both vehicles have similar lug patterns. They have five lug nuts on the rims to fix the wheels in the standard position.

According to calculations, both have a lug pattern of 5x112mm. Due to the identical bolt pattern, you can fix Mercedes tires on Audi rims with a few modifications.

Moreover, offset, and center bores resist the adjustment. These portions require modifications because you cannot neglect them during the swap.

A few variants of Audi have different lug pattern due to their designs. From 2007 to 2015, Audi A4 shares the bolt pattern with the Mercedes. 

Why would you fit Mercedes wheels in Audi?

Several people prefer Mercedes tires to fit them in Audi variants because they are one of the most durable and efficient. They have a longer lifespan due to their design and rubber coating.

They are alloy wheels that are high-performance due to their manufacturing layout. They are broad and appealing, which can enhance Audi’s appearance.

Due to their size, they can increase the speed and stability of the vehicle. They can provide more traction on slippery surfaces and are suitable for long-distance driving at higher speeds.

They have the highest quality due to their stock designs. In addition, they withstand other rims and tires due to their unique performance and road grip.

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