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Will Subaru Outback Wheels Fit Forester?

Will Subaru Outback Wheels Fit Forester?

You can see the wheels of the Subaru Outback on a Subaru Forester because of their compatibilities and identical wheel properties.

Will Subaru Outback Wheels Fit Forester? You can fit Subaru Outback wheels from 1994 to 2014 models to Forester due to identical offset, similar dimensions, an identical number of bolts and their pattern, compatibility of the wheel well, and no damage to fenders and flaps.

However, I have never installed the rims of an Outback on my 2016 Forester because of non-identical properties.

Why Would Subaru Outback Wheels Fit Forester?

Many people install the rims of Subaru Outback in its Forester variants. The 1994 to 2014 Subaru Outback wheels are compatible with the Forester assembly for the following reasons.

Identical offset

The tire offset plays a vital role in their fitting to different SUVs. However, Subaru Forester and Outback have various variants and have identical offsets because of their manufacturing characteristics.

Both use 18 and 17 inches tires because of the stock properties. Therefore, they have identical offsets to make the tires swap from this SUV to its Forester variant less challenging.

The 18 inches tires fit on a Subaru Outback with an offset of about +55mm. You can see 16 and 18 inches of tires on it because of the manufacturing properties of their variants.

Also, you can identify the 17 inches options on them because of the stock design and other variability. Their trim levels determine the size of the tires on them, which indicates their offset.

The Forester variants have a +55mm offset for their wheels because of the tire sizes and stock characteristics. Both of them have a +48mm offset for maximum compatibility.

They have matching offsets to make their fitting less challenging.

Similar dimensions

The Subaru Forester and Outback have variable wheel dimensions because of the overall layout. They have varying tire sizes due to the frame weight, length, width, and height.

The wheel sizes of the Subaru Outback depend on their trim categories. In such circumstances, you can identify 17 inches wheels with alloy-based composition.

They are 2.5i premium, and the other category is less complicated 2.5i. These trims come with 225/65 R17 (17 inches) rims, and the other high-performance, upgraded variants have 235/60 R18 (18 inches) options.

Both categories have alloy-based composition because of the manufacturer’s standards. Moreover, you can see 225/60R16 and 225/55R18 options on the Forester variants of these SUVs.

These identical dimensions of their wheels make them compatible. Therefore, you can fit its 17 and 18 inches options on the Forester.

However, you can perform this procedure when they belong to the 1994 to 2014 Subaru Outback.

Identical number of bolts and their pattern

A similar number of rims bolts make them compatible with the replacement procedures. Generally, they have five bolt patterns from 1994 and continued to 2014.

Then, the manufacturing company changed the pattern of their bolts because of the upgrades and frame modifications.

However, the pattern of Outback rims bolts is 5×100 on all the models from the launching year 1994 till 2014. Moreover, the 2008 to 2013 Subaru Forester has a similar pattern to their bolts with a configuration of 5×100.

Their 2012 to 2017 models have identical 5×100 patterns of bolts. Therefore, you would fit the rims of this SUV to these years’ Foresters.

The similar pattern of bolts makes the alignment of the holes less challenging on the wheel hub. Therefore, you can fit them in around 15 to 20 minimum on your counter SUV from the Outback.

Compatibility of the wheel well

Wheel wells of the tires protect them from bursting and cracks. Furthermore, they protect the treads from holes and cracks and improve their lifespan.

The wheel well of the Subaru Forester had compatible height from the mounting assembly for putting the wheels of the Subaru Outback. The SUVs have four wells for the protection of each tire.

They are safety guards for the tires and protect them from road dust and sudden bursting. The wheel well mounts inside the protection components called fender flares.

They can protect the tires from gravel, sand, dirt, stones, and debris. The wheel well compatibility shows that you can fit the tires of this SUV variant to the 1994 to 2014 Subaru Forester.

No damage to fenders and flaps

The fender flares are over the tires with a curved shape. They protect the tires from sudden bursting and maintain their inflation.

In addition, they are aesthetic and make the wheel well of your SUV appealing to many individuals. The fender flares of your Forester are compatible with the rims of the Outback.

Therefore, you would fit the alloy-based rims of this SUV on your Subaru Forester. You should not install spacers to increase the height of this component.

The mud flaps are at a specific distance from the tires of your SUV. They do not touch them, which reduces friction and keeps the mud flaps safe.

Both SUVs have equally sized wheels because of their layouts and stock properties. Therefore, they belong to the Outback and do not rub with the mud flaps of the counter SUV.

You can turn the replaced wheels which do not rub against the fender flares and mud flaps. As a result, these components remain safe and protect the tires from road dirt, debris, and stones.

What year Subaru Outback wheels do not fit Subaru Forester?

The bolt pattern of the SUV rims is a determining factor in their replacement and installation. However, the Subaru Forester and Outback have had identical patterns of their bolts since 2014.

They have a non-identical bolt pattern after 2015 because the manufacturing companies of the Subaru Outback changed it for various frame upgrades and stable weight distribution to all frame parts.

The pattern of their rims bolts is 5×100 from 1994 to 2014. However, this pattern is 5×114 in the 2015 to 2023 variants.

The Forester variants have the 5×100 pattern in the early and old models. Therefore, the rims of the 2015 to 2023 Outback are incompatible with the old models of the counter SUV till 2012.

The latest models of this SUV have a bolt pattern of 5×114.3, which means you can fit the new Outback rims to the latest models of other SUVs because of the compatibility of bolts.

How do you fit Subaru Outback wheels into a Subaru Forester?

You should stabilize both SUVs on stable and smooth surfaces. Then, starting with the Subaru Forester is better for removing its tires.

You should put the jacks underneath its frame and improve its height from the ground. Using a screwdriver is better to loosen all screws and pull them off.

You should remove the lug nuts by rotating the bolt puller anti-clockwise. Removal of all five bolts can loosen rims.

In such circumstances, they do not remain fixed, and you can hold them. You should manually pull the rims outward on a Subaru Outback and remove them from their mounting assembly.

Then, you should make space on the other SUV to fit these rims. Aligning the rims holes with the holes of the assembly makes the procedure easy for a beginner.

Taking external help benefits you, and you can handle the rims properly. Putting the bolts in the aligned holes is better, and rotating them counterclockwise manually.

It can stabilize the rims in the wheel hub of your Forester. You should tighten the bolts with a wrench according to the standard tightening standards.

Run the wheels to specific miles and check their stability on the SUV. 

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