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7 Common Problems With Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

7 Common Problems With Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

Timberleaf manufactures a Teardrop trailer with many amenities, including insulated walls and roof, LED lights, tail lights, stainless steel sinks, spare tires, and a 2-inch rear hitch for bike racks. Their famous trailers are Classica, Pika, and Kestrel. Moreover, you can also purchase their all-road package for off-roading, which has 17-inch ground clearance, strong suspension, rugged tires, and heavy-duty fenders.

Common problems with Timberleaf Teardrop trailers are rusted aluminum roofs, stuck sliding doors of cabinets, faulty LED running lights, squeaky trailers, frequent foldable shelve openings, faulty USB charger ports, and limited storage space.

I also purchased their Pika Teardrop trailer last year, and they provided me with different options for countertop colors. I selected their Retro Oxford color because of its unique and smooth appearance.

I liked the Pika because it is an affordable package and is also lighter in weight. Moreover, the interior was equipped with white LED lights to add warmth and increase the comfort of the passengers.

Problems Solutions
Rusting of aluminum roof Recoat the damaged aluminum roof
Stuck sliding doors of cabinets Lubricate and clean the sliding mechanism
Faulty LED running lights Replace blown-out LED lights
Squeaky trailer Lubricate the metal chains
Frequent foldable shelves opening Check the fastening mechanism
Faulty USB charger port Move the circuit breaker to the ON position
Limited storage space Use wall cabinets and shelf organizers

Rusting of aluminum roof

Timberleaf Teardrop trailers are made of aluminum. These are manufactured with anodized aluminum, lighter than steel and other metals.

These are constructed with anodized aluminum material to reduce their overall weight and stress on the towing vehicle. Moreover, because of their lighter frame, you can easily tow them with cars and SUVs.

Moreover, the aluminum walls and roofs are insulated adequately for interior temperature maintenance. The insulation layer keeps the interior warm and cold according to the exterior climate changes. The insulated coating also prevents the plumbing pipes from freezing and cracking, which is common in dry and cold weather.

You can see corrosion on the aluminum roof because of the damaged paint and insulated layer. Aluminum can rust when exposed to a highly acidic environment.

You can see metal pitting on the trailer roof because of the aluminum corrosion. The issue comes when you travel in high moisture areas such as near coastal sides.

Humidity in these areas is relatively high, affecting the exterior and interior materials. Aluminum corrodes more quickly than other metals when their galvanized layer gets damaged.

Acid rain exposure also causes corrosion of aluminum roofs. It is necessary for you to inspect the trailer roof once a week to ensure that the paint and insulation layer is fine.

You should recoat their surface if you see minor scratches on their roof to reduce the corrosion. Corroded aluminum roofs can also increase the chances of water leakage.

My friend also faced the water ingress problem because of a corroded aluminum roof. He saw water near the bed area and checked the windows and their seals, which were properly sealed.

He realized that water only comes inside during the rainy season. He checked the roof and saw the metal pitting at a particular spot. He repaired the area by painting its surface with water and rust-proof paint.

Stuck sliding doors of cabinets

Timberleaf manufactured their Teardrop trailers with wooden cabinets in the living area and kitchen. These cabinets have sliding doors instead of hinged ones because these are less vulnerable to failure.

However, people still faced issues with the sliding doors of the cabinets. They get stuck in closed or open positions, and you cannot slide them forward and backward.

You cannot see sagging or loose hinge issues with these cabinet doors, but sometimes, it is difficult to open and close them according to your requirements.

The sliding door gets stuck because of the negligence of the users. The issue comes when you do not lubricate their sliding track regularly, which increases the friction and makes it hard for you to slide them forward and backward.

Moreover, dust and debris accumulation on the sliding track causes problems in their smooth movement. These can get stuck because of their material’s temperature-related expansion and contraction.

You should lubricate the sliding track regularly with a high-quality sealant that does not attract dust. Use an old toothbrush to clean the sliding mechanism to remove small debris particles.

Faulty LED running lights

Teardrop trailers are also equipped with LED running lights to decrease road accident risks. These are also known as identification lights, so you can see them on the roads and reduce collision issues.

Sometimes, LED running lights become faulty, leading to safety concerns. You cannot see the towed trailers at night and during low-light conditions.

You cannot recognize them on the road without LED running lights. These lights become faulty because of the tripped circuit breakers and broken power wires.

In addition, LED lights stop functioning because of the broken relays. These are located close to the ground surface, and water can also affect the electric connections and make them faulty.

LED running lights permanently turn OFF because of their blown-out bulbs. It is better to check the electric wires of the running lights and replace the broken wires with new ones.

Moreover, you should also replace the blown-out LED running light bulbs with new ones.

Squeaky trailer

My friend towed the Timberleaf Teardrop trailer with the Jeep and faced the squeaking issue. He heard the squeaking noise even though he was driving on a smooth road.

He checked the towing hitch, pins, and chains; all were correctly connected with the hitch ball. He checked the chains attached to the trailer and towed the vehicle.

The chain was significantly dried and dirty because of poor lubrication. He heard the squeaky sound because of the dried metal chain. He cleaned the chain and sprayed it with lubricant.

He went for the test drive and did not hear the squeaky sound again. You can hear the noise because of the rubbing of the dried metal chain. Metal chains produce this sound because of the dust accumulation and corrosion on its surface.

Frequent opening of foldable shelves

I was driving the Pika Teardrop trailer a few years back and faced the frequent opening issues of foldable shelves. I heard the slamming sound because of the opening of the foldable shelves.

The problem came because I was driving on the unpaved roads. Vibrations from the road affected their fastening screws, and they opened suddenly.

You can also face the problem because of the failure of the latch mechanism used to hold these foldable shelves. You should check the fastening mechanism and ensure that it is free from damage before placing anything on foldable shelves.

Faulty USB charger port

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers have 4 USB ports to charge your mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic accessories.

I inserted my phone’s charging cable in a USB port and did not see the charging symbol on my phone’s display screen. I checked the charging cord connection with my phone, which was connected correctly.

I inspected the USB ports, which were also free from dust and debris, and made the proper contact with the charging cables.

I used the tester to check the voltage supply in the outlets. It showed that USB ports do not have sufficient current, which causes an issue in charging.

I checked the circuit breaker of the USB ports, and it was tripped for an unknown reason. I moved the circuit breaker switch to ON and recharged my phone.

Limited storage space

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer have limited interior space, and you can face problems while organizing the accessories. The storage space is limited because of the limited number of cabinets and storage shelves.

They have limited storage compartments because of the weight and interior space considerations. In addition, you can also make the interior messy because of the limited storage space.

It is better to use shelf organizers and wall cabinets that require less space, and you can organize the interior better.

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