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9 Common Problems With BÜRSTNER Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With BÜRSTNER Motorhomes

BÜRSTNER Motorhomes manufactures caravans, campervans, and motorhomes. These are famous because of their high fuel efficiency and low-profile habitation. Their famous motorhomes are Lineo, Limited, and Lyseo.

Common problems with BÜRSTNER motorhomes include floor delamination, poorly fitted doors, missing driver seat backrest adjustment knob, water accumulation on the roof, cracked moldings, faulty electric sockets, difficulty in gear selection, and failure of the battery unit.

I owned the Lineo from the BÜRSTNER motorhome, which has the Ford chassis. I purchased a brand-new motorhome, and it was affordable for me. It is spacious enough for your family of 5 to 6 people. Moreover, its interior is also charming and luxurious because of its stylish layout.

Problems Solutions
Floor delamination Use rubber pads while dragging furniture
Poorly fitted door Add seals or re-install the doors
Missing driver seat backrest adjustment knob Install missing knob
Poorly installed cupboard doors Use self-adhesive foam strips
Water accumulation on the roof Remove water from the roof
Cracked moldings Avoid over-tightening their screws
Faulty electric sockets Check the current in electric sockets
Difficulty in gear selection Change the gearbox or check the transmission fluid
Failure of battery unit Battery sterling maintainers

Floor delamination

Many people usually face the floor delamination issue in BÜRSTNER motorhomes. You can see the scratches on the floors, which can affect the overall interior appearance.

Floor delamination problems come when the top plywood layer wears out. Wood floors in motorhomes are installed with gluing material.

You can see delamination issues because the glue used to hold the wooden floors is worn off. In addition, you can also face the problem because of water ingress and cracked surfaces.

Water through cracked surfaces gets beneath the wooden layers and causes delamination. They also separate because of the poor maintenance and cleaning.

Frequent wet mopping and strong chemicals for their cleaning increase the chances of their wear and tear. You can also face people because of seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations.

Contraction and expansion of wood material according to the fluctuated interior temperature cause cracking. Incorrect wood floor installation also leads to delamination.

Many people want to change the interior layout of their motorhomes according to their convenience and needs. Furniture dragging on plywood floors increases the chances of delamination.

Use rubber pads under the furniture while moving it from one place to another. In addition, avoid using strong cleaners and wet mops frequently. You have to clean the floor according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Poorly fitted door

BÜRSTNER motorhome doors are not properly fitted, which causes the water to pour into the interior cabin during the rainy season. Poor sealing of doors allows the water to move through these gaps.

It is the design fault that comes because of incorrect door installation. You can install rubber seals or trims to seal the gaps on their upper side.

Moreover, you can also re-install the doors to ensure their correct installation and reduce water pouring issues during rainy weather.

Missing driver seat backrest adjustment knob

Driver seat has adjustable backrests to increase their comfort during road trips. They can adjust the backrest position according to their comfortable sitting posture.

The Backrest adjustment knob is missing in BÜRSTNER motorhome because of a manufacturing defect. You cannot adjust the headrest properly because of the missing adjustment knob.

It becomes loose, and you cannot adjust your sitting position. You can install the adjustment knob to secure the backrest in its place and decrease wobbling chances.

Poorly installed cupboard doors

Cupboard doors in BÜRSTNER motorhomes are not appropriately installed, leading to loud rattling during driving. In addition, cupboard shelves do not have plastic holders.

These shelves slide forward and backward because of the absence of plastic holders on shelves. My friend also faced the rattling noise because of the poorly installed cupboard doors.

He told me he used the self-adhesive foam strips to secure the doors and secure them with cupboards.

Water accumulation on the roof

Because of the design fault, you can see water accumulation on the roof of BÜRSTNER motorhomes. The drop-down beds of these motorhomes are located in the ceiling area.

You can see the bulge on the roof because of the bed installation. Water during the rainy season and roof cleaning accumulate in this bulging area.

Water can flow from the roof and run down when your motorhome is not parked on the leveled ground surface. Habitation doors have water exposure, which can affect their durability.

Water can enter the living area when you open the habitation doors to step outside. You can reduce the water ingress by adequately sealing the awning area, habitation doors, and windows.

Remove the water from the roof when rain stops so it cannot make a puddle in a bulging area.

Cracked moldings

Motorhomes have plastic trims or moldings on their exterior side to seal properly and reduce water ingress. In addition, these trims are also helpful to give the exterior panels the proper shape.

Many BÜRSTNER motorhome owners complain about the broken moldings, which lead to water ingress inside the living area. Cracked moldings cannot seal the exterior panels and cause the water to come inside. These trims can break because of the natural wear and tear.

In addition, over-tightened screws also cause breaking of these moldings. Plastic material becomes brittle and cracks easily because of exposure to dry and hot weather conditions.

UV exposure also causes the drying of plasticizers and the breaking of plastic moldings. You can face this problem when you park your motorhomes outside and in open RV parks.

Open RV parks increase the UV and heat exposure to the exterior components. You should avoid parking it outside during the hot weather. Use the gluing material to seal the cracked moldings.

Faulty electric sockets

Electric sockets in BÜRSTNER motorhomes stop functioning because of the weak and poor electric connections. I also faced the issue when I switched the hair dryer in the socket.

It did not start, and I tried the other nearby socket, and it started working fine. I checked the power supply in the previous socket, and it did not have power.

Power issues in sockets come from the loose and broken internal wires that cannot supply power to the respective sockets.

This problem is due to the outlet’s blown-out fuse and tripped circuit breaker. It is necessary to check the current supply in the faulty electric socket instead of inspecting the whole electric system.

You can also feel the burning smell from the affected socket because of the wire’s short circuits and burning.

Difficulty in gear selection

Most BÜRSTNER motorhome models are equipped with manual and automatic transmission systems. You can select their models according to the transmission type preferences.

My friend also owned a motorhome that had an automatic transmission system. He faced an issue while selecting gear because of the damaged gearbox.

He heard the clucking noise and delayed their shifting because of faulty gearbox components. I advised him to check the transmission fluid level.

He checked the transmission fluid levels, and its level was fine. He replaced the damaged gearbox with a new one, causing an interruption in gear selection.

Gear selection problems can also come because of the broken solenoid wire, which is helpful in the engagement of different gears. Moreover, the issue also comes because of the low transmission fluid levels.

You can also reduce the gear selection and power loss issue by replacing and refilling the transmission fluid. Contaminated fluid does not allow smooth gear engagement because of the grinding of metal parts.

Failure of battery unit

People faced battery failure issues in Fiat BÜRSTNER motorhomes. You cannot turn on the stereo and other electric components because of the failure of the battery unit.

Their batteries are vulnerable to explosion because of overheating. Battery explosion and overheating problems come because of the excessive current drawing.

Excessive current drawing issues can arise from installing non-compatible and high-current drawing after-market accessories.

Battery units are also vulnerable to failure because of the corroded and loosely connected terminals. Many users face the issue because of charging it with non-compatible sockets, which can lead to overcharging and explosion.

However, their owners resolved the problem by installing the sterling battery maintainer to reduce the overcharging problems.

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