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6 Common problems with Benimar Motorhomes

6 Common problems with Benimar Motorhomes

Benimar began its journey in the 1970s to manufacture motorhomes and campervans of different sizes, layouts, and interior designs. They built their first motorhome in 1978 with a Mercedes chassis. Their famous models are Mileo, Junior, Sport, and Aereo. Their motorhomes are designed with fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms with separate showers and heating systems.

Common problems with Benimar motorhomes include leaky sinks in the toilet, fridges that keep switching off, molds in the storage area, trim detachment, faulty garage door locks, and failures of drop-down beds.

I also purchased their used Benimar Mileo motorhome from my school friend. I liked its fully equipped and spacious interior. In addition, it has lots of cupboards in the living area so you can store your traveling accessories. Moreover, kitchens have the proper storage area with drawers mounted to the countertops.

Problems Solutions
Leaky sink in toilet Inspect sink to trace leakage
The fridge keeps switching off Check the electric socket and respective circuit breaker
Molds in the storage area Run de-humidifier
Trims detachment Reattach trims with glue or nails
Faulty lock of garage door Spray de-icing solution or use the correct key
Failure of drop-down bed Lubricate and clean dust

Leaky sink in toilet

My neighbor owned the Benimar Sport a few years back, and he sold it because of the minor issues that led to the costly fixes. Moreover, these minor issues can also ruin your road trips and make you worried.

In addition, it can also cause distractions during driving and make you feel uncomfortable. He also faced the leaky sink issue in the bathroom because of its proper attachment.

It was not sealed with the wall properly, which allowed the water to come outside from their sides. He used the sealant to seal them properly.

The sink can also leak because of loose faucets, and water can come outside. Moreover, damaged p-traps and washers also cause this problem.

Sinks can also leak when valves located on their lower side to control water to these fixtures become loose. The valve also fails to function because of the broken internal seals.

High water pressure because of the failure of the water pump causes leakage from the fixtures. You can also face problems because of damaged plumbing lines connected to these fixtures.

Leaky sinks in the bathroom increase the risk of damage to the exterior and interior parts. It increases the moisture levels in the living area and affects the wooden components.

In addition, it can also damage the floors, and you can see soft and white spots there. Floors can also creak because of water-related damage.

You can see slippery floors because of bacterial and mold growth from the water presence. It is necessary to trace the leaky sink and fix the affected area.

Tightly connect the sinks if you install them as an aftermarket addition. Add the sealants on their sides to secure their connection and decrease the wobbling problem.

Fridge keeps switching off

Fridges are also present in luxurious motorhomes to make your road trip experience pleasant. These are different from the refrigerators that are used in your homes in terms of their size.

RV fridge is smaller, and you can keep your cooked food in it to avoid cooking during traveling.

You can heat the frozen foods in the oven and enjoy your meals without much effort. However, fridges in Benimar motorhomes stop functioning because of electrical faults.

Many users complain they keep switching off frequently because of power supply issues. They switch off because of the lack of power supply in electric sockets.

The issue comes because of the tripped circuit breaker of the particular socket. My school friend also faced the same problem, and he checked the other electric sockets that were located in the living area.

All those had sufficient power, so he checked the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker connected to the fridge’s electric socket was turned off.

He turned it ON to start the fridge and prevent food spoilage, which can make the motorhome interior smelly. You should also trace the root cause of short circuits and power tripping, which cause the electric circuit breaker to shut down.

Moreover, the fridge in your motorhome can also turn off because of the low coolant levels. People often do not insert their switch correctly in the socket and face the same problem. Ensure the fridge switch is connected to the electric sockets.

Molds in the storage area

You can see molds in the storage area of the Benimar motorhomes because of the lack of ventilation, water leakages, and incorrect storage.

I also faced the same issue when I stored my motorhome without putting the cover on it. I stored it at humid storage facilities and saw the molds in the storage compartment when I accessed and inspected it for road trips.

Mold can come when vents and exhaust fans in the living area become faulty. In addition, bathroom water leakages increase the overall humidity and allow the molds and bacteria to grow in the storage area.

Water puddles also remain on bathroom floors because of poor ventilation. People who cook inside their motorhome kitchen also face this issue.

You can usually face problems when you do not quickly wipe off the liquid spillages, leading to increased moisture.

It is necessary to store the motorhomes properly when these are not used. Install exhaust fans and vents in the living area to reduce humidity.

Moreover, you can also run the de-humidifier in the interior cabin to get rid of the excessive moisture in the surroundings.

Trims detachment

Benimar Mileo has a trim detachment issue, which can ruin the interior appearance. These trims are helpful to mark the edges and give a stylish look to the interior.

These trims are attached with glues or nails depending on several models of these motorhomes. They can come off when glue loses its stickiness with its age.

In addition, it becomes less sticky because of high moisture and UV exposure. The stickiness of adhesives also decreases with time, and they cannot hold the respective objects.

Trim detachment issues come because of missing or broken nails. Reattaching the trims with adhesive glues and nails is necessary to restore the interior appearance and maintain their resale value.

Faulty lock of garage door

Locks of garage doors in Benimar motorhomes become faulty, and you cannot open and close them smoothly. Locks become sticky because of weather changes, but you should avoid wiggling keys in the lock.

You can also face difficulty in opening the locks because of freezing weather. Moisture can get inside the locks and cause freezing issues because of temperature drops.

Many people forcefully insert the keys inside the locks, which can lead to broken locking mechanisms. Locks are also vulnerable to misalignment because of the frequent use and incorrect keys.

You cannot close the door properly because of the broken lock, which affects your privacy and allows dust to enter the living area.

You can use the de-icing solution for snow melting instead of warm water. Spray the lubricant on the garage door’s lock to reduce corrosion risk.

Moreover, it is also necessary to use the correct key and avoid wiggling it forcefully. You have to completely replace the misaligned or broken locking mechanism with a new one.

Failure of drop-down bed

Benimar motorhomes have drop-down beds that are manually or electrically expandable. Most of these are electrically retractable for the ease and convenience of owners.

Benimar Mileo also has electrically retractable drop-down beds. You can expand them to create an extra sleeping area for your family members at night.

Sometimes, these beds do not expand because of the failure of the retractable electric system. Moreover, dirty tracks and lack of lubricant also cause issues in their retraction.

Remove the dust and debris from their tracks by using the bristled brushes. Lubricate the tracks properly to reduce the corrosion and ensure their smooth movement.

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