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XPEL Window Tint vs LLumar

XPEL Window Tint vs LLumar

Many people get confused while selecting the right window tints for their cars because of the variability of their anti-glare effect, durability, and heat-resistant effects. In this article, I will compare two well-known brands XPEL Window Tint vs LLumar.

People usually prefer to add tints on the windows of their cars to protect the interior cabin. You can install these tints on the rear and front windows for protection against UV radiation and heat. These are also responsible for increasing the longevity of passenger cabin components, which decreases because of UV damage.

What are the similarities between XPEL window tint and LLumar?

LLumar is a famous brand that was launched in 1959 and is well-known because of window tints and paint protection film manufacturing. XPEL started in 1997, and they made different window tints depending on their durability and price ranges. Both of these brands are similar because of the similarity in their manufacturing material and functioning.

Ceramic material

XPEL and LLumar window tints are made up of ceramic material instead of metal. These are more durable and provide better protection than other low-quality tints that are made up of metallic material.

In addition, these are less vulnerable to glare that comes because of direct sunlight exposure. Ceramic ones also provide better communication media in your cars because of the fewer chances of electromagnetic interference.

Key fobs and other infotainment components in your vehicles work fine without any interruptions. Moreover, you can also use mobile phones, laptops, and cellular internet connections without any issues.

My friend installed the metallic window tints of some low-quality brands in his car, and he always complained about the disrupted key fob functioning. I told him to use ceramic ones because I have been using them for many years, and they did not cause any radio, cellular, or GPS disturbances.

Ceramic material on windows provides a high-quality matte finish as compared to metallic ones.

Color stability

Both of these brands’ window tints are highly durable and last longer. These are beneficial to maintain the exterior appearance of your cars by providing structural stability.

In addition, these can easily withstand adverse weather conditions without any peeling and discoloration risks. These are famous because of their color stability.

Their color remains the same, and they are not vulnerable to fading because of UV light and infrared heat exposures.

Increase the durability of interior parts

They are made up of high-quality material to protect the passenger cabin components. Most of the plastic trims, including the dashboard and steering wheel, are vulnerable to scuff marks and fading because of direct UV radiations and IR heat exposure.

These are helpful to provide 99% protection against these radiations and heat. Moreover, the leather upholstery of seats is also less susceptible to fading and discoloration patches after their installation.

I also faced the issue of discoloration of the leather upholstery of my car, which made it look old. The fading issue was also decreasing the resale value of my car. The issue came because I live in hot areas, and direct UV radiation and infrared heat exposure were causing the discoloration.

My friend told me to install window tints of good company, including XPEL or LLumar, depending on your choice, to decrease direct heat entry in the passenger cabin.

I did the same, and now I apply the leather conditioner on the seats once a month to make them look new.

Cooling power

Direct heat exposure in your car decreases the efficient working of the air conditioning unit. You can feel hot when the AC is on because of the outside temperature.

You can maintain the interior temperature by adding window tints of good brands on the rear and front seats. My brother was sitting with me last night, and he told me that he installed the LLumar window tints in his vehicle because he lives in a hot area, and the outside temperature interrupts the AC functioning.

He told me that they provided 99% heat protection, and it was a pleasant driving experience after their installation.

Less peeling and cracking chances

These brands are highly reliable because of their manufacturing material. The manufacturing material is not only weather-resistant, but it is highly durable.

These can last for years and are less vulnerable to peeling and cracking chances. You do not have to replace these because of peeling and cracking issues.

Moreover, they are not susceptible to bubbling formation, affecting their overall appearance and visibility on roads.

Differences between XPEL and LLumar window tint

XPEL and LLumar are two different window tint manufacturing brands, but both of these are reliable. These have minor differences in terms of their warranty, manufacturing material, and heat protection properties.

Features XPEL LLumar
Nano-ceramic technology Nano-ceramic particles absent Nano-ceramic technology
Darkness Black and blue shade Charcoal tint to clear gray
Hydrophobic protection Hydrophobic film is present No hydrophobic coating
Anti-glare property less efficient 99% glare protection
Warranty 5-10 years 10 years to lifetime

Nano-ceramic technology

XPEL window tints are made of ceramic materials, but LLumar has nano-ceramic technology. Nano-ceramic technology allows this brand of window tints to provide more protection against UV radiation and infrared heat.

My friend also used this in his car, and he told me about his great experience. He said LLumar provided a cool appearance to my vehicle because of its smooth texture and bubble formation-free installation.

In addition, it also increased the AC working irrespective of the high outside temperatures. They provided 99% heat and UV radiation protection because of nano-ceramic technology.


LLumar window tints are available in a variety of colors, while XPEL is available in a black or blue hue. You can also order customized tints from LLumar because of the availability of versatile color and design options.

Their color ranges from charcoal shade to clear gray. You can select these according to your choices and personal benefits. These are dark enough to maintain the privacy of your vehicle’s interior cabin.

These do not allow the outsiders to see inside because of their darker shades.

Hydrophobic protection

XPEL window tints are slightly different from the XPEL because of their hydrophobic properties. These contain hydrophobic coating film that protects in the rainy and snowy seasons.

The hydrophobic film does not allow the water and snow to accumulate on the windshield and side windows. It increases visibility by keeping the water away from the windows.

Moreover, it protects the glass material from acid rain and snowfall.

Anti-glare property

Glare from the sun makes driving on the road challenging because of decreased visibility. LLumar provides 99% protection against the UV radiations that increase the glare chances.

It provides a comfortable driving experience because of its anti-glare properties. Glare from windows is also irritating for passengers.

It reduces the glare during sunny and cloudy days.


XPEL is a well-known brand and provides a warranty of 8 to 10 years for their different products. They provide 5 to 10 years of warranty for window tints, depending on their types.

However, LLumar provides a warranty of 10 years to a lifetime, depending on the type of tints you select.

You can select it because of its lifetime warranty, and you do not have to spend money frequently for their replacement.

Which one is better, XPEL window tint vs LLumar?

Both of these brands’ window tints show efficient performances, but they have minor differences that can confuse people. I think that LLumar is the best choice in terms of UV radiation and infrared heat protection.

Nano-ceramic technology allows it to provide 99% against sun heat with an anti-glare effect. Moreover, these are also available in versatile colors and customized designs.

However, XPEL is a better choice if you live in cold areas where the frequency of rain and snowfall is higher. They provide greater protection to glass because of their hydrophobic material.

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