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10 Common Problems With Chrysler Pacifica

10 Common Problems With Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica is the first American minivan with hybrid features in the market. It has two batteries to power the engine and its hybrid system. You can use the hybrid system for short trips to reduce the overall emissions. In addition, you can also run these SUVs on batteries when your vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of the journey.

Common problems with Chrysler Pacifica include fire-related risks, high electric resistance of 12V system, separation of right front control arm, difficulty in starting the gas-fueled engine, failure of power train control module regulator chip, missing features, transmission issues, frozen Uconnect infotainment system, incorrectly labeled tire placard, intermittent headlights functioning and battery issues.

I also had the Chrysler Pacifica two years back and faced issues with their components because of the problem with electric components. I faced issues in rolling windows up and down and heard the rattling noise from the dashboard because of poor fixing of interior parts. Moreover, the windshield wiper was not functioning correctly, which can cause minor collisions during the rainy season because of poor visibility. The issue in my vehicle came because of the incorrect installation of the wiper arm nut.

Problems Solutions
Fire-related risks Replace damaged electric connectors of the transmission system
High electric resistance of 12V system Install waterproof gaskets
Separation of right front control arm Install a high-diameter fuse to secure the control arm
Difficulty in starting the gas-fueled engine Update power control module software
Failure of the power train control module voltage regulator chip Replace the power train module voltage regulator strip
Missing features Use cotton seat covers or install extra cup holders
Transmission faults Replace damaged gearbox
Frozen Uconnect infotainment system Replacement of infotainment screen
Intermittent functioning of headlights Secure wiring connections
Battery issues Replace the battery management system

Fire-related risks

Many people complained about the fire-related risks in their Chrysler Pacifica. These are vulnerable to catching fire because incorrect wiring connections cause short circuits.

The issue came in these minivans because of the bad wiring of transmission components. Damaged transmission system wirings produce short circuits, which cause fire-related hazards.

Fire can also occur when your minivan is parked and the ignition is turned OFF. Transmission wiring connectors short circuits also cause the engine to shut down suddenly, and you cannot move forward.

The company recommended that people park their vehicles away from the buildings, structures, and indoor parking areas to reduce the risk of damage.

You can replace the damaged electric connectors of the transmission system with new ones.

High electric resistance of 12V system

Pacifica plug-in hybrid vehicles have a 12V electric system behind the driver seat. The 12V system develops high resistance, which increases the risk of overheating several electric components.

The issue is significantly found in models launched from 2017 to 2020. The overheated electric connections also increase the firing risk in minivans even when the ignition is OFF.

The 12V isolator post is at risk of short circuit because of water exposure and contaminants. The owners recalled the affected vehicle and installed the water-proof gaskets over the 12V isolator post.

Separation of right front control arm

Control arms are part of the suspension system connected with the steering parts and wheels to control the up-and-down movement of tires according to the different road surfaces.

Control arms are mounted on the front and rear sides of the minivans to ensure smooth driving. I was driving on a slightly rough terrain a few years back and faced excessive vibrations.

I checked the tires’ steering component and air pressure, but it was fine. I inspected the arm controls, and those got separated from the steering knuckle.

The issue came because of the use of smaller bolts to hold these parts together. I replaced the smaller bolts with larger-diameter pinch bolts to secure the control arm.

Moreover, these parts come under warranty, and you can get free repair from their owners if your SUV is under recall.

Difficulty in starting the gas-fueled engine

Many people face the issue in Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid electric vehicles after engaging in the propulsion mode. You can have difficulty starting gas-fueled engines for several reasons, which cause the unburned fuel to enter the exhaust system.

Unburned fuel entering the exhaust system can lead to black smoke from the tailpipe. The unburned fuel heating in the exhaust system causes fire-related hazards.

I faced the same issue and checked the starter motor and battery, but it was okay. I learned that the problem was caused by the non-updated power control module software.

I contacted the owners for a free update of the software.

Failure of the power train control module voltage regulator chip

My friend had the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, and he faced problems with the electric system. The electric system issues in his minivan came under the hood because of the failure of the power control module regulator chip.

Failure of the regulator chip causes the stalling problem because of no power from the engine. Regulator chip failure comes because of corroded and loose connections.

The owners replaced the failed regulator chip of the power control module of the affected vehicles free of cost.

Missing features

Chrysler Pacifica is a luxurious hybrid minivan, but I noticed some of their missing components that make your journey pleasant and comfortable.

Front side seats are not air-conditioned, and you can feel the heat while sitting on them during the summer. You cannot comfortably sit on them for longer because of sweating issues.

In addition, driver seats do not have a memory function, and you have to adjust the seat position every time. Moreover, it has a seating capacity of 6 to 7 people but fewer cup holders.

I used the cotton seat covers to make the leather upholstered seats less warm during the summer. Furthermore, you can also install the cup holders as an aftermarket addition.

Transmission faults

Many owners also complained about the transmission faults in these minivans because of the damaged gearbox components. You can face issues while engaging gears, which can affect smooth driving.

My brother also has the Chrysler Pacifica, and he told me that gears get stuck in the neutral position. He could not engage in the drive mode to start driving and heard the grinding noise.

He replaced the faulty gearbox with a new one, and the issue was fixed.

Frozen Uconnect infotainment system

Chrysler Pacifica has a Uconnect infotainment system to display the infotainment feature on the screen. The Uconnect infotainment system sometimes freezes, and the screen becomes blank.

The screen becomes irresponsive, and you cannot use the features, including a backup camera, heated seats, and navigation. Chrysler launched an update in 2018, but it made the system worse.

My neighbor faced the issue when he connected the USB media drivers to the infotainment system screen. It is better to contact their owners to replace infotainment screens because sometimes these problems are due to faulty internal components.

Intermittent functioning of headlights

You can also see intermittent functioning of headlights, which can also cause their bulb to blow out and safety issues. It affects the visibility at night, which increases the risk of crashes.

People usually complain about their dimming and flickering, possibly due to broken electric connections.

The insufficient voltage supply through broken wires causes their flickering. You can face problems because of the loose connections and faulty fuses.

Moreover, a faulty relay also causes flickering. Headlights get damaged because of the water ingress through the broken seals.

Faulty alternators and dead batteries lead to headlights flickering. It is necessary to check the battery voltage by connecting the voltmeter. Furthermore, you should also ensure the secure connections of wires and fuses.

Battery issues

Chrysler Pacifica has a battery management system because of their hybrid mode. The management system detects the battery charging when you connect them with charging ports.

It increases the battery lifespan by reducing the under and overcharging chances. Sometimes, the battery management system fails and causes overcharging of batteries, which increases the risk of fire-related hazards.

People usually complain about the firing issue during charging, which comes because of overcharging and failure of the battery management system.

It is better to replace the battery management devices with new ones to reduce the overheating and overcharging of batteries.

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