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How Do You Charge The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid?

How Do You Charge The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid?

Chrysler Pacifica is a hybrid minivan equipped with batteries for short trips. For short road trips, you can drive them on batteries instead of gas-fueled engines. Their batteries can last for 10 years with complete maintenance and correct charging schedules. You have to charge them frequently to use the hybrid feature in emergencies.

How Do You Charge The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid? You can charge the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid using the level 1 120-volt AC charging cord. Connect it with your household 120 V AC outlet. You can also use a level 2 charger, but you have to install the charging station at home. You can also use public charging stations that provide 240 V AC for their charging. Engage the parking gear and plug the charger connectors in their outlet located on the driver’s side. Wait for the charging to complete, and unplug the connectors by pressing the buttons.

I also had its 2020 model, and I used to charge it with a level 1 power cord in the storage compartment behind the driver seat. I charge my minivan every night because I have to cover the long distance to reach my workplace.

How do I Charge my Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid?

Chrysler Pacifica is a hybrid SUV that is equipped with a hybrid powertrain. It means these have two batteries, one for their gas-fueled powerful engine and the other for the hybrid mode. It engages the motor so you can run your vehicle without taking power from the engine. I occasionally use the hybrid feature during long trips for better fuel efficiency.

Access level 1 power cord

You can recharge the batteries of your Chrysler Pacifica by using the level 1 charging system, which comes with a 120 V AC power cord. You can plug this power outlet into ground outlets to restore the batteries.

You require about 14 hours to fully charge the depleted battery with a 120 V AC power cord. The power cord is on the door behind the driver-side cargo area storage compartment.

Open the storage bin and remove the charging cord from it. The cord is present in the black color storage bag to reduce water-related damage.

Remove the cord from the black storage bag and connect it to the electric outlet. Use the electric outlet circuit in which other devices are not installed to reduce the risk of overloaded circuits.

The cord set also comes up with a self-diagnostic tool. All of the green lights on the status indicator display of the cord show that the charger is perfectly connected to the outlet and everything is fine.

You can face an issue in charging these SUVs if any signal light becomes red. My neighbor told me you can use solar panels and electric generators to charge these SUVs through 120 V AC power cords.

Install charging station at home

You can also charge it by installing the 240V inlet stations at home or using the public charging stations. Some public charging ports are free, but sometimes, you have to pay the fee according to the charging time and your vehicle’s battery size and capacity.

You can install the 240 V inlet station at home by hiring a qualified electrician. It is a better choice to charge your SUVs within 2 hours. Moreover, you do not have to move toward the public stations for recharging.

You should ensure the charging system is ready to provide the charge before plugging their connectors into the outlets. You can install them in your garage and hallways for faster charging.

Engage parking gear

You have to engage the parking gear while recharging your vehicle. Use the shifter knob to engage the parking gear in your SUV. Many people prefer to turn off the ignition during this time to reduce fire-related risks and save fuel.

In addition, you should shift the transmission to the parking gear while using the public parking stations. My friend told me he prefers to turn off his minivan after connecting the charger.

He uses the 120 V AC charger because of its convenience and cost-effective option. You can easily use your home outlets and do not have to install any devices at home.

Plug charger connector

I also used the 120 V AC charger for my Chrysler Pacifica and connected its ports with the charging outlet. I shifted the transmission to the parking and turned the ignition off. I accessed the charging outlet that was located near the driver’s side and in front of the driver’s door.

I opened the outlet door and inserted the charger in the outlet. I heard the clicking sound, which showed the secure connection of the charger connectors with the outlets.

You can also see the charging schedule on the infotainment screen with the current time and date. Moreover, these hybrid minivans also use the instrumental panel state of charge indicator lights on the dashboard to show the charging status.

The blinking of lights represents the charging percentage. You can unplug the charging connector when all of the lights turn ON. Blinking of one light shows that charging is 0 to 20%.

Unplug the vehicle after charging

You have to remove the charging cords from the outlets of your vehicle to reduce the overcharging issues. Detach the connectors from the outlets when all lights illuminate on the dashboard indicator.

You can unplug the connectors by firmly grasping the connector handle and pushing the button. Pull the cord from the charging outlet after pressing the button.

Close the door of your SUV’s charging outlet and start driving.

How far can the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid go with full charging?

Chrysler Pacifica is a three-row minivan that accommodates 6 to 7 people. It comes with hybrid features, which have two batteries.

One is rechargeable; you can use it to replace gas-fueled engines to power your vehicles. You have to recharge it to use it as a backup source to save fuel and reduce overall emissions of harmful gasses.

This SUV can provide a mileage of about 32 miles when fully charged. It provides 32 miles when you only use these minivans’ electric features.

However, it provides more than 500 miles when combined with gas-powered engines. I also achieved 520 miles while shifting between electric and gas modes for better performance and to save fuel.

Should I charge my Pacifica Hybrid every night?

You can plug in the charger in your Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica every night, depending on several conditions. It depends on the driving habits, number of tours, traveling times, emission regulations in your area, and charging needs.

You have to plug them in every night when you live in an area with strict regulations for emissions. Because of the emission risks, you cannot use gas-fueled engines in these regions.

Your SUV’s battery depletes quickly, and you have to charge it every night. You can charge it every night, but keep an eye on the system to reduce the chances of overcharging.

How much electricity does it take to charge a Chrysler Pacifica hybrid?

You require 120 V AC outlets in your home to charge the hybrid Chrysler Pacifica. However, it requires 13kWh to charge the completely depleted or dead batteries.

According to the national average, you have to spend $0.14 for 1 kWh. It shows that 13kWh will cost you around $1.82 for each charge.

Moreover, you also have to pay to the public charging ports according to your state and battery size in your minivan. Investing in their charging rather than refilling the gas tank is better because it is costly.

You should charge it at the right time and frequently increase the battery’s life span, but overcharging also decreases its durability.

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